Play by Play Beta

Ok, had to load a bunch of patches before I could start…

Logged in, selected my Main that I transfered over…. Jacemora, Druid, Feral

Flying in IF ROCKS!

Where to first…. GNOMER!

On the way to Gnomer I fly over a Troll settlement of some sort… might be new, don’t remember it being there.

Ok, no Gnomer is not a city yet… I don’t think… I left after flying around a little bit. I have no clue where to start leveling again… hmmm. Probably need to hit a trainer first… lets hearth to Moonglade.

Lets SPEC!

  • 2 Points in Feral Swiftness – We are leveling again and the speed bonus alone makes it a no brainer.
  • 3 Points in Heart of the Wild – +10% AP in Kitty +10% Stam in Bear
  • 2 in Primal Fury – Extra Combo points is good.
  • 3 in Fury Swipes – 12% chance to gain an extra auto attack every 6 seconds.
  • 3 in King of the Jungle – Tiger Fury restores 60 energy
  • 1 point in Feral Charge
  • 2 points in Improved Feral Charge – +30% Haste for 8 sec after using kitty charge (I open all fights charging in)
  • 1 Point Infected Wounds – Needed to get to the next tier and slowing mobs trying to run away will speed up leveling.
  • 2 points Primal Madness – Tiger Fury and Berserk increases max energy by 20 points.
  • 1 Point Survival Instincts – Tough named mobs when leveling, extra health will help in bear when things get rough.
  • 2 Points in Endless Carnage – 6 second longer Rake, Savage Roar, and Pulverize.
  • 2 Points in Nom Nom Nom – Ferocious Bite will refresh the Rip duration.
  • 3 Points in Rend and Tear – Increase Crit chance of FB by 25% and increase shred damage by 20% (Target must be bleeding)
  • 1 point Berserk – 50% energy cost reduction to all kitty abilities for 15 seconds, Immune to fear, I call this talent the Lockroller.

Note… I have 5 points left. The is no Omen of Clarity and you can’t get Master Shapeshifter so i am going to put more points in the feral tree for leveling leaving out Natural Shapeshifter (reduced mana to shift) and Furor (% chance to gain energy on shift.)

  • 2 Points in Feral Aggression – FB damage increased by 10%, FFF applies 3 stacks on 1 cast.
  • 3 Points in Thick Hide – 6% reduced chance of getting crit and 33% more armor in bear (This will help while leveling)

Ok Houston, we have a problem… I can’t train Bear form or Skull Bash…. So I have no Bear shift button… so no bear… going to check Google and head out for the night…. will update tonight on my Beta goings on.

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