My manditory expansion post.

See the trailer HERE. You can also read about all the changes coming to the game HERE.

There is a ton of stuff in the expansion I could write about, but it’s Friday night so I will comment about each aspect individually another time. As a whole I LOVE IT.

Hopefully when I transfer over my Horde BelF Huntress to Alliance I can make her a Worgen. There is no way I am leveling another toon from 1.

I really like the idea of Guild levels, achievements, and perks that are coming. Flying everywhere in game is pure win. 5 more points for talent trees maybe we become BearCats again.

All in all I am really excited… Now the downside…

World of Warcraft is a social cooperation game. I am troubled by how many people in my guild hate the changes and I have to wonder what is going to happen if there are 2 hard lines of lovers and haters. We could see end game guilds going through a complete restructuring. Add the fact that there will now be ranked battlegrounds rewarding some serious OP gear that used to be reserved for arena teams and the splintering could be even worse.

Oh well, All I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best.

6 Responses to My manditory expansion post.

  • Stephi says:

    I’m intrigued by the changes. So I won’t be going anywhere XD

    I don’t hate some of the changes, I’m more bothered by some of the lore implications (IE, goblin/Worgen DKs when Arthas should theoretically be DEAD XD)

  • Euripides says:

    It’s gonna be EPIC! And for what it’s worth, I think leveling from 1 might be a different enough experience that I’m willing to try it again.

  • Jacemora says:

    It will be, I just don’t have that kind of time.

  • Aleanathem says:

    All I can say from the looks of it Blizz needed some thing big for Blizzcon. What was bigger than rushing out the next expansion trailer? Overall it looks like they are simplifying the game(was it really that hard to begin and destroying current lore to fulfill some crazy fan ideas. Deathwing was a good idea, but Worgen and Goblin races plus some of the new race/class combos are horrible from a lore standpoint. It looks like it will still be fun, but they are still just dumbing down the game more by removing and combining stats.

  • Jacemora says:

    I wouldn’t mind some dumbing down… honestly. I shouldn’t have to spend hours of research figuring out the best gear combination and what gear I need from raids past to make it all work. I prefer a linear path of upgrading gear without all the hassle and now to boot I can customize that gear a little myself. I like it.

    I don’t have much issue with the lore myself, after all we are just playing a game where nothing ever really dies… enough of a break in lore right there if you ask me. The lore of the game I am sure will be explained in a manner that keeps people happy… after all it is Blizzards lore to create and change as they wish imho.

  • Aleanathem says:

    I’m of the opinion that if you want to be the best at you class you should have to spend the time to be the best. I see the upcoming changes as arguably the downfall of WoW. Too much customization and dumbing down.

    The problem with “nothing ever dying” is Blizzard is revamping all of Azeroth so it will change. And no the lore won’t keep lore people happy. Most of us that enjoy lore have been complaining since the game came out, but Blizzard has not current plays of listening to us. And in reality it’s no longer Blizzard’s lore as they gave it over to other writers to write comics, books, etc on it. So much of the time they contradict those books and comics which they publicly endorse and advertise. In the end I nor any other lore person can stop Blizzard from these changes, but it’s all about money. I’m just afraid that Blizzard’s desire to please the masses will be its downfall very soon.

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