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So it’s been a while… a fast update.

I have been swamped with work so my posts have been non existent lately. Thought I would get people caught up a little on our ICC progress…

This week we got another 10 man server first…

We downed the Professor on our 3rd try.

Some of the things holding us back on our first 10 attempts (Although in that first week we did get him to 4% one attempt) was the fact that slime kept growing during the stun which it should not have been doing apparently. We found the big key to this fight is you must start on the green side and then transition to the orange after he puts the first slime pools down. This way the person in the Abom is eating slime right where the ooze will spawn. This gives the best chance at not only debuffing the ooze but slowing it as well.

Gratz go out to our 25 man, tonight we downed Festergut (no Distant Land unfortunately) on our 2nd attempt. We are getting real close on Rotface but ran out of time… hopefully Sunday.

My DKP continues to build as I wait for both a new weapon and/or Deathbringer’s Will (which fell but went for over 50% of my DKP). I really need to take the time to figure out what is really important to get in 25’s to balance what falls in 10’s… unfortunately time is a rare thing for me atm.

I hope to post another DPS guide for kitties in ICC for the new wing soon… maybe Friday night.

Where have all the kitties gone?


So we have a new patch… 3.3 to be exact… and there is an overwhelming lack of information for feral kitties.

A conspiracy some say… to keep Blizzard unawares of our new found awesomeness… but I am not buying it.

Unfortunately I just have not only not had the time to do any hard theory crafting but when items are not in wowhead I am apprehensive to make a gear post without the little tooltip popups. Here are some tips before I get something up concrete.

  • 10/25 man ICC normal gear > Heroic 10 man ToC gear. One example… Gloves of the Silver Assassin VS Scourge Stranglers
  • Grind Heroic ICC 5 man. If you don’t have a ArP trinket as of yet you want one. Right now the top kitty DPSers have an ArP trinket and gem to the soft ArP cap which is max ArP for 100% ignore – the ArP provided by the trinket proc. If you have an ArP trinket you still should want to grind for the Battered Hilt which will score you a weapon on par or maybe even slightly better the Heroic 25 man ToGC weapons. At the end of the quest chain you will get a 2H mace… Lightborn Spire. A great weapon for both Kitty and Bear… at least until we find out about something better… but most likely will only be topped by Heroic 10 or 25 man ICC gear which is still a months away.
  • Watch your Crit rating. Mine in full raid 25 buffs is creeping up on 70% which is getting a little high. If you are a fan of Toskk’s you know there is a balance you want to achieve between Agility and Strength. I won’t say gem for strength (even though it is affected by Kings and ArP is not) because supposedly ArP is better. I still feel ArP isn’t that great until you get the trinket for ArP proc but it is getting to the point agility might start be a little bit of a wasted stat. If you have lots of gold and no ArP trinket… ditch a little agility for strength using Toskks graph as a guide… the link is on my homepage… and report back your findings.
  • Get Emblems of Frost at all costs. There are some really nice items for sale but they are not cheap in terms of Emblems. Every day do 1 random Heroic using the LFG system… it’s only 2 Emblems but eventually they will add up. Also, the new T10 pieces and associated bonus is going to be favored I think once the sims have been ran and scrutinized. Rake Crits are most likely pure win.
  • Take a look at the crafted bracers Bracers of Swift Death. Crusader Orbs are dropping in price and they will stay pretty high up the gear list for a while.

Well hopefully this will help some of you with how to plan in the coming weeks. Any good info I find or figure out I will continue to post and update the masses of lost kitties out there.

Collecting Bear gear as a Cat

So you have been doing the kitty thing and since your focus is DPS you don’t have the DKP to pick up the best tanking gear for the off chance you are needed to fill that role one night. So what is a poor kitty to do to make sure he/she is geared as well as possible to pick up a nights tanking duty. Here is my list of possible gear to get without sacrificing anything on the kitty side. Please note I am paying no attention to Heroic 25 versions, just know they are the same name of what I listed but have better stats. I also make no effort to post both the Alliance and Horde names.

