Trial of the Crusader

I love my 10 man group.

So one week after our first Heroic 10 man ToC run we get A Tribute to Mad Skill (10 player). We had 48 attempts left and 1 wipe was on the faction champs due to a DC… so honestly we should have done it with 49 attempts left. The 1 legit wipe was on Anub and can be attributed to just a simple OT mistake that most likely won’t happen again. Remove that and a couple sloppy kills at the beginning that were kinda close… (I was still wearing my Chef’s Hat for the Factions Beasts and Jaraxxus.) and we should get the A Tribute to Insanity (10 player) achievement as well. We were so close to wiping on Jaraxxus we got Three Sixty Pain Spike (10 player) purely by accident.

Again, I had a total blast running 10 man. It is a lot of fun running with a tight knit group that doesn’t fail… now they need an achievement for downing all the ToC bosses while wearing the Chef’s Hat. I would have gotten the normal mode ToC 10 version of that achievement last night. Clearing normal ToC 10 in 30 minutes while wearing the Chef’s Hat is just pure win. All in all we cleared both Normal and Heroic ToC 10 in under 2 hours… not a bad use of time at all.

My latest dilemma is what to do with all these Emblems of Triumph… I have close to 200 now. I think I am going to use a trophy for the T9.25 helm and dabble with 2T8 and 4T9 bonus. I know people don’t like the 4T9 bonus but what is there not to like about +5% crit to rip?

Congratulations to Us.

GuildOx rankings

We downed Anub on Heroic ToC 10. I believe we had 33 more attempts on the meter which was good enough for Call of the Grand Crusade (10 player) and A Tribute to Skill (10 player). Next week hopefully we get closer to A Tribute to Mad Skill (10 player).

I have been having an absolute blast doing these 10 man hard runs, hopefully my schedule will to continue to allow me to run them while doing 25 man runs.

Ranked 4th on the server for 10 man progress isn’t too shabby, especially with being a social guild doing these on off nights without the benefit of any Ulduar 25 man or ToC 25 man Hard/Heroic gear to help us.

Heroic ToC… Ouchies.

Let me start by saying I did purchase 2 pieces of T9 yesterday and ran with it in Normal ToC (Full Clear, 1 Wipe).

Color me unimpressed by the 2T9 bonus. If anything it is about the same as 4T8… 8 Sec more SR VS 3 Sec more of Rake… did not see a noticable difference in DPS from the change. I will elaborate on this when I take a close look at a parse (Dang it Zab, I knew I was forgeting something when you were not there last night). Bottom line, looking at recount, moving from 4T8 to 2T8/2T9 is about a wash. It’s not like going to 2T9 is going to give you a sudden 500 more DPS. Not going to happen.

In my opinion, if you are rocking 4T8 and at least have 3 pieces of T8.5 don’t spend Emblems for the cheaper T9, it’s just not worth the 60 Emblems. Personally I should have went with the non Tier Duskstalker Shoulderpads to replace Treacherous Shoulderpads and stayed with 4T8 for now.

Let’s talk about Heroic ToC.

It is brutal.

On our first attempt it was plainly obvious that we don’t have the DPS to even get past the first boss. Keep in mind we have the DPS for XT hard so it isn’t horrible but Heroic ToC is in a completely different league. My guess is early success in Heroic will only be had for guilds that have been farming Hard Modes Ulduar both 10 man and 25.

I definately expect to see more Heroic ToC nerfs unless Blizzard shifted gears and really only wants the truely Elite to have success in there.

We had the first of the Northrend Beasts down to 60% when the worms came. Now maybe we had too much DPS on the Kolbolds but I think that is unlikely. We just didn’t have the guns to keep up with the Heroic Pace.

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