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Beta Testing.

So ever since I hit 85 with Jacemora in the Beta I essentially stopped playing in Beta.

My plan now, with the little time before the Cataclysm release I plan on testing out just how Uber my premade can be in full Raid T11 gear. I have cut the gems (such weird requirements on the meta), enchanted my gear, and choose a bear feral spec.

My plan is to solo some content… Most likely some Black Temple trash, just to see how viable solo grinding the last little bit of rep I need will be. Also probably Utgarde Pinnacle as I still don’t have the Blue Drake. It is possible to solo Utgarde already for the drake drop, but I want to see how much easier it is at 85 with awesome gear.

Ok… so off to BT… Fly to Blasted Lands… go through portal… fly to Outpost…. fly to BT…

“You must be in a raid…”

Damn it.


Fly to SW Harbor… boat to Northrend… fly to Valgarde… fly to UK… set to Heroic and enter UP.

Stealth to Skadi…

Run the gauntlet… kill guys… pick up harpoons… shoot down Skadi…. oh wait…

Bags are full… /damn it

Drop a Heaveweave manual…

kill guys… pick up harpoons… shoot down Skadi.

Kill Skadi, loot… no Blue Proto. /Sigh

Ok, so what did I learn?

  1. This is Easy. I went from 130K+ health to about 100K. Fought him standing still, never moved. Used no cooldowns.
  2. Bears hit freaking hard.
  3. Droprate will have me doing this quite a bit.

Amazingly Accurate!

So I took the “Discover Your Destiny“. The result…

Just no getting away from being a Druid I suppose.

Whoa… just realized I have not posted in a while…

So, I have been playing very little as of late.

I did log on to do the first 2 phases of Pre Cata Content. A bunch of quests, and the feat of strength. You can get good information on the feat from this Tripping the Rifts.

A bit of FYI, you can get the achievement by gaining the buff in Azeroth. You can only loot the item for the daily if you do it at level content. I recommend doing it old world personally.

I stocked up on mats to get a jump start on leveling professions. I personally have to level tailoring, enchanting, jewelcrafting, inscription, and alchemy. After doing some WOWhead research I found only enchanting allows for stocking old mats to level and it is only a guaranteed 10 points.

News came out from a dev that the current beta pace of leveling will persist in Cataclysm release. What this means is that leveling to 85 is going to be VERY fast. Be prepared to jump in 5 man heroics and crafting epics quickly in order to gear up for raiding.

I believe the new Feral DPS rule of thumb is going to continue to be Mastery>Agility>Haste> and going for the Hit and Expertise caps where possible. I see a lot of Strength gear floating around with lots of mastery on it, I am guessing that will be desirable as well.

Cataclysm definitely looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. I plan on jumping right in and I have already purchased the digital download.

Another notable is that in a 10 player raid, only 1 battle rez can be used per attempt. This will impact my 10 man right off the bat as we had 1 lock and 2 druids. Yes, Soulstone counts as a battle rez. After the rez counter hits 1, meaning someone actually accepted an in battle rez, trying another will net you an error that the spell is not available.

Fun Stuff.

News Flash, Boomkin is seriously easy.

So last night when I decided to compare Boom and Kitty DPS on a target dummy I witnessed the UI changes from Blizzard (yes, these are probably in beta also but all my beta time has been as a kitty) and my gosh they are making it almost dummy proof within the packaged UI to caster DPS.

As boomkin when you get to an eclipse the spell you should now be casting lights up on your cast bar including your nuke when off CD.

Seriously? Awesome.

Blizzard is making it so DPS spend less time watching procs, buffs, and DoTs and more time watching for fire, void zones, or other game elements.

Will it work and improve the player base so more people can accomplish end game content?

I am going with yes, but just a small increase. I have played with enough people that this alone still won’t make a difference.

Want people to see more endgame content Blizzard? Remove mechanics that are 100% RNG and try to limit fights to skill, gear, and experience. RNG is nice and all but when you have to spend an extra 2 hours or 2 weeks killing a boss because the stars have to align even though everyone is a good player and knows that fight something is wrong.

It’s like playing a football game, winning on the scoreboard, and then having to flip a coin to see if you need to play the whole game over before it counts… lol

I don’t know, maybe that “luck” variable is important too. It adds an element of chance to the game beyond simple mechanics rolls that keeps the addicts coming back for more.

Anyway, didn’t mean to go off on a tangent there. Boom is noobalicious, and from what I hear so are other ranged/casting classes now with the UI change. My RIP does not flash when it drops off or FB light up when I hit 5 combo points and a RIP is still up so I guess we still get to claim to be one of the harder class/spec to play. I think even though they made cat mechanics a little more forgiving there is still a place for the pro kitty and they will get a little higher in the meters for it.

On that note, word has it Fbn is broke and will not be fixed until Cataclysm. Ovale is functional, but looks to have bad suggestion code from what I saw playing around with it last night. I suggest getting something like NeedtoKnow to watch your bleeds and on boss fights just be aware of when to swap out FB to refresh RIP toward the end of a fight.

Good luck Kitties.

Ghost Crawler has finally addressed our fears.

Per THIS thread…

We think Fury, Arms, Feral cat and Retribution dps is too low and we will be buffing them.

This is great news, especially after some initial test dummy runs of 9K Boom parses in decent gear, without some gems, chants, or Primary Glyphs. In better Kitty gear I was having a tough time holding 7K however I will say that was with all Crit gems and I was generating way too many combo points at the sacrifice of AP.

I recommend for now until anything changes at the very least work on changing all your gems to agility. You can reforge later to mastery, hit, or expertise based on need.

Slowly move away from Crit and Haste to make sure you achieve a good balance of damage and combo point generation. The key is going to be keeping up your bleeds even after the buff I think. I really see the loss of ArP as moving us back to doing everything possible to maximize bleed damage. My guess is haste, expertise, and even hit can fall a little when making sure to keep up crit and mastery. Haste might be the tricky stat to get a good feel in order to have the right energy generation.

Anyway, at least we finally had someone address the issue, I am climbing down from the roof now and putting away the laptop.

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