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Heroic Spine and Madness down (for me) this week. The guild did it last week without me (/sniffle). I had been out of raiding for a couple weeks with just a rotten horrible virus or something and couldn’t stay awake. So now I am rocking my “Savior of Azeroth” title… fun stuff. Next week looks to be getting achievements done for drakes. So far the achievements have been pretty easy and straight forward, if that changes and I learn any tips or tricks I will be sure to let everyone know (and no, switching from a 25 man to a 10 man to get achieves is not a tip or trick and we won’t do that).

Kitty form in MoP looks to get a graphical update of armor (Horde, Alliance) most likely going to be tied to some achievement, or object, or glyph… who knows.

I have not been very active in the beta, honestly I am waiting for the level cap in the beta to be 90 and then I plan on getting my druid which I copied to max level to see how the questing flow is.

I am very excited about all the features and changes coming in the expansion. It look like account wide achievements is about a done deal and account wide mounts and pets a possibility. The new pet battle system looks like a fun thing, actually in game farmville… I dunno, probably not so much. Maybe Blizzard is trying to fin ways for couples to play together (But honey, while I am raiding you can be tending the farm and battling squirrels!)

I am very much looking forward to the 5 man competitive dungeons, achievements, and rewards. Having something like this to work on with others in the guild with a smaller player group and less time commitment could be really fun and create some niche players for sure.

I hope we don’t have too long to wait for the expansion but I am guessing Nov/Dec time frame?

Star Wars MMO… Meh

So not only do I have trouble getting motivated to log into SWTOR but it has been difficult to get motivated to write about the experience.

When beta testing I really thought the game had promise, of course with getting to a max level of 24 during that time I just assumed the game would get more enjoyable the higher level I attained. Gear would look sweeter, the story would become more epic, the worlds and quests more interesting… now on line at level 47 the only notable thing I can think of is I am killing Wookies now. The game play is clunky, the world feels… digital, crafting is lame, and the whole experience just has not sucked me in.

The game really is a WOW clone, but an early one. The game is lacking all the nice stuff Blizzard has added over the years like LFG, Achievements, Dual Specs… and the list goes on. I don’t blame Bioware, it isn’t their fault the task to create as polished as a product that Blizzard has created with WoW is just insurmountable… Well, maybe it isn’t but you can’t do it when spending so much time and energy on voice acting… which gets old by the way, especially when you have to hear your character say the same packaged responses over and over.

Folks, no MMO is going to knock WoW off it’s perch. The investment in time and money just won’t happen, not to mention how difficult it is to get the community and addons up to speed. And think, Blizzard is working on Titan while WoW just keeps on trucking.

I have 25 days left to get to level 50. I do plan on getting my character there if I can sludge through these last 3 levels. After the 25 days left I am done with SWTOR. I just feel no motivation to even look at endgame raiding.

I am looking forward to Beta testing MoP and will definitely be writing what I can about it just as I did for Cata.


Long time no post – Requiem Recruiting!

It has been quite a while since my last post. I have been really busy both at home and at work and between leveling in SWTOR (a slow process especially with the limited time I can actually contribute to it) and raiding in WoW I have not had a lot of time to post on the site.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) there has not really been anything worth posting about. Currently I am 1/8 in DS Heroics with my/our success limited by difficulty getting 25 people consistently on to raid.

Currently the guild I am raiding with, Requiem is the only 25 man Horde guild on Drenden, and I believe only 1 of 2 25 man raiding guilds on Drenden when you include Alliance.

We are looking for good-exceptional raiders, all classes but could really use some good healers. Wanting folks that enjoy playing multiple specs, heals and dps preferred. We have a solid tanking core so really no opportunity there.

We raid 10pm-1am EST Tue/Thur and 9pm-1am EST Sun. If anyone is interested please check out the WEBSITE and submit an application.

The guild is full of mature players, really good people, and we have a lot of fun.


So the hot topic these days is the new LFR tool.

