Ding 85

I hit 85 last night in the Beta… weeeeeeeee

Now what?

I Q’ed up for a Random Cata 5 man run, drew Stonecore, wiped about 3 pulls in and the healer dropped.

Ugh, beta/WOW without friends FTL.

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  • Karalana says:

    Very late in catching up on my blog reading… But I definitely feel your pain on beta.

    I leveled up the druid to 85, spent my 4k JPs, hunted down rep buys/craftables, transferred appropriate enchants and gems from a pre-made and finally fixed my healy spec and queued up for a regular instance. The first tank was a druid with 115k hp… at first glance seemed perfectly reasonable. 3 wipes later we actually inspected him… Balance spec, balance pvp gear… in bear form trying to tank. /kick. Tank 2, again a bear, this time we checked first .. feral spec & gear. He says he doesn’t know the instance, meh, neither did the rest of us. Marked up a 5 pack and pulled. He picked up skull and just skull, mage sheeped the wrong target… X, moon, and square happily munched on the healer — wipe. When we come back the ever tank says “I’ll get skull this time”. Um, no… “You are the only tank in a 5m instance you need to pick up anything that’s not cc’d”. We pull again… same thing – mage sheeps the wrong target again, tank only picks up skull. We continue wiping and finally kick that tank after something like 15 wipes on the same pull. Re-queue, get another druid who didn’t spec for crit immunity /face palm. Finally, I queued as tank with my piss poor half 251/264 icc gear and a mix of leveling unenchanted greens and a smattering of blues.. rocking a whopping 82k hp. We cleared the instance with a few more wipes — opps those aren’t cc’able, healer stood in fire, whoops didn’t see that pat amoung the reasons for those wipes.

    Anyways… There are a few of us (me – druid’s name with a K and a C, Ahra, Sel, Type etc) on Lost Isles from the guild if you want to hook and run some stuff with a bit less pain involved.


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