Runy returns to WOW.

Just a heads up to all you Druids to check out Runyarusco and her blog. You can find the link in my Blogroll of to the right. I really liked her most recent post about the new Dungeon Journal. Although the Journal will be trumped by most progression raiding guilds in favor of watching videos and reading other online resources I really like the fact that some of the more diehard RP players can get their information from within the game that will lead to success.

I don’t know about everyone else but I still see constant chat traffic in game asking questions that are easily answered by going to Wowhead or any other of the informational sites available. These people are either lazy, are HEAVY into the social aspect of the game, RP people HEAVY into the Fantasy aspect, or unaware of the Wow community on the WWW. I remember when i started playing Wow all the needless running around I did looking for NPC’s, items, mobs, dungeons, etc. My God, I remember when part of the length of leveling was just trying to figure out cryptic quest directions to people, resources, monsters, or places. Then a RL buddy turned me on to Thottbot… thank goodness.

The new Journal extends the solutions Blizzard has offered in aiding people in game with knowing what they need to know. I can see my progression 10 man raid team using it quite a bit since we like to do a lot of fights “Our Style” which is sometimes very different than the standard way people do fights, usually tweaked because of our lack of range DPS. It will also be a good and fast resource when trying to determine why people died. How many times in a raid do you hear “What killed you?” and then “What is that?” LOL. Less tabbing out of the game to look something up is always a good thing (for those of you with single monitor setups). I think pugs will also benefit as it is a place people can learn a little about what they are getting into as a party forms.

Hey Blizz, go a step further now and create a resources journal of where to find ore, herbs, fish, leather, etc… mats… a mats dictionary… and give me a 3rd spec already.

A quick review on making gold.

Recently with other parts of the game losing interest for me (this will change come 3.2 since I will be busy farming badges for raiding gear) I had decided to try my hand at making some extra gold… or in my case any gold period.

I would have to say the least fascinating part of the game for me has been farming gold. Mats I don’t mind farming because, well, it saves me from having to spend what little gold I actually have.

Here are a couple tips and thoughts for the person who wants to try their hand at getting more gold.

  1. Do not buy gold with real money! It is not legal, you can lose your account, and it just plain sucks. Why even play WOW if you are just going to bypass the whole point in the game and it’s economy?
  2. There is no easy way to get gold. There is no magical tip or place or way to make gold easy. If there was and it got out (and it has in the past) Blizzard will just hot fix it and take it away.
  3. Download addons like Auctioneer, check blogs about their use (Auctioneer can be quite daunting for example), and plan on spending time dedicated to working the AH.
  4. Don’t expect to make a ton from professions. It seems the faster Blizzard releases new content the worse the economy becomes as yesterdays epics are today’s DE fodder. I will say that with how fast new gear is flowing enchanting and jewelcrafting seem to be best bets from a profession standpoint.
  5. Dailies, 25 a day, every day. Seasonal events with even more gold rewarding daily quests or just new quests in general. Quests with possible rewards to sell.
  6. Instance soloing. I don’t know about this one as far as gold for the time needed to clear an instance. It is easy to clear a lot of instances but the old world gear values and DE mats are questionable for time put in to gold coming out. Even twink blues seem to be going much cheaper than usual.

So there are some tips. I was recently given the opportunity as well to review a guide from the people at Killer Guides and I was pretty impressed by how complete the guide was at all the ways to make gold in WOW. I think it would be particularly useful for the newer player on getting a grasp early of how the WOW economy works and how not to waste gold opportunities early in the game. I also have the guide for the druid class and I hope to find time to really analyze it for content and how accurate it is from both a seasoned and noob standpoint. Their guides are just really big and I don’t want to review something I really did get a chance to read thoroughly. Surprisingly the have guides for all kinds of games, you can click their name above to check out the site or their add in my sidebar to see what they offer.

Enchanting FTW!

Enchanting on a release day…

Always lot’s of people looking for enchants on their shiny new gear. Usually I have trouble making myself available on these days because Tuesday night happens to be date night for me and my wife. Before you get excited, it is us on a date, not us dating someone else… a quick explanation for a younger generation that may be single and has no idea what the term “date night” refers too. Anyway, last night date night ended around 9:30 so I hopped on to see if anyone needed any enchanting done.

Now enchanting for others has always been a mixed bag for me. When I decided to do enchanting it was mainly because I found it interesting in theory and possibly a way to meet more people in game. I also from the start of playing WOW I wanted to rely on others as little as possible thus taking enchanting and not having to find someone to do it for me. I heard it was expensive but a buddy of mine said you will get lots of stuff to DE so don’t worry about. For the most part he was right and his tailor toon helped me turn cloth into items to DE for mats to get me leveled at a decent pace. Having to train inside Uldaman was a little disheartening but once I hit a certain level it was no longer a problem as I could solo stealth to the trainer.

Anyway, to get back on track, I get on last night and there are a TON of people needing enchants. So I stand in front of Aldor bank in case someone needs a couple mats they forgot or are overpriced on the AH and start linking chants that are being asked for in trade, I don’t ask for a specific tip, or even ask for tips for that matter, by now level 70’s should know I am expecting some gold coinage in the trade window…. Here is the mixed bag of enchanting…

Customer A – +15 agility to gloves… Goes to tip me 1g and decides to be generous with 4g on a last minute change of heart… lol… I remember doing Beastslayer enchants when I was questing in STV at 3g-4g a pop just so people could have glowing weapons… lol

Customer B – Mongoose – trades me mats and 100G! holy crap, I am thinking he is part of some sort of Asian gold laundering scam… lol… so I do his chant and refund him 50G telling him I had never gotten more than a 50G tip for mongoose… I think he appreciated this heads up.

Customer C – Has me port to SW…. which I hate to do, taking damage from the tower fall and what not… yes, I am too lazy to shift to cat for the fall… Savagery enchant… got lucky once in Heroic SH… trades mats, I do the enchant… no tip… nada… zip.

I did a lot of other enchants that night at the typical tips people give, all very nice transactions, but let it be said that the guy that didn’t tip did cheer me, bow to me, and all the other pleasantries people who don’t manage their gold well do… lol

I don’t let it get to me really, again, I do enchanting for me first and others second. I like helping others as much as I can in game so I try to take time out and make myself available to the masses to get their gear enchanted and if I get some gold for giving away my time it is very appreciated. For those that don’t tip just realize you will get enchanters jaded and you will find it increasingly hard to improve your gear…. not this enchanter, but others, which might have had something to do with the amount of work I had last night. When patch 2.3 came out when I got on that night at 10pm it seemed most of the enchanting had already been completed for the day, this time there was still plenty to go around… might have something to do with enchanters not really needing the gold either with all the dailies now and what not.

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