Heroic Strategy – Lost City of the Tol’vir

Well… a little late than never…

General Husam

  • As a kitty in melee I make sure to stay behind and out of Shockwave which can be seen on the ground before it hits. You should have no problem staying in melee and avoiding it by positioning correctly.
  • Traps/Mines get tossed everywhere. Don’t touch them and stay out of range shown when they get detonated. Have the tank kite him around in a big circle around the 2 columns in the area. To do this make sure to clear all the adds around. Having a lot of space in this fight helps a ton.
  • I get grabbed and tossed a lot in this fight. Sometimes you might end up stuck on a column… just jump down…. I believe his Bad Intentions causes this.
  • Try to focus on keeping up or getting bleeds off before you have to reposition due to mine placement.

High Prophet Barim

  • Nothing really special to do in this fight compared to any other DPS
  • DPS boss, DPS add in phase 2.
  • A Barkskin + Tranquility might come in handy.

Lockmaw & Augh

  • This is a fight where you can really shine. Be prepared to help healing with Tranquility.
  • Ready to Innervate your healer.
  • Bear it up if you get Scent of Blood. You can also use bear form and your AoE taunt to help give your DPS some time to kill adds before they reach someone else with Scent of Blood.
  • Watch out for Dust Flail it will hurt.
  • Cleanse Viscous Poison if you are the only option.
  • Make sure to avoid Whirlwind from Augh.


  • Watch out for Wailing Winds
  • That’s all I got, he seemed real easy to me.

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