Obligatory funny 5 man story.

My funny story is from just last night.

I go into Heroic HoS for the daily random as Boomkin (don’t laugh).

From the very first pull it was evident (warrior tank nub) that I couldn’t use AoE without getting agro… even with a delay. I then noticed when switching my DPS strategy to a single target (assisting off the warrior) that I still got agro, albeit only 1 mob instead of 2-3. Then I noticed the healer was getting agro quite a bit as well.

So here I am certain that everyone recognizes this as a fail group but no one has said anything.

So I decide I might as well AoE, agro and keep mobs off the healer and kill what I can while barkskinning and then melding if I need to… this is on just about every pull mind you… so I am having fun and we a moving along and the healer is doing a fine job keeping his feathery tank alive.

Still, no one is saying anything… everyone is keeping their composure as we quickly mow through dwarfs and bosses.

Then we get to the adds room (Tribunal) and it’s a complete clusterf*%$. Brahn dies from all the adds that get through the warrior like Dalaran Swiss. So I whisper the Ret pally…

Me – “Hey, can you do what you can to grab the adds with concecrate?”
Him – “lol”
Him – “he is pretty bad huh”
Me – “Yes, he is terribad”
Him – “lol”
Him – “Oh, we didn’t finish it”
Me – “no, Brahn died”
Him – “lol”
Him – “yeah, I was thinking I could go prot to help out”
Terribad tank – “can someone tell me what I could do differently that would help”
Me still whispering the Pally – “f%$@ it, I am going bear”

So I respec to kitty (I no longer have a bear spec) and change into my kitty gear and we start it back up.

I tank the whole place, burn cooldowns when I get close to dying, and the healer at some point figures out the warrior is standing in the entryway doing nothing as the Pally and I kill everything and starts making sure I don’t die.

We win, the healer thanks us for helping out and the warrior makes some snide comment about helping ourselves that made no sense…. so on to the final boss.

I switch back to Boomkin, the Pally switches back to Ret and we engage the last boss… well no surprise not only can the warrior not hold agro on the boss but he lets all the little adds run around freely as well… so we wipe.

So this time I tell the Pally, go Prot and tank the boss… please build as much agro as you can. We tell the warrior to pick up the little adds that the Pally is going to tank the boss… I switch to kitty thinking as long as the Pally can hold agro on the boss I will kill it myself pretty quickly.

So we engage, and the pally can’t hold agro over me either (in their defense I am guessing I out geared them in both boomkin and kitty) so I do as much as I can in kitty form while using barkskin, I meld, switch back to cat and kill about 5-6 adds real fast that the nub warrior isn’t tanking, then get back on boss… I pull agro again but I find a way to switch on and off the boss until the end where I just let the healer heal me through the last 10% or so I need to get him down.

He dies, I get many thanks from the healer and others… except the warrior, I think that felt pretty inconsequential to the whole operation I assume.

Managed to get through HoS in probably 45 minutes in a fail group that stuck together… I am guessing I could have 2 manned the place with the healer in all honesty.

Alot of people will look at a run like this as a waste of time, I find runs like this a ton of fun with a value much more than the 2 frost badges.

8 Responses to Obligatory funny 5 man story.

  • Zahraah says:

    Good on you for sticking it out and thinking outside the ‘box’ Overcomming challanges like that I think makes better players because they have to think, and not just mash. If I’m dps – If the tank is going to die / healer died/dc’d /afk I will come out of shadow form and heal – it saves me from a wipe – and regardless of the ‘ good pick up’ I get when it happens, If I didn’t do what was in my ability to help the situation then I would have been the fail player.

  • Rahl says:

    Tbh although he was a failtank i do feel sorry for the guy!

    We all have to start somewhere and were all nubs once. Unfortunately with tanking the only way to get better is to practice practice practice!

    My offspec is Bear and i sometimes struggle to hold aggro on mobs when im randoming with super high geared DPS. Luckily i know how to get it back 🙂 but it is still a pain when it happens.

  • rudedrood says:

    Good for you. I think a raid-geared player, especially a feral, probably could 2 man most heroics with a decent healer. This is more true since they nerfed more of the instances. Personally that’s why I don’t understand getting pissy with undergeared or inexperienced players. When I can go bear and still do 4k dps, why crap on someone new to the game? Why not help him gear-up / learn and maybe try some novel strategies to get around his deficiencies. That’s why I’ve never voted to kick some one in a random. What’s the point? Granted my patience might wear thin after 45 minutes …

  • Thistle says:

    This post has been bothering me for a couple of days. What I see is a new tank that was trying, probably didn’t have a clue, but was hoping for some advice. Now I get that it’s not on the rest of the group to teach him how to play…except that it kinda is in heroics. It’s not like the tank has a whole bunch of options to learn to tank in the world at large…it’s basically heroics or raids. While it may have been fun for you to play the hero and save the day, there’s a good chance that there’s one less new tank in the world now.

