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So, wouldn’t you know right after my thoughts on 4T11

Enough information is out that leads me to believe 4T11 and reforging to Haste might be all the rage come 4.2.

Due to the strength to AP conversion nerf and subsequent bleed non buff / direct attack buff I bet the 4T11 increase to AP bonus along with a full reforge to Haste might be the best way to go.

I hope I get gear in Firelands quickly enough that I don’t have to worry about it.

P.S. I am tired of the feral DPS roller coaster. Blizzard needs to figure out what we are already and stick with it.

Blizzard gifith… and taketh away.

Runy already has a follow up post from yesterday’s Dungeon Journal info.

Apparently there was an outcry on the inclusion of detailed fight mechanic and strategy  information in the Dungeon Journal (henceforth called the DJ).

I am by no means an Elitest raider type… I am pretty sure people know that by now that have read my blog. I am fortunate to be a part of a good group of guys and gals that progress through content so I get to see and beat most if not all encounters when they are relevant, difficult, and entertaining.

I have some thoughts on the news now that Blizzard is going to be taking back some information initially provided in the DJ:

  1. People will still get the information by leaving the game and going to one of the multiple sites giving info, strategy, and tips.
  2. This information will be gated by the hard core raiding guilds as usual. They are the first to down content and the first to provide strategy tips.
  3. This will make people happy that like to learn about encounter strategy and mob abilities on the fly. Lets face it, that is part of the entertainment of a new encounter. Although we go into new fights having a rough idea of what to expect we rarely go in having watched video or creating detailed strategy and positioning before hand. It is one of the reasons we take a little longer to progress but it is much more entertaining to learn fights ourselves and find our own way of doing things.
  4. The DJ won’t be very useful beyond Wowhead if all it does is document boss and mob abilities as that information is data mined WAY ahead of time.

Lets hope they find a way to balance or phrase strategy tips with the fun of discovery. If all it is are abilities I will be disappointed. At least throw people a bone and detail some trash mechanics and leave bosses as the mystery. It only takes a wipe or 2 anyway to figure out trash and honestly learning trash mechanics is not very fun. (For the love of God Blizz, have the damn elementals in the Ascendant Council room stand still in groups of 2 already. Worst dumb trash time sink mechanic ever)

Runy returns to WOW.

Just a heads up to all you Druids to check out Runyarusco and her blog. You can find the link in my Blogroll of to the right. I really liked her most recent post about the new Dungeon Journal. Although the Journal will be trumped by most progression raiding guilds in favor of watching videos and reading other online resources I really like the fact that some of the more diehard RP players can get their information from within the game that will lead to success.

I don’t know about everyone else but I still see constant chat traffic in game asking questions that are easily answered by going to Wowhead or any other of the informational sites available. These people are either lazy, are HEAVY into the social aspect of the game, RP people HEAVY into the Fantasy aspect, or unaware of the Wow community on the WWW. I remember when i started playing Wow all the needless running around I did looking for NPC’s, items, mobs, dungeons, etc. My God, I remember when part of the length of leveling was just trying to figure out cryptic quest directions to people, resources, monsters, or places. Then a RL buddy turned me on to Thottbot… thank goodness.

The new Journal extends the solutions Blizzard has offered in aiding people in game with knowing what they need to know. I can see my progression 10 man raid team using it quite a bit since we like to do a lot of fights “Our Style” which is sometimes very different than the standard way people do fights, usually tweaked because of our lack of range DPS. It will also be a good and fast resource when trying to determine why people died. How many times in a raid do you hear “What killed you?” and then “What is that?” LOL. Less tabbing out of the game to look something up is always a good thing (for those of you with single monitor setups). I think pugs will also benefit as it is a place people can learn a little about what they are getting into as a party forms.

Hey Blizz, go a step further now and create a resources journal of where to find ore, herbs, fish, leather, etc… mats… a mats dictionary… and give me a 3rd spec already.

Incentives to Tank?

Just a quick shout out to the Blizzard folks that may or may not read my blog.

As everyone knows by now when using the LFG tool for 5 mans, if you are a tank you get a chance at getting some extra loot for filling a role of need.

It sucks that it takes something like this to get more Tanks in the Q. Also, it seems that the newness of the perk has already worn off as I am back to 45 minute wait times as a DPS.

So why do we have the issue in the first place?

  1. It’s harder to lead. Tanks are expected to lead and few really want that responsibility with strangers.
  2. It’s less fun than DPS and healing. I would agree at the possibility it is less fun than DPS but no more so than healing and finding healers seems fine which takes us back to point 1.
  3. Having to change or tweak/Change specs constantly.

To fix #1, add a NPC guide that leads the instance. They mark and call for CC on the mobs that need it and give a packaged description of each boss. The NPC can be dismissed from the run by the tank and leader.

It’s hard to fix #2. They have constantly been working on making Tanking fun. I believe the only thing left they could do is add a kiting component to tanking somehow. Personally I have fun tanking. I would almost say it is just as engaging as DPS and the largest difference is #1, the responsibility. Yes, I know we already have some kiting… I meant more of a permanent mechanic that allows kiting in order to minimize damage when you have a healer or DPS that are inexperienced. CD’s are great for that “Oh Crap” moment but doesn’t allow the skill of the individual player to really shine in minimizing damage for the duration of combat.

#3. Give classes that can tank a 3rd Spec. I tell you right now I would tank a 5 man every night If I had a tanking spec. Right now I have a Feral DPS spec and a Balance DPS spec. Some people have a spec specifically for raiding encounters and have to change it a little to run 5 mans. My feral Spec is Hybrid and has tanking in mind because I tank adds on Nef and Mal. I have a boom spec specifically for Cho. I am not going to respec every few days I order to run 5 mans. I would rather watch TV and sit in the Q… and I consider myself a pet and mount collector… and I still won’t tank because it’s a hassle (see 1 and 3).

Solve #3 and I am willing to lead. Stop sucking the fun out of the game Blizzard and give us Hybrid classes another Spec already.


Get better or GTFO

Yes, I know… I am on some sort of posting tangent… it happens when you decide to take up Archeology… my readers thank you Blizzard… or maybe they don’t… I dunno.

I want to touch on a comment I made in a previous post about getting better or finding a less hard core guild.

I am very fortunate that I am 10 man raiding with a group of guys that feel it’s bring the player, not the class/spec.

So far, with that mentality, we have accomplished quite a bit. The group was able to get server first Heralds title in Wrath as well as first kill on LK (again, 10 man)… this was with raiding maybe 6-10 hours a week… a far cry from a hard core raiders schedule.

What this means, as opposed to Hard Core guilds, we change our strategy to fit our composition and not the other way around.

We are melee heavy and we find ourselves deviating from the suggested strategy quite frequently in order to progress. Honestly, it makes the whole raiding and gaming experience that more fun. Hard Core guilds are all about progressing quickly and if that means you get benched for a fight or 2, you get benched for a fight or 2.

My point is don’t blame Blizzard. They really have done a good job balancing, what is left are raid leaders and guild masters that don’t actually take the time to dissect parses and go off general numbers or just look at a site like SoDps and decide to bring someone else.

If you are raiding with a guild like that, you are in the wrong place. Trust me, I am not the only lucky kitty to be in a good guild having success progression raiding.

Good luck, do what you can to improve your game, find a group worthy of your time and expertise. You will find that typically hard core guilds have to raid twice as much to find the same success as a dedicated group that knows how to strategize through diversity… and that is a much more rewarding experience IMHO.

Gives you more time to dig up fossils… ugh.

Just this kitties 2 cents, if I get to the point where I actually feel gimped I will let everyone know.

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