It’s too cold… and other nerfage.

It’s so cold in my office (we have no heat… it’s Florida… long story) that my Overclock on my E6600 is running 10 degrees cooler on each core than normal and my GPU is running 10 degrees cooler as well.

I can’t feel my feet.

I am looking forward to tonight. We downed Magmaw, ODS, and Halfus Tue night and were able to get Valiona & Theralion to I think 20%ish? They will fall tonight and my guess is we will then take a look at Throne of the Four Winds.

Tuesday night Malevolence dropped but I passed to our hunter… (long story). It made me start thinking though about that age old (Ok, only since Wrath) question: Hunter gear or Kitty gear? My thoughts is that with FAP no longer being present on weapons and our damage being tied to weapon damage it should be Kitty first then Hunter. I mean for a hunter it is a stat stick, and they have single handed options (Blizz, be fair and let druids dual wield swords, axes, and the like…. ok, jk… or not, I mean how does a hunter duel wield axes while shooting a bow… seriously.) where for us one of the biggest upsides to the upgrade is the weapon damage itself. Good news, I am sure we will be killing these easy bosses every week at least until we have no upgrades left from them and we start looking at saves… so it’s not like I won’t pick this up sometime soon.

By now most people have most likely heard about the incoming feral/druid PvP nerfs… and PvE nerf… that we can no long shift out of movement impairing effects… and of course all the new cast times, durations, and limits. Honestly I am sick of PvP changes impacting my PvE enjoyment. Not having instant roots with the glyph sucks as I was really enjoying that aspect of feral in 5 man’s and raids. Not being able to shift out of Static Cling fighting Asaad just flat out sucks.

As far as these changes to feral and PvP and the changes to all the classes… it looks to me that Blizzard is trying to shorten the time investment of arena… which is hard to complain about, but I think we just got regulated to CC and bear duty as a feral. We will just get destroyed as a kitty IMHO. Well at least we had some time as viable PvP in feral form, I guess all druids will go back to resto/boom for PvP. Honestly, a good feral in arena (not that I ever was one) had gotten to be quite a bother so not surprised at all of the changes.

How to keep having fun with an expansion looming.

So a little update…

My 10 man raiding has completely stalled as of the first week in April…. so we have dropped to 2nd on the server… /sigh. Our MT had to take a series of trips and now our OT is out of town as well… what can you do, RL crit us worse than Sindragosa.

Our 25 man raids have been hurting too… Spring Break… people looking ahead to the new expansion and playing less… bads… people jumping ship thinking it’s different for other guilds… same old, same old. 25’s is quickly on the way to getting fixed thanks to some hard work by 2 new officers in our guild and a blogger or two advertising beyond our website and trade chat. Looks like we are getting some real talent and people with good FPS and Latency.

So with raiding stalling like it has been here are some suggestions of things you can do in order to still enjoy playing WOW…

  • Achievements – I know this isn’t for everyone but they can be a ton of fun with friends or alone. Personally I am trying to get to 9K and I am 16 more 10pt achievements away. This leads to my 2nd suggestion…
  • PVP – As far as gear goes we have heard that rated battlegrounds are the thing of the future. Start getting good now and beefing up your PVP set and resilience. Queuing with friends (Premades) can be lots of fun and there are a lot of PVP related achievements to be had. PVP as feral is much better than it used to be. When you start off and don’t have PVP gear just burst down a caster… I recommend locks as an easy start, Pounce, Mangle, Shred, Berserk, Maim, Shred… just kill them. The key on that series on locks is Berserk so you won’t get feared away. Once you get comfortable start going after priests and shammies. Hunters are a little more challenging and I recommend putting mages last on your to kill order, especially those of a frost variety… let the DK’s kill them. Once you have a decent PVP gear set you will be able to do more than burst down an enemy in exchange for your life… something to look forward to. For some real good pro tips head over to Starmist, though most tips are for arena he has a lot of good PVP advise and some sweet video that can be a lot of help.
  • Farming mounts, pets, gold, and other fun stuff – A good place to start is Rarren’s blog where you can learn how to pimp your druid. If gold is your thing you better be selling now before everything becomes worthless after the expansion, head over to the Greedy Goblin for some tricks of the trade.
  • Level and gear alternative characters – You never know what an expansion will bring, have your other toons ready to go just in case druids are no longer fun. They took away tree form and boomkins got an invisible mushroom… I guess it can only get better. It also helps to learn other classes to better understand the game and lingo. It will improve your raiding and give you a PVP edge the more experience you have playing other classes so give it a try or a little bit of your time if it is something that sounds like fun.
  • Start a blog – We have lost quite a few druid bloggers and there are even less blogs of classes that don’t have pets for some reason. It can be a lot of fun learning how to create and design your website. Joining the Warcraft blogging community has other perks like helping new players, spreading good tips to experienced players to better represent our class, and even in some cases if you really contribute getting items in game named after you like the BRK-1000, Phaelia’s Vestments of the Sprouting Seeds, Astrylian’s Sutured Cinch, and Toskk’s Maximized Wristguards. Jacemora’s Helm of Reason anyone? Named after my lack of over theory crafting for just a few DPS here and there… ok, so maybe not…
  • Run 5 mans – With the new random system in place this can be a fine way to meet new people, possible new recruits, or just get a good laugh at the various noobs and crazies that also exist in our online world. You can also get emblems for PVP gear, second spec gear, or to buy and sell items for gold.

