Heroic Strategy – Shadowfang Keep (Bear Edition)

So last night I did this Dungeon finally… and I tanked it. A couple of notes…

  • SFK is long and has a metric crap ton of trash. Great for rep using a tabard, bad for getting some sleep.
  • Bear tanking is a lot of fun. I have to say blizzard did a good job with bears. I am still on the fence if I like our new Hybrid feral tree. I call it that because IMHO Predatory Strikes and Stampede are crap and we end up dumping points into survivability talents which as a good kitty I didn’t need. That being said it does look like a PvP spec is now more viable than ever.

Baron Ashbury

Baron Silverlaine

  • Tank and Spank with adds.
  • Make sure to grab agro on the adds as they spawn. Have your party burn the adds then back to boss.
  • Use barkskin during Cursed Veil

Commander Springvale

  • This fight is tough unless you use a feral trick. Stand outside the door and FFF him and turn and sprint to your waiting party in the courtyard.
  • Make sure to face him away from the party at all times.
  • Tank him and the 2 adds. Have DPS burn the adds pronto.
  • His new adds will spawn but it takes them forever to join the fight if at all if your DPS is high enough. Be prepared to use AoE taunt or single target taunt if needed. If more adds do show up burn them down again.
  • He drops Thieving Spaulders – but didn’t for me.

Lord Walden

  • This boss is really fun.
  • His main ability is Conjure Poisonous Mixture
  • If he conjures a red mixture DO NOT MOVE. If he conjures a green mixture, KEEP MOVING and DON’T STOP. It’s red light, green light children. You can tell the color by the light and mixture over his head.
  • Drops Double Dealing Bracers – but they didn’t drop for me… /sigh

Lord Godfrey

  • Tank this boss on the lower level facing away from the raid on the hay in the corner.
  • Have all ranged stand on the little half wall right as you enter the room.
  • Use defensive CD’s when he does Pistol Barrage in your face.
  • Skull Bash Cursed Bullets when possible. If he gets it off it will need to be dispelled/cured.
  • Kill adds when they show up.
  • He is pretty easy.
  • Drops Relic of Arathor – AND HE DID DROP IT FOR ME… WOOT

All in all the run was entertaining though I don’t think I would want to do it again.

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