The climb to level 84…

is now an easy one… Archaeology is rewarding close to 100,000XP per find. A little insane but since there is no portal back to Vash and I can’t find any more quests for level 83 it’s the way I have decided to go.

To say the Beta is a little buggy would be a gross understatement.

Let me go on record that if this game releases early Nov. people are going to probably get very frustrated as many things will prob be a little screwed up.

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  • Helistar says:

    You can get back to Vashj’ir in two ways:
    – gryphon: there are two flight points there (of course, if you took it…)
    – a fast flying mount: easy way is straight west from IF, doable but somewhat more of a close call, NW from Stormwind Harbor.

    At lv83 you can get quests in Deepholm. Check the small lake/shrine near Stormwind.

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