Yes, It was a long strange trip indeed….

This morning I finally completed What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. I absolutely love my Violet Proto-Drake. 310% speed rocks.

For you druids out there, even though your buff when flying in Epic Form still reads 280% it is really 310%… when you have a 310% speed mount of course.

I thought I would make a couple comments looking back on each event…

Hallowed Be Thy Name -Was the first I completed in Nov of 2008. I had a short post about using 2T5 so that I could tank and heal the encounter at the same time… that was fun. I was able to piss off some hordies doing Rotten Hallow. All in all it was a fun achievement and not horribly difficult.

Merrymaker – Completed this next in Dec 2008. If I remember correctly the toughest part to finish was Let It Snow because Undead rogues were scarce after Wrath hit (I think they all switched to DK’s) and I think I had trouble finding a troll hunter. Outside of that it didn’t seem too tough and I was even able to solo Nexus for my red hat.

To Honor One’s Elders – This came next to ring in 2009.  I soloed to a couple elders in instances… I think there was only 1 that required going with a party. Again, not a bad one… never any danger of not finishing it.

Fool For Love – This one almost broke me. I didn’t get this one done until the last hour of the last day. Damn bags of candy hearts… or in my case bag of candy. I went through the entire week of the event not getting one bag of candy.  I got multiples of everything else. Well getting that one bag of candy didn’t make me feel any better about achieving the event when you are hearing people tell you what bad luck they had with going through dozens of bags and still needing one piece. Well, I am here to tell you, you can get every single candy heart from one bag… if you are running Black Temple at the time you are fishing them out… lol… at least that is where I was doing it. I went with a group and we did regular UK 5 times so we could all get our roses. Fistful of Love was equally frustrating as the candy as a troll rogue was no where to be found. The solution was for a guild member to make a level 1 troll rogue and we escorted him to the Stormwind gate. All in all, this was my most hated event.

Noble Gardener – Easter was here and the bunnies were… well, you know… being bunnies.  And people… well they were being people… I have never seen an event bring out so much animosity in people… sad really. You can read some about what I am talking about over at BBB. I found some hedges in Astranaar and camped out and went click crazy to get all the eggs I needed. You were screwed no matter how you did this, camping or running around stealing others eggs… either way people were going to get irate.  This was an OK event, but one of my least favorites. Finding an undead female was a pain as well for some reason.

For The Children – This one was fun. No real issues except for School of Hard Knocks and returning a flag in WSG… that and Dornaa wouldn’t stop listening to her Ipod and pulling on my Wintersabers ears. All in all a good event and a guaranteed new vanity pet at the end.

The Flame Warden – Quite possibly the easiest of all the holiday events to complete… at least on a care bear server.

Brewmaster – Let me start by saying that this one had me very worried and upset. The year before I had purchased everything but the ram… maybe that was 2 years prior but whatever. I didn’t have enough tickets for the mount so I got all the clothes, the googles, the whole shebang… and then tossed it all away for bag space. I am a packrat and the last thing that is going to make my spring cleaning cut are some old Lederhosen. Thank god Blizzard did the following… removed the brew of the year club requirement and made it so if you transformed your mount it would count as well without having to farm Direbrew. It was also nice that instead of tossing the clothes this year I could refund them. Honestly, as long as you are good at the ram racing you should have no trouble completing this holiday event.

All in all it was a very strange trip indeed.

5 Responses to Yes, It was a long strange trip indeed….

  • althalas says:

    Merry maker pissed me off. The PVP acheivment in Wintergrasp was terrible for Druids. Gnome costumes that drop when change forms is not fun. I had to mooch every single kill I got.

  • Jacemora says:

    You know, I had completely forgotten about that… it was a pain… just took us longer than most people.

    And what about Pirates Day? A costume for 12 hours… except for druids. You think they could have applied the same programming that allowed us to fight as a viking chick or even a worgen (a la Kara) while still in forms.

  • lily says:

    The costume disappeared when you died, I wanted to take it into PvP and discovered that out pretty fast 🙁

  • althalas says:

    @lily it also went away switching forms. This made it very aggravating for a druid. You cannot even participate in combat, regardless of your spec.

  • Malor says:

    Merrymaker was super easy for me. Put on costume and jump into a turret. Now that the turrets are nerfed to uselessness, it may not be so easy.

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