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Amazing what a 3rd night can do Part 2.

So we extended our raid week once again to include a third night and we downed Nef.

Things that contributed to our success…

  1. We stopped kiting Nef in phase 3. We held her in place along the east wall and everyone (except the adds tank and healer) stood between her and the wall.
  2. We pushed a pre phase 2 crackle. Not easy but needed to reduce fire in phase 3.
  3. We did not push a phase 2 crackle. With only 2 ranged it’s not the easiest thing to do anyway.
  4. We didn’t fail at interrupts in phase 2.
  5. We staggered cooldowns very well after phase 3 crackles.

The fight had been nerfed in 10’s as phase 2 damage is greatly reduced but ultimately since we didn’t push a crackle in phase 2 it really didn’t help us much.

Our guild is now 2nd in 10’s progression on server and a big Congo Rats goes out to Team Synergy for their Heroic progression this last week. Team Heraldz hopes to get some catching up done but alias we have a main healer out for the month of May so not sure how that is going to go… ugh.

4.1 has made swipe downright silly. I will be surprised if it doesn’t get nerfed soon but we can always hope it stays. Multiple 20K+ crits from swipe is pretty funny though. I pulled 72K DPS on the Sindragosa trash as we ran into ICC to knock out the LK Heroic achieve we still needed for the guild. This was using swipe and berserk.

I am liking the new 5 man encounters released this patch. It is a great way to gear up for an alternate spec and the gear level prereq’s make for less failed runs. ZA is WAY too easy IMHO if you ran it back in the BC days. The fights are the same but have been watered down for 5 mans. I was lucky and got a couple boom upgrades right away. (Helm and Shoulders, raiding has been cruel for casting leather). ZG is harder but fun.

Now that I have personally cleared all T11 normal content I can safely say the only fight where ranged vs melee balance can be an issue is on Cho. I still switch to Balance for that fight. As far as Heroics go we will see. In Heroic Hal I am a tank for drakes for the first half of the fight and we do fine with only 2 ranged. As we push forward now in BWD Heroics I will report back our success with only 2 ranged and myself as kitty and whether or not I have to run balance for us to have success.

It’s too cold… and other nerfage.

It’s so cold in my office (we have no heat… it’s Florida… long story) that my Overclock on my E6600 is running 10 degrees cooler on each core than normal and my GPU is running 10 degrees cooler as well.

I can’t feel my feet.

I am looking forward to tonight. We downed Magmaw, ODS, and Halfus Tue night and were able to get Valiona & Theralion to I think 20%ish? They will fall tonight and my guess is we will then take a look at Throne of the Four Winds.

Tuesday night Malevolence dropped but I passed to our hunter… (long story). It made me start thinking though about that age old (Ok, only since Wrath) question: Hunter gear or Kitty gear? My thoughts is that with FAP no longer being present on weapons and our damage being tied to weapon damage it should be Kitty first then Hunter. I mean for a hunter it is a stat stick, and they have single handed options (Blizz, be fair and let druids dual wield swords, axes, and the like…. ok, jk… or not, I mean how does a hunter duel wield axes while shooting a bow… seriously.) where for us one of the biggest upsides to the upgrade is the weapon damage itself. Good news, I am sure we will be killing these easy bosses every week at least until we have no upgrades left from them and we start looking at saves… so it’s not like I won’t pick this up sometime soon.

By now most people have most likely heard about the incoming feral/druid PvP nerfs… and PvE nerf… that we can no long shift out of movement impairing effects… and of course all the new cast times, durations, and limits. Honestly I am sick of PvP changes impacting my PvE enjoyment. Not having instant roots with the glyph sucks as I was really enjoying that aspect of feral in 5 man’s and raids. Not being able to shift out of Static Cling fighting Asaad just flat out sucks.

As far as these changes to feral and PvP and the changes to all the classes… it looks to me that Blizzard is trying to shorten the time investment of arena… which is hard to complain about, but I think we just got regulated to CC and bear duty as a feral. We will just get destroyed as a kitty IMHO. Well at least we had some time as viable PvP in feral form, I guess all druids will go back to resto/boom for PvP. Honestly, a good feral in arena (not that I ever was one) had gotten to be quite a bother so not surprised at all of the changes.

Heroic Strategy – Shadowfang Keep (Bear Edition)

So last night I did this Dungeon finally… and I tanked it. A couple of notes…

  • SFK is long and has a metric crap ton of trash. Great for rep using a tabard, bad for getting some sleep.
  • Bear tanking is a lot of fun. I have to say blizzard did a good job with bears. I am still on the fence if I like our new Hybrid feral tree. I call it that because IMHO Predatory Strikes and Stampede are crap and we end up dumping points into survivability talents which as a good kitty I didn’t need. That being said it does look like a PvP spec is now more viable than ever.

