MoP Beta, Where to start questing…

Once you get the Beta installed, if you are like me and want to dive right into questing you will first need to go to Pandaria. To do that you will need to find the Panda in your faction Capital City. The Panda should not be too tough to find in either city as he was placed in the most active area with a moonglow spotlight on him.

When asked, have him port you to Pandaria, there were a couple of different port options, but bottom line you need to end up in the Jade Forest and if you are horde make your way to the Northwestern top of the map, Alliance Southwest bottom of the map to find the starting quest areas. Horde is right above Hellscream’s Hope (Have the Panda port you there if it is an option still), Alliance is at the Wayward Landing (Also probably a port option).

I started out picking talents and a spec that sounded good for leveling. Talent choices really do have a feel for them based on play style so there really probably isn’t a better or worse option just one that fits how you like to level. If you like to grind on multiple mobs while questing you might pick different talents than if you prefer bypassing a lot of combat to get quests completed more quickly.

I knocked out a couple quests and even received my first reward, a two handed staff for either Boom or Kitty, neither of which was better than what I already had in inventory which is typical of every expansion since I raid… so nothing new on that front… except of course that the quest reward is custom so every class will get a useable item from that exact same quest without seeing like 8 possible rewards, just 2 based on which spec you want it for. A very welcome change and I am very happy Blizzard is finally looking at intelligent ways to reward loot.

I will post more after spending some time in the beta this weekend.

How to keep having fun with an expansion looming.

So a little update…

My 10 man raiding has completely stalled as of the first week in April…. so we have dropped to 2nd on the server… /sigh. Our MT had to take a series of trips and now our OT is out of town as well… what can you do, RL crit us worse than Sindragosa.

Our 25 man raids have been hurting too… Spring Break… people looking ahead to the new expansion and playing less… bads… people jumping ship thinking it’s different for other guilds… same old, same old. 25’s is quickly on the way to getting fixed thanks to some hard work by 2 new officers in our guild and a blogger or two advertising beyond our website and trade chat. Looks like we are getting some real talent and people with good FPS and Latency.

So with raiding stalling like it has been here are some suggestions of things you can do in order to still enjoy playing WOW…

  • Achievements – I know this isn’t for everyone but they can be a ton of fun with friends or alone. Personally I am trying to get to 9K and I am 16 more 10pt achievements away. This leads to my 2nd suggestion…
  • PVP – As far as gear goes we have heard that rated battlegrounds are the thing of the future. Start getting good now and beefing up your PVP set and resilience. Queuing with friends (Premades) can be lots of fun and there are a lot of PVP related achievements to be had. PVP as feral is much better than it used to be. When you start off and don’t have PVP gear just burst down a caster… I recommend locks as an easy start, Pounce, Mangle, Shred, Berserk, Maim, Shred… just kill them. The key on that series on locks is Berserk so you won’t get feared away. Once you get comfortable start going after priests and shammies. Hunters are a little more challenging and I recommend putting mages last on your to kill order, especially those of a frost variety… let the DK’s kill them. Once you have a decent PVP gear set you will be able to do more than burst down an enemy in exchange for your life… something to look forward to. For some real good pro tips head over to Starmist, though most tips are for arena he has a lot of good PVP advise and some sweet video that can be a lot of help.
  • Farming mounts, pets, gold, and other fun stuff – A good place to start is Rarren’s blog where you can learn how to pimp your druid. If gold is your thing you better be selling now before everything becomes worthless after the expansion, head over to the Greedy Goblin for some tricks of the trade.
  • Level and gear alternative characters – You never know what an expansion will bring, have your other toons ready to go just in case druids are no longer fun. They took away tree form and boomkins got an invisible mushroom… I guess it can only get better. It also helps to learn other classes to better understand the game and lingo. It will improve your raiding and give you a PVP edge the more experience you have playing other classes so give it a try or a little bit of your time if it is something that sounds like fun.
  • Start a blog – We have lost quite a few druid bloggers and there are even less blogs of classes that don’t have pets for some reason. It can be a lot of fun learning how to create and design your website. Joining the Warcraft blogging community has other perks like helping new players, spreading good tips to experienced players to better represent our class, and even in some cases if you really contribute getting items in game named after you like the BRK-1000, Phaelia’s Vestments of the Sprouting Seeds, Astrylian’s Sutured Cinch, and Toskk’s Maximized Wristguards. Jacemora’s Helm of Reason anyone? Named after my lack of over theory crafting for just a few DPS here and there… ok, so maybe not…
  • Run 5 mans – With the new random system in place this can be a fine way to meet new people, possible new recruits, or just get a good laugh at the various noobs and crazies that also exist in our online world. You can also get emblems for PVP gear, second spec gear, or to buy and sell items for gold.

