Good Morning

More play by play updates…

  • First new Disenchant mat – Lesser Celestial Essence, 3 makes a greater…
  • My first escort quest was nice, the NPC could stealth too… Woot!
  • Argent Squire is bugged, no option for mail or bank… grumble.
  • I just noticed my mailbox is full of Achievement rewards that I already had in Wrath… weird.
  • Maps now show Flightmaster locations… or at least one in Moonglade… the shoe with wing is actually on the map.
  • So far mobs do not do enough damage. Some mechanics while leveling and questing can be completely ignored because I am never in jeopardy of dying.
  • I found one flight path in Hyjal…. and it is not connected to any other flight paths… interesting. I also can’t find anywhere in Hyjal to get rested so it is looking like hearthing and flying back each time will be necessary… /Grrr

Ok, on to Sunday type activities, will pick back up tonight. I am reporting quite a bit of bugs and suggestions to hopefully make the leveling experience in Cataclysm more enjoyable, that includes making it more difficult in some areas and easier in others.

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