Heroic Strategy – Stonecore

Ok, So here is the first in my Heroic Cataclysm 5 man strategy posts. Hopefully I can knock out 1 per day to help Kitties and Bears alike.

I am not going to cover trash strategy. Make liberal use of CC in your party and keep tanking down to 1-2 mobs at a time. Use glyphed Maul, Swipe, and Thrash to maintain threat on multiple mobs. Note also I don’t give tips about staying behind bosses… you should be doing that anyway.


  • On Heroic his crystal shards morph into toon tracking bombs. The tank should kite him away from the shards/bombs and ranged AOE should kill these quickly.
  • On Heroic when he burrows do not get caught standing directly over him as he moves underground. Move out of the disturbed dirt or you will get 1 shot.


  • On Heroic standing in fire HURTS. Move out as soon as you see the graphic on the ground coming.
  • On Heroic he has a new ability which shoots shards out in all directions. When he does this you MUST use the fallen stalagmites to get out of LoS with the boss. As long as you are not standing in anything nasty you won’t take damage so healer proximity is not too important. I found as kitty getting a lot of distance and behind multiple objects was the best bet.


  • Clear the closest 2 trash packs on each side. In normal mode I have seen groups get away without doing this and I don’t recommend it in Heroic.
  • On Heroic he will cast a Paralyze on the entire party. This will either break on it’s own which HURTS or from damage being reflected back onto you from when he does his Elementium Spike Shield.
  • As melee you should be taking tics of damage from the shield which will break the paralyze, at this point get some distance because Shatter is coming and will kill you.
  • Kitty pounce back into the fight after the shatter.
  • Try to make sure you get a rip up before he shields and you start the moonfire and run rotation.

High Priestess Azil

  • Run out of Void Zones she creates
  • Have Maim ready to help interrupt her Force Grip
  • Kitty leap back to her in midair if you get caught by Energy Shield
  • In phase 2 do not get caught in an area where she tosses a boulder (Seismic Shard). Watch for dust clouds on the ground.
  • Help keep adds off healers in case of emergency… bear it up in phase 2 if it helps.
  • The biggest challenge in this fight is getting the Force Grip interrupted and making sure people don’t stand in the proverbial fire.

3 Responses to Heroic Strategy – Stonecore

  • gathros says:

    nice short summary, ozruk seems to rape most tank that the times ive been there.
    and wouldnt skull bash be more suitable to interupt force grip?

  • Deeps says:

    I could be mistaken, but I believe that the Elementium Spike Shield is actually a bleed that does 0 damage with the intention that it will break paralyze for the melee. At least all of the times I have done this guy, I have not stopped attacking and I haven’t noticed any sort of massive damage intake.

  • Jacemora says:

    @Gathros… Sure, whatever it takes 🙂
    @Deeps… The spike shield either does damage or reflects damage. The damage I see might be my own bleeds reflected… but that is the reason to stop attacking.

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