Cataclysm Beta

Ding #2

Tonight I hit 82.

I continue to move along questing in Hyjal. Blizzard has done a nice job at an entertaining story line and using phasing. I have yet to step foot in an instance (I hear they take forever.)

I still have not dropped a profession in order to pick up bear form… prob need to do it.

I found a hole in the world… that was fun… it was covered by an invisible wall… less fun, as I was stuck and stomped by a BIG creature.

Note that I am not very detailed in my posts, I don’t want to spoil the expansion for anyone. If I find anything really useful for our class I will chime in. Nothing yet.

More notes…

  • No upgrades yet.
  • Some side grades maybe if mastery is working as there are a couple quest blues with lots of mastery.
  • All my arp gems are now crit gems, my DPS shows it. Might want to consider having agility or strength gems ready for the xpac. 61% crit is just too much and I am hitting like a pansy.
  • Talented FFF is a must. I started using it and now hit less like a pansy.
  • Consider leveling as boom in cata if you have T10 level casting gear. Ranged and AoE attacks will most likely speed things up… I am considering it.

A parting note before bed…



Level 81.

Supposedly leveling in Beta is faster… we shall see.

Tonight’s notes…


My hunter is in Dal…. Logging… Speccing BM…. Flying to Amberpine…

No spirit bear… /sigh

Logging Jacemora… World back up!

  • Some Harpy wardrobe leaves little to the imagination.

Questing, Questing, and more Questing… time for bed. 81 and 7 bars… that is 81.33%

Server back up.

Logged in as Jacemora, hearthed to Dalaran and ported to Stormwind… WOW. Flying over SW is cool, and now I am not sure I will visit IF nearly as much.

Nice, found the starting point for Level 80’s in Cataclysm. Right in the middle of the trade district.

Whoa, let me highly recommend going to SW, accepting the quest to Hyjal, and taking the port to Moonglade instead of porting yourself to Moonglade and flying yourself to Hyjal. That is all I am going to say… if for no other reason some easy XP.

Ok, I see the FP now at Nordrassil… son’t know how I missed that early excpt that the green ! are no longer on the mini map for some reason… could be me… I now have connecting Flight Paths in Hyjal.

More observations…

  • Still getting Wrath dust for DEing
  • I hit Honored with Guardians of Hyjal

Dinner Time, more later.

Worgen, Level 1

Having fun playing a Worgen starting toon… Druid of course.

I think they have done a really good job with the zone and phasing, I like the “This is where we show a movie of you turning into a worgen” indicating where a cutscene should be I assume.

Unfortunately my regular server was down so I could not start back up in Hyjal with Jacemora… but this is fun too!

New players starting Worgen characters will not be disappointed, the story line and quests are way more fun than the level 1-5 ones I remember from starting other races. Hopefully those are undergoing a revamp as well… lets face it, killing 10 level 1 boars on a farm isn’t overly exciting.

Good Morning

More play by play updates…

  • First new Disenchant mat – Lesser Celestial Essence, 3 makes a greater…
  • My first escort quest was nice, the NPC could stealth too… Woot!
  • Argent Squire is bugged, no option for mail or bank… grumble.
  • I just noticed my mailbox is full of Achievement rewards that I already had in Wrath… weird.
  • Maps now show Flightmaster locations… or at least one in Moonglade… the shoe with wing is actually on the map.
  • So far mobs do not do enough damage. Some mechanics while leveling and questing can be completely ignored because I am never in jeopardy of dying.
  • I found one flight path in Hyjal…. and it is not connected to any other flight paths… interesting. I also can’t find anywhere in Hyjal to get rested so it is looking like hearthing and flying back each time will be necessary… /Grrr

Ok, on to Sunday type activities, will pick back up tonight. I am reporting quite a bit of bugs and suggestions to hopefully make the leveling experience in Cataclysm more enjoyable, that includes making it more difficult in some areas and easier in others.

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