Baron Ashbury

Baron Silverlaine

  • Tank and Spank with adds.
  • Make sure to grab agro on the adds as they spawn. Have your party burn the adds then back to boss.
  • Use barkskin during Cursed Veil

Commander Springvale

  • This fight is tough unless you use a feral trick. Stand outside the door and FFF him and turn and sprint to your waiting party in the courtyard.
  • Make sure to face him away from the party at all times.
  • Tank him and the 2 adds. Have DPS burn the adds pronto.
  • His new adds will spawn but it takes them forever to join the fight if at all if your DPS is high enough. Be prepared to use AoE taunt or single target taunt if needed. If more adds do show up burn them down again.
  • He drops Thieving Spaulders – but didn’t for me.

Lord Walden

  • This boss is really fun.
  • His main ability is Conjure Poisonous Mixture
  • If he conjures a red mixture DO NOT MOVE. If he conjures a green mixture, KEEP MOVING and DON’T STOP. It’s red light, green light children. You can tell the color by the light and mixture over his head.
  • Drops Double Dealing Bracers – but they didn’t drop for me… /sigh

Lord Godfrey

  • Tank this boss on the lower level facing away from the raid on the hay in the corner.
  • Have all ranged stand on the little half wall right as you enter the room.
  • Use defensive CD’s when he does Pistol Barrage in your face.
  • Skull Bash Cursed Bullets when possible. If he gets it off it will need to be dispelled/cured.
  • Kill adds when they show up.
  • He is pretty easy.
  • Drops Relic of Arathor – AND HE DID DROP IT FOR ME… WOOT

All in all the run was entertaining though I don’t think I would want to do it again.

Heroic Strategy – Lost City of the Tol’vir

Well… a little late than never…

General Husam

  • As a kitty in melee I make sure to stay behind and out of Shockwave which can be seen on the ground before it hits. You should have no problem staying in melee and avoiding it by positioning correctly.
  • Traps/Mines get tossed everywhere. Don’t touch them and stay out of range shown when they get detonated. Have the tank kite him around in a big circle around the 2 columns in the area. To do this make sure to clear all the adds around. Having a lot of space in this fight helps a ton.
  • I get grabbed and tossed a lot in this fight. Sometimes you might end up stuck on a column… just jump down…. I believe his Bad Intentions causes this.
  • Try to focus on keeping up or getting bleeds off before you have to reposition due to mine placement.

High Prophet Barim

  • Nothing really special to do in this fight compared to any other DPS
  • DPS boss, DPS add in phase 2.
  • A Barkskin + Tranquility might come in handy.

Lockmaw & Augh

  • This is a fight where you can really shine. Be prepared to help healing with Tranquility.
  • Ready to Innervate your healer.
  • Bear it up if you get Scent of Blood. You can also use bear form and your AoE taunt to help give your DPS some time to kill adds before they reach someone else with Scent of Blood.
  • Watch out for Dust Flail it will hurt.
  • Cleanse Viscous Poison if you are the only option.
  • Make sure to avoid Whirlwind from Augh.


  • Watch out for Wailing Winds
  • That’s all I got, he seemed real easy to me.

Heroic Strategy – Stonecore

Ok, So here is the first in my Heroic Cataclysm 5 man strategy posts. Hopefully I can knock out 1 per day to help Kitties and Bears alike.

I am not going to cover trash strategy. Make liberal use of CC in your party and keep tanking down to 1-2 mobs at a time. Use glyphed Maul, Swipe, and Thrash to maintain threat on multiple mobs. Note also I don’t give tips about staying behind bosses… you should be doing that anyway.


  • On Heroic his crystal shards morph into toon tracking bombs. The tank should kite him away from the shards/bombs and ranged AOE should kill these quickly.
  • On Heroic when he burrows do not get caught standing directly over him as he moves underground. Move out of the disturbed dirt or you will get 1 shot.


  • On Heroic standing in fire HURTS. Move out as soon as you see the graphic on the ground coming.
  • On Heroic he has a new ability which shoots shards out in all directions. When he does this you MUST use the fallen stalagmites to get out of LoS with the boss. As long as you are not standing in anything nasty you won’t take damage so healer proximity is not too important. I found as kitty getting a lot of distance and behind multiple objects was the best bet.


  • Clear the closest 2 trash packs on each side. In normal mode I have seen groups get away without doing this and I don’t recommend it in Heroic.
  • On Heroic he will cast a Paralyze on the entire party. This will either break on it’s own which HURTS or from damage being reflected back onto you from when he does his Elementium Spike Shield.
  • As melee you should be taking tics of damage from the shield which will break the paralyze, at this point get some distance because Shatter is coming and will kill you.
  • Kitty pounce back into the fight after the shatter.
  • Try to make sure you get a rip up before he shields and you start the moonfire and run rotation.

High Priestess Azil

  • Run out of Void Zones she creates
  • Have Maim ready to help interrupt her Force Grip
  • Kitty leap back to her in midair if you get caught by Energy Shield
  • In phase 2 do not get caught in an area where she tosses a boulder (Seismic Shard). Watch for dust clouds on the ground.
  • Help keep adds off healers in case of emergency… bear it up in phase 2 if it helps.
  • The biggest challenge in this fight is getting the Force Grip interrupted and making sure people don’t stand in the proverbial fire.

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