Anyway, that is just a start of some of the things you can do in game if raiding is slowing down.

Have fun!

Lifeward enchant and you.

So in between soloing all this old content I got to thinking, why not enchant my The Undeath Carrier that is collecting dust in the bank with Enchant Weapon – Lifeward.

I have to say going this route made soloing some of this content much easier. First, I only lose armor and mongoose chant switching from my Origin of Nightmares. I gain 1.11% crit however and the ability to get a decent heal with a good proc rate and no hidden cd.

The result was quite surprising. I am sure I have not read everything out there on the web about using this chant to tank but from what I have read even with the patch 3.08 buff to 300HP (600HP crit) heals this chant is still looked down upon for anything but farming or soloing old content.

I would say for the feral druid having a weapon enchanted like this might come in handy for some situational stuff especially AoE swiping. Take a look at the picture…


Lifeward came in at 16.7% of my incoming heals for my mech run. Not bad considering on single target fights I was still using my main tanking weapon instead. FR was 2nd with 21.3% of my incoming heals and ImpLotP was #1 at 54.5%.

Still, 16.7% is pretty amazing, well hell, getting 185938 healing from ImpLotP is just crazy as well. Let me say that if you are serious about testing the limits of soloing content as a bear make sure you don’t go without ImpLotP.

Bottom line is I think on any fights single target or otherwise that comprise only of incoming magic damage or very little physical the UC staff with Lifeward is going to be seeing some action. Watching it proc on the scrolling text was enough to sell me of it’s situational use. I would easily see 300, 300, 600 come up at times within just a couple sec span.

So when you are thinking… Oh no, not Naxx again… think twice if you might be able to get an UC staff to play around with.

Feral Druid Soloing Heroic MrT

Thanks to Eglador I decided to try my hand at soling Heroic MrT. You can go to his site to see the video he made accomplishing the same feat.

This post is for tips on how to do each fight since I have not found it talked about and in the video it is unclear what gear changes are being made or what cooldowns are being used.

I won’t go through each piece of gear I used but needless to say I have 5/5 T7.5 and all the best gear currently in game for the exception of 2D legs and Maly chest.

Selin Fireheart – No trick to him just bear up and tank and spank, didn’t even need CD’s

Vexallus – I died the first try but it was close. 2nd try was still close but I waited a little later to use Survival Instincts and Frenzied Regeneration as well as Berserk. I wore 3 peices of Polar gear on this one for the extra health but used a mix of kitty dps leather and bear accessories. Basically save your Cool Downs until things get really hairy. Make sure you target the sparks as it looked like swipe or maul wasn’t hitting them. Don’t worry too much about almost dying before you kill him, you will be getting 14K mangles so the health he has left right to the end can be misleading. Make sure as soon as he dies to start casting heals on yourself to save a possible run back to collect your loot.

Priestess Delrissa – Just like the video shows. I had the rogue and the pally which really sucked. Just stay targeted on her and eventually they both run out of mana and die. I basically wore my OT set for this. It wasn’t hard at all, had about 18K heath left but I did burn my cool downs in this fight so make sure they are up.

Kael’thas Sunstrider – Died the first time. I was wearing way too much bear gear including the polar stuff and didn’t get him to 50% so I took a pyroblast to the face. 2nd time I went in 5/5 T7.5 and the rest kitty gear except for Origin of Nightmares and Idol of the White Stag and I stayed on him in cat form til the first bird came out. Do your usual raid DPS cat rotation (minus shred) because you need to burn him to 50% as quickly as possible. I did not interrupt any fireballs. When the bird comes I just swiped and mauled it down. I beleive I did target the egg to assure it would break. Don’t forget to run out of his Flame Strike which you can clearly see spinning around you. Just like the video once he uses gravity Lapse run back to the door and heal yourself up but make sure to keep enough mana to shift back to cat form. Once back in cat form you won’t need anymore heals. Continue to avoid his balls of death and scratch his eyes out while swimming around in the air.

Loot, and good luck if you are mount hunting. No big white birdy for me but that’s ok cause I love my Wintersaber mount (which I would gladly stop riding for a spectral tiger).

Heroic Magisters’ Terrace down, many Heroic BC instances to go.

Outland Solo action

Today I went into Dire Maul to finish off all the classic dungeons for my Achievements.

Last 2 bosses down in the North and West wings.

Then I noticed I was missing 3 Outland dungeons for the BC version of the Achievement.

The Black Stalker – Underbog
Quagmirran – Slave Pens
Keli’dan the Breaker – Blood Furnace

All down solo style.

Keli’dan was the easiest but took the longest because you have to beat all the previous bosses.
Stalker was the fastest but the hardest and had me the closest to death.
Quagmirran wasn’t too bad at all.

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