Ding #2

Tonight I hit 82.

I continue to move along questing in Hyjal. Blizzard has done a nice job at an entertaining story line and using phasing. I have yet to step foot in an instance (I hear they take forever.)

I still have not dropped a profession in order to pick up bear form… prob need to do it.

I found a hole in the world… that was fun… it was covered by an invisible wall… less fun, as I was stuck and stomped by a BIG creature.

Note that I am not very detailed in my posts, I don’t want to spoil the expansion for anyone. If I find anything really useful for our class I will chime in. Nothing yet.

More notes…

  • No upgrades yet.
  • Some side grades maybe if mastery is working as there are a couple quest blues with lots of mastery.
  • All my arp gems are now crit gems, my DPS shows it. Might want to consider having agility or strength gems ready for the xpac. 61% crit is just too much and I am hitting like a pansy.
  • Talented FFF is a must. I started using it and now hit less like a pansy.
  • Consider leveling as boom in cata if you have T10 level casting gear. Ranged and AoE attacks will most likely speed things up… I am considering it.

A parting note before bed…


2 Responses to Ding #2

  • anez says:

    lvl 80-82 xp is minimized to get ppl to lvlcap for when new stuff comes.

  • Sil says:

    I’m still only exploring in the beta and playing a bit in the starting zones. Going to the new area’s seem a bit…much for me at the moment ^^ also because I don’t really like the druid talent trees just yet. So haven’t really specced at all 😀

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