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Vaults normal completed in 25 man!

So we have completed the first raid in MOP (on normal) and I need to start looking at my new gear needs as we down bosses.

I was able to get almost every slot with an item of ilvl 463 or higher right about the time we started raiding but since then have gotten some lucky drops, rolls, and some gear from increased rep.

Here is what I am looking at now to grab…

Choker of the Klaxxi’va – Need the currency (Already honored with the Klaxxi) OR Amulet of the Hidden Kings – The Spirit Kings
Netherrealm Shoulderpads – Gara’jal the Spiritbinder
Arrow Breaking Windcloak – The Spirit Kings OR Blackguard Cape – Need the currency
Bracers of Violent Meditation – Vaults zone drop
Chestguard of Total Annihilation – Elegon
Stoneflesh Leggings – The Stone Guard
Feng’s Seal of Binding – Feng the Accursed
Bottle of Infinite Stars – Elegon
Relic of Xuen – Need extreme luck or lots of Gold

My gear setup

I am going to use this post to show my current raiding gear setup for both Cat and Bear form.

This is for those that are curious, since we know the armory is a shoddy way of looking at someones setup since I could easily log in healing gear or PvP gear.

First kitty since I find myself mainly in a DPS role as of late.

Summary – 385 Badges, 3750 Arena Points, 11,794 Honor with 20 WSG Marks, Gold, rep grinding, MANY Karazhan runs, MANY Gruul’s runs, and some 25 man raiding… no big right… and this is just my DPS raiding gear. Self buffed 3535AP, 42.45% Crit, 9484HP, 112 Hit, 0 Expertise.

Now Bear…

So to sum up once again… 90 Badges, 17,850 Honor and 40 EoTs Marks, Gold, rep grinding, MANY Karazhan runs, a couple
Magtheridon’s Lair runs with quite a few other 25 man raids, and 1 Heroic MrT run. Yes, I got my nice new tanking trinket on my first heroic run…. unfortuneatly I still don’t have my Shard of Contempt . Self buffed 32353 Armor, 41.48% dodge, 397 Defense, 30 Resilience, 2033AP, 43 Hit, 30.7% Crit, 4 Expertise.

Now I am not going to post up my entire healing set but needless to say everything is gemmed with rare gems and enchanted. Here are the bright points and I am sitting at 1700+ healing with some pretty nice mana regen I must say…

I am currently debating on wether to use my arena points for a chest upgrade to Vengeful Gladiator’s Kodohide Tunic from Lifewarden’s Breastplate and/or possibly spending some Badges for healing upgrades. Problem is I am almost never called on to heal anything so for now I am squating on my points and badges.

As fas as PvP gear goes I have 4/5 S3 and other stuff to go with it. In PvP gear I am sitting at 296 Resilience, 3155AP, 41.65% Crit, almost 18K armor in bear form and 41% dodge.

Armory for Jacemoryl

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