Meta Gem Madness

By now most everyone knows that our our best Meta gem in the new expansion is an old Meta… /sigh… Relentless Earthsiege Diamond

Most everyone also knows that due to bad gemming requirements of the meta (and a pending fix by Blizzard that has to wait until the next major patch) that this Meta isn’t worth wearing at this time either.

My recommendation?

Fleet Shadowspirit Diamond

Use 2XAdept Ember Topaz to satisfy the yellow gem requirement. Put Delicate Inferno Ruby everywhere else unless activating a gear gem bonus of +20 agility at which time you can use the previously mentioned Adept or a Shifting Demonseye.

2 Responses to Meta Gem Madness

  • Helistar says:

    I’m sticking to the old meta, hoping for a quick patch…..

    Since I’m a hybrid dealing with the requirement is less of a mess, but it forces me to steer clear of shifting demonseyes. I tend to use delicates in the red and the +mastery +sta green in the others. Definitely not optimal, but with the few sockets which are on the pre-raid gear, I’m certainly not missing much….

  • Jacemora says:

    From what I have read it looks like most likely the Meta is a wash until T11 levels at which point the +3% to Crit damage edges ahead even with poor gems due to the requirement. Do not expect the requirement to change soon, it can only be fixed with a major content patch per the devs.

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