  • Head – Stormrage Coverlet from Ony is awesome and if you are lucky and the only feral in the raid you should get it for free. The other option is 50 emblems and using Malfurion’s Headguard of Conquest. Worst case scenario is using Conqueror’s Nightsong Headguard and you should be swimming in Conquest Emblems so shouldn’t be a huge deal to get. This is a slot where you don’t want to share for kitty and bear due to the Meta gem slot and head enchants.
  • Neck – Not really much you can do in this slot as the best items come from boss drops and will be bought by your regular duty tanks. Best scenario here is to double duty this slot for cat and bear and use Charge of the Demon Lord
  • Shoulder – Duskstalker Shoulderpads or even Malfurion’s Shoulderpads of Conquest are nice or double duty with your best DPS shoulders and use the DPS chant and gems. IMHO the tank chant is just not a huge dealbreaker in this slot.
  • Cloak – Same issue as neck, use 1 item for both bear and cat Drape of the Untamed Predator.
  • Chest – I want to say double duty this one too. Chant on either would be 10+ stats, go with agility gems again. Just use the best kitty chest you have of course.
  • Wrist – Same issue as head really as you would want a stamina enchant and not Greater Assault for tanking. So since we won’t share here go with Titan-Forged Armwraps of Triumph purchased with 15 WG marks… Unless you have already upgraded from Ulduar BiS wrists to ToC level gear, then use your old ones.
  • Hands – This slot can also pull double duty. Worst case scenario use T9 for 30 Emblems of Triumph.
  • Waist – I would use this item as double duty. This means more agility than stamina since you won’t put stam gems in a DPS belt but hopefully the stam gems in the bear only items will give you enough HP, worst case is you boost stam with trinkets (see below). Belt of the Merciless Killer.
  • Legs – No double duty here, Stam gems and tanking enchant IMHO. Either use Titan-Forged Leather Legguards of Triumph bought with WG marks or T8 or Leggings of the Broken Beast or T9 depending on what you are using for your Kitty set and what you have upgraded from in the past.
  • Feet – Another double duty item. Whatever you are using for Kitty atm should be fine for bear as well.
  • Rings – Clutch of Fortification is a complete no brainer for 35 Emblems of Triumph.  Dexterous Brightstone Ring is the other no brainer and can pull double duty and is also 35 Emblems and you most likely bought it for Kitty DPS anyway.
  • Trinkets – Double duty at first Death’s Verdict / Darkmoon Card: Greatness but look into getting The Black Heart from 5 man ToC non heroic so you can grind for it. If you can grind for both Bitter Balebrew Charm and Bubbling Brightbrew Charm during the Brewfest event an absolute gift to ferals if you have both as it becomes easy again to get over 51K health with these.
  • Weapon – Pull double duty here with Lupine Longstaff or Archon Glaive but enchant with Mongoose and not Berserker. If you want use an older Ulduar staff that you replaced that should be fine as well, but for threat reasons I don’t recommend it. Maybe you can luck out and make a case for Reclaimed Thunderstrike.
  • Idol – Idol of the Corruptor and just 19 Emblems of Conquest. You can double duty Idol of Mutilation if you are terribly lazy.

Keep in mind all my suggestions revolve around the fact that you can’t roll against your regualr tanks for gear and/or don’t want to waste DKP on items that are for tanking only.

The Epic Fairy paid a visit… and so did the tooth fairy…

Had some nice luck Sunday night and scored 2 HUGE upgrades.

  1. Malfurion’s Legguards of Triumph dropped from VoA!
  2. Death’s Verdict – The 1K DKP I had to cough up for this hurt a little.

So I finally ditched the mirror and I am running with Death’s Verdict and Darkmoon Card Greatness Agility version. Still no ArP trinket yet although I would like to play with one before ArP is gone for good.

The pants were a large upgrade since I was still running with T8. I am going to fine tune my DPS gear with RAWR later today and update my Gear page accordingly.

As it turns out the tooth fairy has some policies I was unaware of. My daughter woke this morning at 5:30am to find her tooth was still under her pillow. She has a small tooth fairy bag and as it turns out the tooth fairy has until daylight to arrive… especially since my daughter didn’t lose her tooth until after 5pm Monday… apparently the tooth fairy operates under some bank hours premise as well. Fortunately she was able to swoop into my daughters room as she was in the living room brushing out her hair… 4 more teeth and the tooth fairy gets some time off until my son starts losing them.

An interesting Feral change coming…

According to a blue post on MMO-Champion…

Infected Wounds now reduces the movement speed of the target by 16/34/50% (up from 8/17/25%) and its attack speed by 6/14/20% (up from 3/7/10%).

Let me say as a kitty that just started doing arena again, this is a HUGE change. I am guessing this is also going to be a nice tanking buff as well if you are responsible for the debuff on the target. Of course Blizz keeps discussing the whole “boss big hits” theory of RNG as it pertains to current and future raiding so maybe this puts us as more of an OT again glyphed for maul and holding multiple targets… dunno. Bottom line is swing speed does not seem to be as big a deal as single big hits although I do suppose it allows a little more margin of timing error for the healers.

I try not to think about bear tanking… I have enough on my plate trying to stay competitive with DPS.

P.S. Initial dummy tests looks like 2T9=4T8. I will say that using the Idol of Mutilation is a huge boost to Crit and makes swapping out some gems to ArP and losing the Mirror for the Banner feel fine. The changes still have my target dummy DPS hovering around 4400 using 1 Berserk and DPSing for roughly 3 minutes. This is self buffed with FFF on the target to start the fight. I will say that of my tests I was able to hit my highest test dummy DPS of around 4700… This was once in about 5 different attempts… the rest stayed right around the 4400 mark. Bottom line… small changes are small, until I score some of the better ToC 25 gear my DPS is not going to go up much. I plan on holding on to my 2T8 bonus as long as I can… probably until I get a piece of Heroic ToC 25 gear that would break it… which could be a while.

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