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Very interesting interview with the self proclaimed king of China Gold Farmers…


The best information from this video?

How to make sure your account doesn’t get hacked, NEVER USE YOUR SAME E-MAIL AND PASSWORD ON WOW TO REGISTER FOR OTHER WEBSITES.

Hackers will data mine sites, especially fan sites, and then try what they dug up to log into WOW accounts.

Of Rubies and Betas

Ruby Sanctum was released, I plan on doing it in 10 man Thursday night, I missed it in 25 last night.
After I run it Thursday night I will post up some feral strats and thoughts (Yay for something new to write about)

I have to update my gear list, I am running all Sanc T10 264 now and was lucky enough to get Heroic hurt stick Distant Land. Incredible how good this staff is that it essentially unbeatable until a Heroic LK weapon. I think someone messed up when they let this drop off a boss not LK, Sindy, or Putricide.

The closed beta has started… I am hoping to get invited. If I do, expect ALOT of posting as I am VERY excited about the changes in Azeroth.

Please Blizzard, don’t hold it against me that last time the invite ended up in my junk mail bin… by the way, watching my junk mail bin is not fun but I am watching it hard core this time.

I r still around.

Just to let everyone know, I am still around. I have no plans to talk about Cataclysm until we are closer to release or I get my hand on beta and can talk about some odds and ends that I directly experience.

Vallen has a preview up here that is spot on and happens to almost be a word for word post I was debating to make.

While I wait for Thursday night and my 10 man escapades (we are down to 1 night of raiding now), I am converting my DVD collection using DVDFab and Handbrake for use on my Apple Mac Mini which I have connected to my living room TV in order to run XBMC. It works beautifully, keeps my kids from destroying their movies, and is having no problem streaming x264 encoded 720p Blu-ray over wireless… is just plain sick I tells ya. This is what it looks like on the TV…

Add music to my group playlist

So now has a group playlist feature and I am asking all of you to check out some of my songs in there to get an idea of the music I like first, then search and add some songs you think I might like.


  1. No Country
  2. No Classical
  3. Try to avoid metal unless it is really good and unique.

I like all different types of music but try to use the songs I already put in there as a guide to what I might like.

Here is a link to my group playlist…. PLAYLIST

I have that shared playlist up on my Hot Tunes page, I look forward to hearing your suggestions


So some of my neighbors kids ring my doorbell the other day, and the Warden answers the door.

Who was it honey? I asked.

Neighbors kids, she said.

What did they want?

They are selling mulch bark, $.25 a piece.

Hmmm, Entrepreneurs. Let me answer it next time.

Exactly 1 day later… Doorbell.

WWBRKD I thought…

Hi kids, whatcha need?

We are selling pine chips, 25 cents a piece.

Hmmm, I really don’t need any pine bark… However, If you found one that looked like Abraham Lincon, Mary (Mother of Jesus), or Obama I might be intested in buying it for 50 Cents!

The look of confusion and then excitement was priceless… updates as they happen…

Have a fun and safe weekend everybody and remember to ask yourself… WWBRKD.

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