Anyway, that is just a start of some of the things you can do in game if raiding is slowing down.

Have fun!

So you want to know about feral PvP

Ok, since Karthis asked I figured I would write something up on this topic having done arena quite frequently in BC.

Ferals in arena have typically been very weak and had to be played a certain way to be successful. Ferals in Battlegrounds I think have always had some pretty good success but lets be honest, you will always be limited by the group you are with… don’t be surprised as Alliance being in a BG and being beaten up by 6 horde at once with no support… lol

I am going to skip how PvP was for us in BC because it really doesn’t apply any longer.

Wrath PvP for feral is all about DPS and burst damage. Our PvP gear no longer contains any intelligence so you just will not have the mana for much shifting so going caster for cyclones, roots, and heals are mostly off the table.

I would go with THIS spec

The basic strategy is to seek and and kill players in this order…

  • Healers (excluding Pally. Pally you CC while others and yourself kill something else)
  • Clothies
  • Everything else
  • Warriors
  • Pally

Bursting down healers and cloth DPS will be your main role in Arena.

The biggest issue facing ferals right now are all the abilities you are going to have to pop in succession. I always find my biggest problem is not enough fingers.

Pounce, Shred, Savage Roar, Berserk, Tiger’s Fury, Rip, Maim, Ferocious Bite, Mangle, Charge, Shift, Rake, Faerie Fire, Dash, Prowl (these are in no particular order)…

You will most likely need to use all these abilities at some point in any given fight to be successful and that is just in cat form.

As far as gearing goes you want to get what PvP that you can. I always try to replace my weakest PvE pieces first and then go from there. I used up an overabundance of Valor tokens to get all my Hateful leather. It won’t take too much BG’s to round out your gear with wrists, neck, rings, boots. The top feral druid in 2’s right now was wearing Titan-forged Rune of Determination so I picked up one of those as well.

Now that I have geared up as much as I can I might start doing 2’s again having taken off from arena for quite some time with PvE taking up all my time. Even though I have yet to arena at 80 I would expect an opener to go something like this…

Pounce, Shred, Savage Roar, Tigers Fury, Berserk… At this point depending on what your enemy is doing you will either shred more or mangle then blow points on a rip or maim. To close gaps you either Cat charge or go bear and bear charge bash. If you can get a Rake and Faerie Fire in there it is always a good idea. As soon as Berserk is over you will want to use Tigers Fury when it is up.

Bottom line is keep constant pressure on casters and healers. If you can get Out of Combat at any time toss yourself a couple heals, shift to cat, re-stealth and get ready for a new opening rotation. Get ready to go Bear when dealing with physical DPS classes. Glyphed maul rules in 2’s along with 360 swipe.

Currently the new fad in 2’s is Feral/Pally and I noticed that there was even a thread on it HERE

In Battlegrounds, use stealth to your advantage. Get behind enemy lines and take towers, flags, kill healers in the back… your role is to disrupt as much as possible.

A good arena night…

I just want to give a shout out to my arena partner (Petsareus) for a good night of owning face. We went 7-3 and one loss was due to rust of taking what felt like a couple weeks off… and just a poor decision on my part. We avenged that lost on the next 2 by killing the same team twice within about 15 seconds… ROFL. They must have been absolutely confused as to how a team they just beat ran right over them twice in a row at that. Well, not having your PvP buttons ready, forgetting in general what you are about to be doing, and then going after the wrong target first can mess up what should be an easy fight.

One thing I have done that I think made a decent difference last night is stopping using maim and using rip instead. I am thinking in 2v2 it is better to burn a healer or Hybrid class than to CC him. I guess FB isn’t a bad option either although I hear rip is the better way to go with damage that can sneak up on them.

We are a hunter/feral combo and so far have had a tough time breaking through to 1600 from 1500 although if last night is any indicator we might be on our way. What sucks are the new teams we face sometime that are just starting out… you know, the ones sporting full T6 and 2, yes not 1, but 2 Warglaive of Azzinoth… those teams kill us REALLY fast.

If anyone has any tips for 2v2 hunter/feral, notice FERAL, not resto, please feel free to leave any helpful comments. I am hoping to get a personal rating high enough for the S4 upgrades (boots, belt, bracers).

Arena PvP last night

Ouch. Not only do I suck at Arena PvP due to my “clicker” nature of game play, interface hardware, and lack of experience but going up against players that are Spec and geared for it sucks… but the Q times went quickly and we got our 10 matches in about 30 minutes and PvP points are points… even though something tells me we have a long road ahead to actually get any gear it is still another facet of the game and fun to play.

I think the best 5 man would be a Priest, Pally, Rogue, Lock, and Mage… but what do I know… LOL

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