    Truth be told, I still hold Blizzard to blame for runs like this. It’s ridiculous to expect raiders to run dungeons 3 tiers below their gear level so they can get the current Frost emblem/tier gear. It makes for boring runs for raiders and frustrating runs for new tanks and healers. If they were going to hold to it, they needed to come up with a super-heroic system that would be challenging for raiders and leave current heroics as the domain for new 80s.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now. I really do enjoy your blog.

  • Jacemora says:

    @Zah – yep, better to do what you can to move an instance along. The one thing I love about being a druid is the ability to fill so many roles depending on the situation.

    @Rahl – Agreed, hopefully my post conveyed I felt for the guy due to a the difference in gear.

    @rude – Spot on, I was happy the group stayed together and got it done. I have been in too many 5 mans that end 10X faster than they started due to rude, jerky players.

    @Thistle – The tank honestly should have learned how to tank in non heroics… or at least before the farm badges time. Who knows, this warrior could have been a holy priests alt. Bottom line is that the group was not mean to him or voted him out which 90% of time tends to be what happens. I will say this though, I have an alt hunter and before I stepped foot into my first random heroic I learned to play the class. I can understand if other people prefer to learn from others in game but I don’t think the daily hero is the time to do it (Blizz fault). If one prefers to learn to play like that then join a nice social guild that can help one along. There are many support systems in the game of WOW but random heroic daily is probably not the best one. I totally agree with you on putting the blame on blizzard but I like to hope that like other things they will be able to tweak the system to work better in the future. Glad you like visiting the blog, trying my best to get more involved with it.

  • Ryi says:

    Jace, much as I hate to, I agree with Thistle. He might be a perfectly fine tank…at his level. Now that he needs to step it up a notch he’s trying heroics. He made a point of asking for help. At that moment, there are two choices: help him or explain your game policy and ask him to drop group. By 1)not responding 2) rubbing his nose in it, you DID prove that you are a superior player with superior gear (among other things).
    Rudedrood made a point I think was missed “Personally that’s why I don’t understand getting pissy with undergeared or inexperienced players…Why not help him gear-up / learn” You said in your post you basically humiliated the guy “…except the warrior, I think that felt pretty inconsequential to the whole operation I assume” Lol!!! Understatement.
    When I dualspecced resto at the guild’s request there was a STEEP learning curve. Some of it took place in randoms (I’ll admit) since the guild isn’t always there running raids every time you’re free, and the only way to learn is in the fire. I gave it a shot, told the randoms I was new to healz but not the game, asked for help, and ran about 50% groups willing to help/50% “Learn to play n00b”. If I was overwhelmed I would offer to drop. Most times, with a little support, we rocked the heroics.

    I just found your blog a couple days ago. You were highly recommended by a feral friend. You are obviously a superior player with a great guild, your #1 ranks prove that. Rahl, Rudedrood and Thistle all have sympathy for the nub tank who was at least giving it a shot, as do I. It’s in your right to not play with someone who isn’t up to your level, I just wish you hadn’t humiliated him in the process.

  • Jacemora says:

    I don’t think you can humiliate someone that is in a random 5 man in a video game… sure maybe his RL friends were standing over his shoulder watching but I am going to say doubtful. We got him through, maybe some gear, at the very least some emblems.

    One thing that is being assumed is that in our 5 man someone knew how to play a warrior tank. I know I don’t and I will venture a guess the others didn’t either since they didn’t offer tips or complain and just kept silent.

    Also, there was no way with the geared people around him in the 5 man he was going to learn much of anything unless we slowed the 5 man to a crawl which most people know isn’t going to happen in a daily heroic where 90% of the players want to get their badges and go.

    I understand where you guys are coming from, but if the tanks main concern was really learning he would have dropped on his own accord early when he realized he wasn’t really tanking much of anything and no one was giving him advice. He to was mainly in the group from upgrades and emblems or he would have left or asked to be voted out so he could instaQue another… for all we know he was loling at the whole thing as well.

    Also, I am not that great of a player. I am ok, have a decent PC, a fast connection, a few years experience at playing my class, and don’t screw up too often… and I do my research online reading strategy and mechanics from my WOW community peers.

  • lily says:

    Staying through with a bad tank was commendable, and you can cry about not answering the warrior’s question but just because someone has raiding experience and gear does not make them instantly a guru on all class mechanics. I couldn’t tell you how Warriors keep threat. I can tell you that a new tank just will not hold threat on current raid geared players. There’s your ‘blame blizzard’. But let’s not forget the healer was getting aggro too, and part of the job as a tank is reading about your own class mechanics. So, I would definitely put some blame on the warrior. I run across too many people who can’t be bothered to spend any of their free time they might otherwise be using to play WoW to actually learn their own class.

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