Blue post about “dumbing down” gear stats.

I have to say I completely agree with this mentality.

Reasons behind the item stats changes in Cataclysm

I find many of these arguments to be elitist. This is not a “catering to the casuals” issue. This is an issue that even some of our most educated and math-savy players could not make gear decisions without the help of external tools. We’re much less concerned about more casual players because the specific choice of upgrade will mean less for them (skill outweighs the contribution of stats for all but the absolute best players) and they often choose pieces based on things like art over stats.

I’m talking about very hardcore raiders who no longer could eyeball a piece of gear with any degree of authority. I might believe that some very few of you are so proficient with the math as to be able to eyeball the stats, but I think you are vastly overestimating the number of players who can or do. Remember, the formula to convert armor penetration into damage was so complicated that we had to take the unusual step of actually spelling out how it was calculated.

With this change will you still have to make hard choices about upgrading? Absolutely. Will there still be quasi-religious debates about which neck is best in slot for a given spec? Of course. Will you still need to understand the mechanics to make the best choice for your character? We think so. One of our overall design philosophies for WoW (and Blizzard) is to be simple but have a lot of depth. Some people mistake needless complexity for depth.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to load your character up in RAWR all the time to figure out what gear you should be going for next? I am not saying RAWR or spreadsheets will stop being used completely since it does help provide a picture of gear synergy but with less stats to worry about it should be a lot easier to see how a piece of gear is going to fit into your current arrangement a lot easier than in the past.

Sure, gear rankings will still be relative to the rest of the gear you currently have equiped as well as what gear you will ultimately have access to, but there should still end up less need for detailed gear analysis when a staff drops in a new raid.

I can’t say I am going to miss ArP as a stat. Frankly Blizzard ended up doing with this stat for cats what they did away with for armor on trinkets with bears. When Armor multiplied for bears from trinkets Blizzard found bears wearing old gear or grinding to get one particular trinket because the stat benefit was too great. This might have been the same issue with cats in Icecrown and the ArP trinkets from Naxx and Ulduar except with the right combination of gear the hard ArP cap can be hit now… of course this uses the same approach Blizzard wanted to get away from because of the very narrow gear selection to make this happen. Also, depending on the gear in Icecrown we could see 80 cats in Icecrown gear LFG Naxx or Ulduar for ArP trinkets since it is entirely possible the trinket procs post ToC might be necessary again.

Anywho, just another nice change on the horizon in this druids perspective. It will save me a lot of time when gearing up my alts or knowing which tree gear to pick up instead of DE just in case I need to heal something.

4 Responses to Blue post about “dumbing down” gear stats.

  • Aleanathem says:

    Blizzard can candy coat this change all it wants, but it will not change the fact it is dumbing down the game. I do not care how elitist it does sound. You could make informed choices in game currently. Maybe not the perfect choices, but if you knew the stat caps you need and what stats you needed to increase you could easily compare gear in game. The argument you have to pull up a spreadsheet, RAWR, etc to see what gear was better for you is absurd. That is only if you are min./maxing player. In that case those people knew before they stepped foot in Ulduar or ToC or any other dungeon what loot was an upgrade for them. Oh well Blizzard can say what they wish, but they are dumbing down their game. Simple, but in-depth? That is what we have currently if you want to be a normal raider(normal is not hardcore). Any hardcore raider has been doing theorycrafting for quite a while now. Even with the complicated math most of it was easily put into some program. Okay, I’ll end my rant, but when I read the blue post you posted I just bout hit the ceiling.

  • althalas says:

    I have to disagree. This is not dumbing down the game. It is removing needless complexity. Lets take Armor penetration, and lets make it simple. Lets say the tooltip will tell you what % of armor it removes from the target. So, i get to remove 50% of my targets armor, that will increase my damage by how much? You need the targets armor, then divide it in half, then figure out how much more damage gets through as a result. Then lets take into account that not everyone has the same amount of armor.


    Dear god, and that is not even how it is done in the game. Blizz had to post this – in order to explain it.

    Now add to that you need to calc, Agi to AP, ap to damage. Armor to mitigation, Agi to armor.

    it is to much to do in game. You should be able to look at a piece and tell if it is good. You should never need an addon or an outside resource to do that. Was Vanilla wow stupid because it had less stats? no, it was simple yet deep. I think blizz is trying to get back to that.

    More complexity is making it hard just to be hard. In addition it becomes harder to itemize gear. As a druid I am getting pretty sick of seeing DEF on rings. I do not need it. The removal of DEF as a stat will allow us to focus on what matters. I think it’s great for druids. Plus this allows them to make more gear with cool procs, and maybe bring back the resistance game. That could be very fun.

  • Jacemora says:

    I agree.

    I would much rather write about instance strategy or farming tips than why one mix of gear might be superior to another. Frankly I don’t think any of the theory crafters get it completely right and simulators and spreadsheets can only be so reliable when so many factors come into play.

    You know something is not right when someone asks you in game about their gear and you can’t give them a simple answer in chat and have to direct them to a tool or website.

  • Aleanathem says:

    See normally when they ask it’s about feral dps rotation. Which if Blizzard touches that I may give up the game. It’s perfect outside of not doing the dps it should for the complexity.

    And I disagree. I like complexity. I enjoy having to think quite a bit instead of just simplicity. Am I the best or do I get it correct always? Heck no, but I enjoy it. I’ll agree to disagree with you both. =)

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