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ICC 25 Heroic Progression

So my new guild home on Drenden provided me with an opportunity to play a couple of boss encounters in Heroic ICC 25 (as one can tell from my latest achievements) and I have some tips for you.

Valithria Dreamwalker was silly easy on Heroic. DPS gets assigned a side, just run around on your side killing mobs that appear. Make sure if a blazing skeleton appears you prioritize getting it down first. Archmages might need to be stunned, but usually another class is assigned to that duty. Suppressors are the next real important targets and then the rest. I am sure it seemed easy cause we had a lot of healers in the raid and I am sure some really good ones at that.

Sindragosa was a little tougher on Heroic, but not horrible. I believe it took just 3 attempts to down her and only 1 attempt once hitting phase 3. This fight is actually pretty fun for physical dps. This is what I/we did and some tips…

  1. DPS her but watch your Chilled to the Bone stacks as they will get high pretty quickly. I make sure to get in a full rotation and that she has a rake and rip up before I run out of Blistering Cold. Keep in mind the use of barkskin at this time to mitigate damage and help your healers when the stacks get high. I try to disengage at around 7 stacks. Also, burn Berserk right at the pull.
  2. We stacked people getting tombed in the air phase in 2’s. 2 people on the left, 2 center, and 2 on the right at the base of the stairs. Tuck in behind as to line of sight Frost Bomb. DPS the snot out of people in the tombs but be careful and make sure you break people out according to how the raid is directing you. We broke 1 person out and then the second right after the last bomb. Shred works on people tombed, just go through the regular rotation and maximize DPS.
  3. I personally burned my 2nd Berserk to make sure we got her to transition into phase 3 before the 3rd air phase and to be honest holding it for phase 3 most likely will not optimize it’s use as you will be spending time bouncing between tombs and Sindy.
  4. In phase 3 make sure you know where to go if you get tombed. If you are not tombed keep an eye on your stacks of Mystic Buffet and make sure you are running out of LOS using tombs to clear stacks at about 2. Not much time to DPS boss but every little bit helps here, try to get in a rip and rake every time you get to hit her.
  5. Be prepared to run away and sacrifice yourself at the end. With about 5% of her health left I believe we stopped breaking people from tombs and just burned her. I was one of the lucky ones that had to run out and stay tombed… I still managed 7th on DPS with ZERO 25 man heroic gear so I was pretty happy. (WTB Legendary Druid Staff)

No neck dropped (and I would not have bid on it or won it anyway) but I was able to upgrade my last T10 to Sanctified.

I do have the gear now to hard cap ArP but at the loss of a massive amount of hit and having to use the crappy 5 man normal TOC trinket… so that plan has been put on hold. What would be nice would be to get a 264 or 277 weapon with ArP and then gem for hit but so far no such luck.

Where o Where are the Gnomes?

I am referring to the retaking of Gnomer of course.

I can’t help that my blog has become somewhat stagnant as I am no longer really in the position to be getting upgrades or challenging the meters as I get outgeared by people still running 25’s… or better yet running 25 ICC Heroics. No way I pug a 25 man Heroic ICC fight… ok, maybe ship but what good would that do?

I am sitting on over 200 Frost Emblems and I don’t really want to bother with the DPS cloak or the Tanking trinket… short of Heroic 25 the upgrades are just not that earth shattering.

I am looking forward to Ruby Sanctum and it’s new and shiny… hopefully mount… but I don’t really know.

Our 10 man LK Hero tries although fun, have been infrequent and progression has been slow. This fight is VERY unforgiving and having the majority of our 10 in <264 gear isn’t helping matters… I SO look forward to Cataclysm and the same gear dropping in both 10 and 25, hopefully they can get the balance right on the encounters to match the new loot ideologies.

Well, that is all for now… I will try and drum up the interest for a 10 man Hero ICC full on guide… ugh.

Mangle revisited…

So back when 3.3.3 hit I wrote a short what not on why the change to the Mangle glyph did not warrant a mangle spam build.

One tool at everyone’s disposal is WOL. This is where people post parses of combat logs from actual gameplay and raids to analyze later for checking on their own in game performance, or what others are doing during a raid.

A look at the parse HERE will show you that the 2nd highest DPSing Kitty on Heroic Saurfang (the first highest was a Russian kitty which made the parse hard to read) is obviously not using a mangle spam build. Just hover your mouse over his name and take a look at the breakdown… that is right folks, no mangle there.

Click on his name, and then the damage by spell tab and you will notice he mangled…. 4 times.

Feel free to go through the rankings for any given boss in ICC, find the ferals, and see what they are doing… pretty sure it’s not mangle spam. Just go to the main WOL page, then rankings, then DPS, then ICC. Pick your size and difficulty raid tab, then click more to get past all the warriors with Shadowmourne.

Another way to use WOL to your benefit is to look up some of these high DPSing ferals on the armory. Make sure to use the EU armory when looking up EU players, and US for US. Now you can take a look at the builds, glyphs, and gear choices of some of the highest DPSing kitties in game.