Although I have yet to do an LFR I am looking forward to taking my Alt Hunter through at some point.

A lot of people sound happy about the new found ability to down and see endgame content they previously didn’t have the time or ability to see.
A few people sound upset about making what is supposed to be a very Powerful Dragon easy to defeat essentially killing the soul and RP portion of the game.

Personally I like the job Blizzard has done here.

My guild was able to go in and kill the boss on normal in the first week. It was surprising but I know a lot of other guilds that couldn’t do it so yes it was easier than I expected but not super easy. We had seen a lot of the content in the PTR and that is what contributed to such a fast and early clear. Now we look forward to spending time clearing everything on heroic and working on the achievements for our mounts. (We killed the first boss on Heroic Tue night).

What is nice is you now have 3 levels of difficulty to please 3 different cross sections of players.

LFR – Super Easy mode for the less skilled or players without the time to commit to full time raiding.
Normal – Medium mode for those with the time and decent skill. This rewards achievements so other people in the game will know the type of player you are skill and time wise.
Heroic – Very difficult mode. This takes a large time commitment and a lot of skill. These rewards and achievements also let others in the game know your level of involvement playing.

All in all, raiding now offers something for everyone. It honestly does not bother me that the LFR offers a faceroll option to see more content in the game. It also might be a gateway for players that would never even get to participate in a raid interested in trying it on some of the harder levels. I don’t know if people wanting to move on to harder versions would have the skill needed but at the very least they would have some understanding of the fight mechanics so they could at least give it a shot if the opportunity presented itself.

Anyway, there is a pretty long thread going over at the forums about the whole thing HERE

Feel free to chime in with your opinion, I think it is good for Blizzard to get feedback of how this is effecting their player base, or at least the cross-section of it that goes and posts on the forums.

NDA lifted for SWTOR… Finally…

So, now that I can speak freely about the new Star Wars MMO which is releasing soon here goes…

  1. For a game releasing in Dec. it should be less buggy. – Elevators. I mean come on.
  2. WOW with Lightsabers. WOW with my own ship. WOW where everyone is a hunter with a pet (Everyone gets a companion… or 4… they hang out on your ship and you get to pick which one to take on away missions… fun.
  3. Cut scene quest dialog is cool… at first… then it wears on you, especially in Flashpoints (4 man dungeons) where you have to wait for each person to pick a response (They get like 2 minutes per response). Honestly Flashpoints will take longer than WOW 5 mans, worse if you are pugging.
  4. Crafting is sweet as you can send you companion to do it, even if you are logged out!
  5. Companions are sweet as they can tank for you and go sell your vendor trash while you do something else.
  6. Questing is meh for the exception of your class questing which can be a pretty interesting story line. The rest are similar to any other MMO but with voice acting.

So, I enjoyed checking the game out but I am uncertain if people after the newness wears off will want to keep leveling to an uncertain endgame content if they have shiny max level characters in WOW with a newly released patch and expansion looming (Yes, even an expansion with Panda’s)

So that was my short SWTOR take, if anyone has any specific questions just ask away.

Skyrim on the other hand, even with it’s bugs, has sucked me in pretty good. The graphics, sound, and voice acting are all amazing and the story and interaction with the NPC’s, objects, and the world is very cool. I am purposefully not reading about the game online because I started looking for information and started running into hacks and what not. I am finding walking through the game in kinda a constantly learning mode refreshing. I hear of people grinding crafting, exploiting ways to level skills, etc and I have decided to ignore all that and just follow the various quests and story lines. So far I am surprised by how quickly the time can pass as I am playing. I would definitely say it’s worth buying as it is a very different experience from what is out there. It’s funny after years of just playing WOW playing a game like Skyrim with a save feature just feels like cheating.

In WOW I am still working on Heroic Rags in 25 man waiting for the patch to hit. We have made some progress as we are getting to sub 40% tries pretty cleanly now but we are having a hard time stringing together really good attempts and days with full attendance. I think everyone is really looking forward to the patch and DragonSoul.

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