Beta exploration, Kalimdor.

For tonight I have decided to mill around a little, first stop Darnassus…

  • There is now a flight path in Darnassus!
  • Flying to Darkshore…
  • Big treetops still don’t look right to me. Blizzard hire a tree artist to fix up Azeroth trees before release please.
  • Rutheran Village looks different.
  • Darkshore is very different, basically California after the big one.
  • Off to Ashenvale…
  • Did I mention the need for a tree artist?
  • Wow, Felwood is a little different… unexpected.
  • Did I mention a tree artist… I take it back, there are too many trees.
  • Ok… an Apprentice Hippogryph Master… kooky
  • OMG, A level 24 Worgen Druid… some testers are hard core… you go Lanford!
  • Astranaar looks…um, interesting.
  • Off to Ratchet…
  • Flying over the Barrens I see few if any changes.
  • Ratchet looks the same… next.
  • Is that island new?
  • Theramore looks the same…assuming Mudsproket does too.
  • Whoa, ok right away I can see Tanaris has some new beach front real estate… The Inn in Gadgetzan just went to 400G a night. I am guessing the old ghost quest is gone as the cemetary might be underwater from what I remember.
  • OMG a sea gull
  • Flying to Waterworld… I mean Thousand Needles…
  • Whole lotta water and a boat… that is a lot of sunk ore.
  • Headed to Desolace
  • Desolace is greener in some parts.
  • FYI, Flying in Ahn’Qiraj in not recommended…. however…
  • Mounting your flying mount here will let you spacebar and get some cool animation on a Bloodbathed Frostbrood.

4 Responses to Beta exploration, Kalimdor.

  • Bear Pelt says:

    That would be the /mountspecial animation 😀 Try it on any other flying mount when on the ground, even in Outlands or Northrend~

  • Jacemora says:

    I am new 😀

  • Sil says:

    I adore your mount!

  • Jacemora says:

    Thanks Sil, I have to say I am very fortunate to have found 9 other players on my server who I can rely on to play a couple hours a week and accomplish great things in game. To get the mount as early as we did prior to most of the buffs made it even sweeter. I will say that most people with the current 30% buff should be capable of getting the mount, though it wouldn’t be pugable generally as a lot of the accomplishments are a coordination and communication check.

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