Obligatory Release Night Post

You know a post is late when “Night” is in the title and it is already morning.

As everyone and their mother knows, Cataclysm will be online and playable come 12am PST.

A couple of sanity tips for you…

  • Be ready for trouble logging in and server crashes. Europe had Cata start already and the QQing was EPIC.
  • Be ready for congested questing. New expansion, same lack of quest mobs and items.
  • Take your time… I can’t stress this enough. 80-85 will not take long. Have fun and do some wiping in 5 man’s like we did in BC.
  • Try out some Archeology… it can be pretty entertaining.
  • Don’t worry about server firsts… I guarantee there is already some ass hat on your server that has it all planned out and even knows a couple of Frathsploits to make any chance you have nil.

Have fun all and watch the site for tips on leveling in Cataclysm!

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