I was up there for a short point in time but players and gear have passed me by with my focus on mounts and achievements and 10 man raiding.

Frankly, I am no longer motivated by gear and high DPS numbers but progression, achievements, mounts, and titles. I get the best I can to contribute as much as possible but in the end sound game play, good strategy, and a good connection is usually enough…. of course that could be the 15% buff talking.

And the deed is done.

After over a month of waiting to get back into 10 man ICC, we were able to clear up to Sindy without our regular MT (I took over the tanking duties of our AFK player) and then squeeze in 1 hour last night to take her out and get our Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher.

Typical Gratz and Kudo’s to my team, coming together after not playing for weeks to get this done in one hour. We were also able to squeeze in one night last week to get the All You Can Eat (10 player) out of the way which helped as we really didn’t want to get that one doing heroic.

We are hoping to follow up our Realm first kill of LK with the first Realm kill of LK Heroic… but we are already down to just 1 night next week so it may not happen… we still need to clear the rest of ICC first so it is looking like a raid extend of 2 weeks before we can even get in some serious tries.

I feel VERY confident we will down him given 2 nights of full attempts… even if we need that many… our group just plays together that well.

I was trying to get my It’s Over Nine Thousand! achievement but now I think I am going to wait for our LK Heroic kill as it will take me over the hump.

As soon as I can, I plan on doing a post wrapping up our entire ICC 10 experience with some tips and tricks.

Pro Kitty Tips Heroic 10 ICC

So our 10 man team has now downed the Lower Spire and Blood Wing in ICC 10 Heroic modes.

For the record, we are doing this with no gear over ilvl 264 except for ICC rep ring. Also we are doing this without the benefit of Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings.

Heroic ICC is tough and not very forgiving. It takes every ounce of skill, Macro’s, tricks, tips, ETC.

I am going to go over each fight on heroic and the little things we can do as kitties besides Uber DPS (which is still important).

Lord Marrowgar

  • Use kitty leap to close the gap between yourself and people that are spiked. Sometimes you can even time this when targeted by bone storm to get out of range fast.
  • Use Dash to get through flames quickly during Bone Storm when you need to get into a better position.
  • If you get targeted by Bone Storm shift to bear and pop barkskin to help with the incoming damage.
  • If spiked in a lot of Coldflame be ready to pop barkskin right after you are released to buy some extra healing time for the healers. You might be getting released into Flame and a Bone Storm… you never know.
  • Have an innervate macro lined up for one of your healers ( /target Healyguy /Cast Innervate).
  • Have Brez ready, like most of the Heroic fights you are going to use it.

Lady Deathwhisper

  • On this fight I have the prime responsibility in phase 1 to down her shield and I use my DPS at the end on and off to time it’s removal. You don’t want adds up when the shield falls.
  • Be prepared to bounce between her and the spawning adds during phase 2. If you are getting an agro warning it is time to switch.
  • Have an innervate macro lined up for one of your healers ( /target Healyguy /Cast Innervate).
  • Brez on the ready.

Gunship Battle

  • Beg to be a cannon so you don’t fall asleep.
  • When jumping across using the rocket pack shift back to cat mid flight. Instantly target the mage, FF, Kitty leap in and get mangle up for your rogues as fast as possible.
  • Did I mention not falling asleep?

Deathbringer Saurfang

  • First get an addon called Control Freak.
  • Set up control freak for Entangling Roots.
  • Be prepared to target 1 add and click the Control Freak button to Root it in place. Make sure it is out of melee range.
  • Time the root right after a 5pt Combo move for instant roots or time it on the cast time.
  • I always get the right add while the DPS burn the left. You can root it and 9/10 times go right back to kitty DPS
  • This will help if your raid comp makes add CC difficult. We have our resident tree do it until the 3rd mark I believe then I take over, some raids won’t have this luxury.
  • Use barkskin when you have boiling blood or the Mark. Time it when it will most help the healers.
  • Be ready to innervate.
  • Be ready to Brez.

Blood Prince Council

  • Move as little as possible but not at the expense of strong DPS.
  • Chase the  Empowered Flames (Kitties love chasing balls). You can help save a fellow raiders life.
  • Use dash and kitty leap to help move around the room limiting damage.
  • Have moonfire at the ready for a last minute stray Kinetic Bomb.
  • Be careful with your threat on Keleseth, dead kitties do no DPS, Innervating, or Brezzing.
  • After leaps and dashes try to stay still as long as possible while DPSing to wipe the Shadow Prison debuff.
  • Be ready to Innervate and Brez.

Blood-Queen Lana’thel

  • Time your berserk at the pull to gain threat right before the first bite and get it early.
  • Barkskin right before Bloodbolt Whirl in the first air phase.
  • If possible be prepared to Barkskin/Tranquility on the 2nd air phase during Bloodbolt Whirl.
  • Use kitty leap to return to the boss after running out from Shroud of Sorrow or Pact of the Darkfallen.
  • Be ready to Brez and Innervate… again.

If anyone has any other tips or tricks I might have forgotten on any of these fights please leave a comment and let us know.

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