Cataclysm Beta

Jacemora a…. Worgen?

The latest beta build introduced free character changes so Blizzard can test their functionality prior to Cataclysm. Although I have no plans on doing this in the expansion (Shadowmeld is much too useful while leveling) I had to pull the trigger.

So then I entered the game and shifted to Cat…

I might have changed my mind.

P.S. Flight Form looks the same.

Back to Beta…

Finally figured out through the Beta forums that I needed to delete my Cache folder in my Data folder in order to not have WOW crash when I logged in while standing in the Temple of Earth in Deepholm.

Just finished up the couple of quests that lead me to Stormwind for the breadcrumb to Uldum.

Changing gear to Cataclysm greens and blues is looking like a necessity now that mob damage has shot up. Old Wrath gear does not have enough stam methinks come level 83.

On to Uldum VIA Stormwind, will report back on the new zone soon.

Gearing up in Cataclysm.

So I am sure a lot of you are wondering, when will I be switching out my 264 or 277 Wrath gear for Cata greens?

Let me start by saying all your ArP gems will convert to Crit gems, so one might want to stock up on agility gems before the xpac… however, I plan on just leveling in the Crit gems with the knowledge that greens and blues before or by level 83 will be replacing my Wrath gear.

Let me tell you why you will be replacing gear rather early.

  1. Mastery – Old Wrath gear has none, most of the quest rewards has lots. Look below for the Mastery tooltip in the character screen for an idea of what this means to DPS.
  2. Stamina – All the new gear has a lot of added stamina. If you plan on tanking new 5 man content early in the xpac you will be harder to heal with your old gear.
  3. Agility – The new gear rewards come level 83 content starts surpassing old gear stats on more than just stamina and mastery.
  4. Leveling not Raiding – For leveling, pure stats not set bonus or procs tend to be more beneficial. Fights are short and usually trinket procs are wasted as you run between mobs.

This being said I am at level 83 and I still have not seen a weapon worth switching out my Heroic Wrath weapon for (though I hear a blue polearm at the end of deepholm questing fits the bill). I think there was a weapon or 2 with tons of mastery but I wasn’t sold on the stats over my current staff.

Note also that Idol’s are becoming uninteresting in the xpac and are expected to no longer be limited to certain classes. For example I was surprised when I headed to the bank hoping my old idol would be better for leveling….

Note the new gems sockets. Notice the lack of interesting procs. Meh.

So, level 83 and here is my new look…

Sexy huh?

I geared myself in greens and blues to max stats like Hit and Mastery… see below…

Notice you can now get a quick answer to your hit chances in your current gear, this is the new Hit Tooltip.

With all old Wrath Epic gear Mastery was at a base of 20%.

Here are my melee stats in old Wrath Epics. It doesn’t tell the whole story as you don’t readily see procs but as I said, leveling wastes them more than not and the lack of stamina will hurt when running instances especially as bear.

I wish I could do some test dummy parses but with no recount and the chance that some things are not working (not sure Mastery is functioning) I can’t do much. Notice I lose about 7% Crit. Not sure yet if that loss is worth the added damage from higher AP or the mastery bonus, but as I start leveling again I will report back on my findings.

I am in a holding pattern atm in beta since I am at the level cap, as soon as they break that open I will start leveling Jacemora again. My plans are to start leveling my hunter in beta… I need to find the new foxes.

I want my 14 minutes back…

So not only do I have no clue what I am doing but I can’t imagine if I did I would be having any less fun.

Downloading the new beta, failing at RTS game with pretty graphics.

Beta exploration, Kalimdor.

For tonight I have decided to mill around a little, first stop Darnassus…

  • There is now a flight path in Darnassus!
  • Flying to Darkshore…
  • Big treetops still don’t look right to me. Blizzard hire a tree artist to fix up Azeroth trees before release please.
  • Rutheran Village looks different.
  • Darkshore is very different, basically California after the big one.
  • Off to Ashenvale…
  • Did I mention the need for a tree artist?
  • Wow, Felwood is a little different… unexpected.
  • Did I mention a tree artist… I take it back, there are too many trees.
  • Ok… an Apprentice Hippogryph Master… kooky
  • OMG, A level 24 Worgen Druid… some testers are hard core… you go Lanford!
  • Astranaar looks…um, interesting.
  • Off to Ratchet…
  • Flying over the Barrens I see few if any changes.
  • Ratchet looks the same… next.
  • Is that island new?
  • Theramore looks the same…assuming Mudsproket does too.
  • Whoa, ok right away I can see Tanaris has some new beach front real estate… The Inn in Gadgetzan just went to 400G a night. I am guessing the old ghost quest is gone as the cemetary might be underwater from what I remember.
  • OMG a sea gull
  • Flying to Waterworld… I mean Thousand Needles…
  • Whole lotta water and a boat… that is a lot of sunk ore.
  • Headed to Desolace
  • Desolace is greener in some parts.
  • FYI, Flying in Ahn’Qiraj in not recommended…. however…
  • Mounting your flying mount here will let you spacebar and get some cool animation on a Bloodbathed Frostbrood.

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