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Having fun in Cata… and a few tips…

Ding 85!… Like last week.

Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been playing with what time I have between work, family, and working out/running. I am working on getting fit for the next summer so I can surf a little more than this last year…. on that note, Ding 40! I turned 40 this year… and I want to get back into pre 30’s shape.

Anyhow, Cata is proving to be a lot of fun thus far. The 5 man instances, quests, cut scenes, etc. are all really cool. I will try and post kitty pro tips specifically about Heroic boss fights soon but I can give some general tips I have been using to help reduce the amount of wipes… Heroics have been pretty challenging but far from impossible wipefest when playing in guild with some skilled players. We have had a wipe or 2… or a couple more… figuring out mechanics since we did read any strategy prior… trust me when I say it is more entertaining that way.

On to some tips while I am flying to my next Archeology point…

  • CC is your friend, get the Glyph of Entangling Roots… you will be happy you did. Use focus and Keybinding to make sure your mob stays put.
  • Spec for Hybrid in 1 Spec. Don’t take Pulverize, Perseverance, Stampede, Predatory Strikes, Brutal Impact, or Nurturing Instinct. This spec is perfect for Kitty DPS with the fail safe in a tank death and you can use your 2nd spec for Boom, Heal, or full on bear. This is perfect but might change when raiding starts.
  • Do Hyjal… go back to Vash after 85.
  • Check Quartermasters for gear and build rep through tabards and dailies. It is the fastest way to get geared up for Heroics.
  • Be patient. Explain instance fights to new people. Take your time.
  • Reforge Crit/Haste to mastery. Reforge Hit/Expertise to Mastery once you have enough.
  • Use Mongoose on your weapon until you get a really good one, then go with the new agility enchant.
  • Make sure you Quest deep into Twilight Highlands and get this staff… Staff of Draconic Pacification. The CoC (New Ring of Blood) is only good for your caster or healing spec.
  • Be careful with buying gems, your Meta will require more blue than red… which makes gemming tricky… think it out first.
  • Try not to pug heroics… seriously, join a guild.

That’s all for now, I will try to get strategy up for each Heroic as time allows… maybe one instance a day.

Beta Testing.

So ever since I hit 85 with Jacemora in the Beta I essentially stopped playing in Beta.

My plan now, with the little time before the Cataclysm release I plan on testing out just how Uber my premade can be in full Raid T11 gear. I have cut the gems (such weird requirements on the meta), enchanted my gear, and choose a bear feral spec.

My plan is to solo some content… Most likely some Black Temple trash, just to see how viable solo grinding the last little bit of rep I need will be. Also probably Utgarde Pinnacle as I still don’t have the Blue Drake. It is possible to solo Utgarde already for the drake drop, but I want to see how much easier it is at 85 with awesome gear.

Ok… so off to BT… Fly to Blasted Lands… go through portal… fly to Outpost…. fly to BT…

“You must be in a raid…”

Damn it.


Fly to SW Harbor… boat to Northrend… fly to Valgarde… fly to UK… set to Heroic and enter UP.

Stealth to Skadi…

Run the gauntlet… kill guys… pick up harpoons… shoot down Skadi…. oh wait…

Bags are full… /damn it

Drop a Heaveweave manual…

kill guys… pick up harpoons… shoot down Skadi.

Kill Skadi, loot… no Blue Proto. /Sigh

Ok, so what did I learn?

  1. This is Easy. I went from 130K+ health to about 100K. Fought him standing still, never moved. Used no cooldowns.
  2. Bears hit freaking hard.
  3. Droprate will have me doing this quite a bit.

How to keep having fun with an expansion looming.

So a little update…

My 10 man raiding has completely stalled as of the first week in April…. so we have dropped to 2nd on the server… /sigh. Our MT had to take a series of trips and now our OT is out of town as well… what can you do, RL crit us worse than Sindragosa.

Our 25 man raids have been hurting too… Spring Break… people looking ahead to the new expansion and playing less… bads… people jumping ship thinking it’s different for other guilds… same old, same old. 25’s is quickly on the way to getting fixed thanks to some hard work by 2 new officers in our guild and a blogger or two advertising beyond our website and trade chat. Looks like we are getting some real talent and people with good FPS and Latency.

So with raiding stalling like it has been here are some suggestions of things you can do in order to still enjoy playing WOW…

