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So some of my neighbors kids ring my doorbell the other day, and the Warden answers the door.

Who was it honey? I asked.

Neighbors kids, she said.

What did they want?

They are selling mulch bark, $.25 a piece.

Hmmm, Entrepreneurs. Let me answer it next time.

Exactly 1 day later… Doorbell.

WWBRKD I thought…

Hi kids, whatcha need?

We are selling pine chips, 25 cents a piece.

Hmmm, I really don’t need any pine bark… However, If you found one that looked like Abraham Lincon, Mary (Mother of Jesus), or Obama I might be intested in buying it for 50 Cents!

The look of confusion and then excitement was priceless… updates as they happen…

Have a fun and safe weekend everybody and remember to ask yourself… WWBRKD.

An update…

Not sure if anyone will care that reads this but I changed guilds this week.

I headed back to my original BC raiding home with Aetherial Circle after raiding with Knight Watch for what I assume was close to a year.

A couple reasons why I returned…

  1. The wife wanted to reclaim date night. My son just turned 2 years old and is going to start staying with the grandparents on Tue night along with my daughter. Tue night happens to be the big raiding night for KW.
  2. The wife does not like me playing on Thursday nights either. She has girls nights at our house Friday’s and she likes prepping Thursday night which was difficult with me raiding Thursday’s.
  3. I never lost contact with my friends in AC and I missed playing with them. I wish I could play/raid/guild with everyone I like on the server but it is just not possible.

I am going to miss Knight Watch now, no doubt about it. I made many friends playing with them and they are a great group of people. It looks like they have already recruited some folks and I am sure they won’t miss a beat.

Anyone on the Drenden server looking for a casual guild would be making a mistake if they didn’t give either AC or KW a look.

I would tell you to head over to my friends in Simplicity but I think they already have half the server worth of players already…lol. They raid ALOT. If you are looking to raid 7 days a week, 24/7 Simplicity would be the guild for you. My lock is in Simplicity and unfortunately I rarely find the time online to do much with them anymore. Uncle and Syndi do a darn good job keeping a lot of raiders happy over in Simplicity and I tip my hat to them.

You might notice going forward I am going to have a lot more kitty-centric posts due to the fact I was invited back to AC as DPS not a Tank. I do plan however on doing some posting about gear options for the solo Tank and how to improve your solo bear DPS and survivability as gearing for fighting without help can be very different than gearing with a raid of 25, 10 or even a party of 5.

Am I going to miss tanking?

Yeah, probably as soon as 3.2 and Blizzard nerfs my cat damage… damn you Blizzard.

Ok, I am hoping it takes longer than that to miss it.

P.S.  AC seemed a little quiet compared to the old days… I think the absense of a Big Red Kitty had a little something to do with it.  /sniff

Check out the Hot Tunes Tab

I have updated the music on my posted playlist here to reflect what is going to be hot during the summer. Each month I will post up a new playlist with songs that are already popular or I think will be hot for the month. Just go to the Hot Tunes page to check out it out.

Spectral Tiger

Ok, so the only Spectral Tiger I can afford I just bought…


There are a couple more of the sandlot tiger cards left and at under $10 shipped I couldn’t pass it up myself. Just go to my STORE tab/page if you are interested and do a search on Tiger.

For those with deeper pockets the real Spectral Tiger is selling for $999. There are a lot of other loot cards for sale as well like the pet treats that make them bigger, the ethereal servant, and flaming footsteps.

Please note that my STORE page is nothing more than a link of World of Warcraft products on and that I am not the seller. I just made a page for all the products for my own convenience and for the convenience of those visiting my site.

WOW Latency, here is what to do.

After installing Windows 7 RC1 I found these instructions to be perfect. Took my latency of 300ish to 100ish.

  1. From a command prompt run “regedit”
  2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces
  3. Browse the items under interfaces until you find one that has an IPAddress entry matching the network interface you want to affect
  4. Right-click on the interface and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value, name it “TcpAckFrequency”
  5. Right-click the new TcpAckFrequency value and select Modify, enter “1? (Hexadecimal radio button should be selected)
  6. Right-click on the interface and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value, name it “TCPNoDelay” (note that TCP is all uppercase this time – that’s intentional)
  7. Right-click the new TCPNoDelay value and select Modify, enter “1? (Hexadecimal radio button should be selected)
  8. Verify that both TcpAckFrequency and TCPNoDelay now show up in the adapter’s property list with types REG_DWORD and values 0×00000001
  9. Exit regedit
  10. Go to the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features > click the “Turn Windows features on or off” link (may be named slightly different in Vista)
  11. Find “Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Server” and check the box to enable it, also enabling all the child checkboxes under it
  12. Exit Windows features and reboot your PC (you must reboot before the next step is possible!)
  13. After rebooting, from a command prompt run “regedit” again
  14. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSMQ\Parameters
  15. Right-click on Parameters and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value, name it “TCPNoDelay”
  16. Right-click the new TCPNoDelay value and select Modify, enter “1? (Hexadecimal radio button should be selected)
  17. Verify that TCPNoDelay now shows up in the property list with typs REG_DWORD and value 0×00000001
  18. Exit regedit and reboot again (reboot is necessary for this to take effect!)
  19. Play a game and enjoy your new low ping.

Credit for the instructions goes to Dustin at LIFE & CODE.

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