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As I have mentioned before I am having fun with Pet Battles. For all my current readers or any new, here is a pet lineup for the new Pandaren Spirit Tamer’s. I found after much trial and error these pets are the most efficient and successful. Thundering is the hardest, make sure once you complete the new quest line you pick the earth pet as the reward. Flowing is by far the easiest.

I am not getting into specific blow by blow, half the fun is learning the patterns and when to use your abilities but the pictures provided are the pets to use and the abilities to go with. If you don’t have the pet either go get it or find one with identical abilities in the same family. Same family is important, for example in one fight you are fighting a moth that is in the critter family instead of the flying family… that and my grouping in some cases has some synergy and overlap which helps.

On the final pet of Thundering it is going to be important to have a pet that can avoid an attack and maybe even have 1-2 alive back pets to bring out to take a big damaging attack or 2. Also, remember that now your back pets abilities will be going through the cool down period when they are not in use!

I also recommend resetting the fight by surrender if you don’t get the expected match-up out of the gate. These fights are too tough to lose a turn.

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  • Jacemora says:

    If anyone has any trouble just leave a comment and I will try to help out. With these pets and abilities most should be able to defeat each tamer but if you find yourself losing constantly I might be able to give some feedback.

  • Ayarez says:

    Thanks for the info, I had a slightly different setup for most of them.

    As a matter of fact, with a speed Flayer Youngling(speed spec), you can solo the Wind spirit with just that pet.

    Other than that, Magical Crawdad seems to work quite well against the one in Townlong

  • Jacemora says:

    The only really tough spirit was the Earth IMHO especially coupled with the last pet, the other pets for Wind and Fire were more of a concern than the spirits, and the Water was just easy all over.

    I also had success with my Crawdad, but I found it was easier using a different pet than him in every case…. and I use my Crawdad A LOT.

    Thanks for the tip on the Flayer!

  • Sanja says:

    i used a Rabbit for the Earthspirit 😉 really easy with it but thx for the tips @mom i am hanging @windspirit loosing the match everytime @last pet
    But really funny that questline

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