Where I need to spend my coin rolls

A note to myself, I need to roll on the following bosses and run the following M+



Don’t call it a comeback.

So I have still been playing World of Warcraft all this time just not blogging much at all about my exploits as a Raiding Hunter. I plan on playing in Legion as either a Feral again or still as a Hunter, I am as of now still undecided. I have leveled a Feral Druid to 110 in the beta and I now plan on doing the same with a Character copy of my Hunter on Zul’jin.

I am not sure yet what Legion will bring for me in the game world as I am trying to determine exactly what kind of player I have time to be. As much as I enjoy Mythic progression raiding I just don’t know anymore if I can dedicate time on a schedule that it requires. My kids are growing up and are more involved in extra curricular activities on nights and weekends which makes it hard to commit to even just 2 nights a week. Dungeons look to be more of a factor in this next expansion so I might be able to focus there while dabbling in LFR as well as Normal and Heroic pugging.

Complete Brawlers Guild!

Finally completed all ranks of Brawlers Guild last week. Got my mount… YAY

I did this on my Hunter, however, if anyone needs any tips on doing this as a Boom or Kitty just ask.

The Transformation Feels Complete

I am now a progression raiding Hunter.

Things are going great in DiP on Zul’jin and playing a Hunter could not be more fun. I do miss the challenges of playing kitty with running all over the place, multi bleeding stuff, Brez’ing in a pinch, etc. I do feel however that Hunter is a fun class to play as well, though min/max is a little less challenging, which after playing WoW since BC and being over 40 years old is just fine by me.

Raiding 2 nights a week is a lot more manageable than 3, gives me more time for the family and staying in shape, and being part of a great guild means progression continues to happen at a reasonable pace. Last night we finally downed Lei Shen and received the Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen Achievement. Considering the difficulty of maintaining a 25 man raiding roster and the constant rotation of geared and experienced players combined with the 6 hours per week playtime progression is very rewarding.

With my new focus on my hunter I won’t have much to post on here that is Druid centric as often but I don’t have plans to change the site since my overall lack of time wouldn’t necessarily allow me to become a large part of the Hunter community anyway. I will continue to post observations in all area’s of WoW, the odd and end tips here in there, and cover patches and expansions information I find helpful or interesting.


Switching Gears to Guardian

Now that my druid is effectively my alt, I am going to start tanking LFR, 5 mans, and hopefully some alt or pug runs.Unfortunately I need to switch up my gear, chants, gems, trinkets. Following is the list of gear to get everything up above 502 ilvl without stepping one foot in normal ToT.

Head – Lightning-Eye Hood – Jin
Chest – Rockfall Ribwraps -Tortos
Wrist – Bindings of Multiplicative Strikes – Horridon
Hands – Grips of the Haunted Forest – Council
Waist – Featherflight Belt – Ji-Kun
Finger – Seal of the Shado-Pan Assault – Friendly rep with assault
Trinkets – Vicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault and Renataki’s Soul Charm – Jin


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