  • Achievements – I know this isn’t for everyone but they can be a ton of fun with friends or alone. Personally I am trying to get to 9K and I am 16 more 10pt achievements away. This leads to my 2nd suggestion…
  • PVP – As far as gear goes we have heard that rated battlegrounds are the thing of the future. Start getting good now and beefing up your PVP set and resilience. Queuing with friends (Premades) can be lots of fun and there are a lot of PVP related achievements to be had. PVP as feral is much better than it used to be. When you start off and don’t have PVP gear just burst down a caster… I recommend locks as an easy start, Pounce, Mangle, Shred, Berserk, Maim, Shred… just kill them. The key on that series on locks is Berserk so you won’t get feared away. Once you get comfortable start going after priests and shammies. Hunters are a little more challenging and I recommend putting mages last on your to kill order, especially those of a frost variety… let the DK’s kill them. Once you have a decent PVP gear set you will be able to do more than burst down an enemy in exchange for your life… something to look forward to. For some real good pro tips head over to Starmist, though most tips are for arena he has a lot of good PVP advise and some sweet video that can be a lot of help.
  • Farming mounts, pets, gold, and other fun stuff – A good place to start is Rarren’s blog where you can learn how to pimp your druid. If gold is your thing you better be selling now before everything becomes worthless after the expansion, head over to the Greedy Goblin for some tricks of the trade.
  • Level and gear alternative characters – You never know what an expansion will bring, have your other toons ready to go just in case druids are no longer fun. They took away tree form and boomkins got an invisible mushroom… I guess it can only get better. It also helps to learn other classes to better understand the game and lingo. It will improve your raiding and give you a PVP edge the more experience you have playing other classes so give it a try or a little bit of your time if it is something that sounds like fun.
  • Start a blog – We have lost quite a few druid bloggers and there are even less blogs of classes that don’t have pets for some reason. It can be a lot of fun learning how to create and design your website. Joining the Warcraft blogging community has other perks like helping new players, spreading good tips to experienced players to better represent our class, and even in some cases if you really contribute getting items in game named after you like the BRK-1000, Phaelia’s Vestments of the Sprouting Seeds, Astrylian’s Sutured Cinch, and Toskk’s Maximized Wristguards. Jacemora’s Helm of Reason anyone? Named after my lack of over theory crafting for just a few DPS here and there… ok, so maybe not…
  • Run 5 mans – With the new random system in place this can be a fine way to meet new people, possible new recruits, or just get a good laugh at the various noobs and crazies that also exist in our online world. You can also get emblems for PVP gear, second spec gear, or to buy and sell items for gold.

Anyway, that is just a start of some of the things you can do in game if raiding is slowing down.

Have fun!

Obligatory funny 5 man story.

My funny story is from just last night.

I go into Heroic HoS for the daily random as Boomkin (don’t laugh).

From the very first pull it was evident (warrior tank nub) that I couldn’t use AoE without getting agro… even with a delay. I then noticed when switching my DPS strategy to a single target (assisting off the warrior) that I still got agro, albeit only 1 mob instead of 2-3. Then I noticed the healer was getting agro quite a bit as well.

So here I am certain that everyone recognizes this as a fail group but no one has said anything.

So I decide I might as well AoE, agro and keep mobs off the healer and kill what I can while barkskinning and then melding if I need to… this is on just about every pull mind you… so I am having fun and we a moving along and the healer is doing a fine job keeping his feathery tank alive.

Still, no one is saying anything… everyone is keeping their composure as we quickly mow through dwarfs and bosses.

Then we get to the adds room (Tribunal) and it’s a complete clusterf*%$. Brahn dies from all the adds that get through the warrior like Dalaran Swiss. So I whisper the Ret pally…

Me – “Hey, can you do what you can to grab the adds with concecrate?”
Him – “lol”
Him – “he is pretty bad huh”
Me – “Yes, he is terribad”
Him – “lol”
Him – “Oh, we didn’t finish it”
Me – “no, Brahn died”
Him – “lol”
Him – “yeah, I was thinking I could go prot to help out”
Terribad tank – “can someone tell me what I could do differently that would help”
Me still whispering the Pally – “f%$@ it, I am going bear”

So I respec to kitty (I no longer have a bear spec) and change into my kitty gear and we start it back up.

I tank the whole place, burn cooldowns when I get close to dying, and the healer at some point figures out the warrior is standing in the entryway doing nothing as the Pally and I kill everything and starts making sure I don’t die.

We win, the healer thanks us for helping out and the warrior makes some snide comment about helping ourselves that made no sense…. so on to the final boss.

I switch back to Boomkin, the Pally switches back to Ret and we engage the last boss… well no surprise not only can the warrior not hold agro on the boss but he lets all the little adds run around freely as well… so we wipe.

So this time I tell the Pally, go Prot and tank the boss… please build as much agro as you can. We tell the warrior to pick up the little adds that the Pally is going to tank the boss… I switch to kitty thinking as long as the Pally can hold agro on the boss I will kill it myself pretty quickly.

So we engage, and the pally can’t hold agro over me either (in their defense I am guessing I out geared them in both boomkin and kitty) so I do as much as I can in kitty form while using barkskin, I meld, switch back to cat and kill about 5-6 adds real fast that the nub warrior isn’t tanking, then get back on boss… I pull agro again but I find a way to switch on and off the boss until the end where I just let the healer heal me through the last 10% or so I need to get him down.

He dies, I get many thanks from the healer and others… except the warrior, I think that felt pretty inconsequential to the whole operation I assume.

Managed to get through HoS in probably 45 minutes in a fail group that stuck together… I am guessing I could have 2 manned the place with the healer in all honesty.

Alot of people will look at a run like this as a waste of time, I find runs like this a ton of fun with a value much more than the 2 frost badges.

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