More Props for my 10 man mates!

Last night we once again rocked ToC 10. For the second week in a row no wipes and Anub down with 50 tries left. Still no DPS cloak, this one went to a healer. With all the ToC heroic we have ran we still have people getting upgrades which is nice.

Missed the mount again but at least another druid got it…. jk šŸ™‚

So last night… We got another server 1st.

Resilience Will Fix It (10) – Not too tough. A solid game plan and constant communication is all that is needed here.

And the rest…

Next week the plan is to get A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity (10) which will most likely beĀ  a server first. And maybe Alone in the Darkness.

What a Night

Thanks and CongoRats to my fellow 10 man raiders! We had an awesome night of fun and focused raiding and it just shows how important playing with not only people you like but the same people every week for continuity can do for success.

We started the night with a 20 minute ToC 10… just blew it up… badges and gear as our regular hunter has rolled a Shammy to help with our raid comp.

Then came ToGC 10 and our first A Tribute to Insanity (10 player).Ā  30 minutes of focused gameplay… It was awesome… and no one died the whole run.


After that we headed over to Ulduar to plow through to Algalon and after not having tried him in over 2 months and with a new healer that has only played a healer for 2 weeks we downed him on our 3rd try… maybe took 10 minutes of attempts. Granted we out geared it (He was actually harder than the Insanity Achievement)… but keep in mind this was the same group of people that either got or worked toward the first kill in Sept for Herald of the Titans.


So I also got some achievements I had missed as well… which was fun. I actually did top DPS on Kologarn mangle spamming and keeping my DoT’s up… that was a surprise. Doing XT without killing the heart was a challenge… although faster than just doing hard mode XT for the umpteenth time it is actually a little harder IMHO…. though not much.

Thursday night we are going to work on Alone in the Darkness (10 player) or at least clear to Yogg while trying to finish up Champion of Ulduar. We only need Iron Council, General, and Yogg with no deaths to finish that up.

All in all another fun night of 10’s. I will be updating my gear page soon… it is really old and I am now really stacked in gear short of a ToC cloak and belt. On normal fights being somewhere between 6K and 7K DPS is the norm and I topped 10K in a twins fight and Hodir for the first time ever.

How to get top DPS on Kologarn

As you already know by now the Kologarn encounter sucks for a feral kitty.

There is no sweet spot where you can stand and get behind Kolo or one of his arms so Shred is off the table and DPS typically suffers because of it.

Well I am here to tell you I tested a method of DPS on Kolo that netted me top DPS honors on my last run. No I didn’t mangle to 5 CP and rip each arm and the body in succession… I have tried that in the past and I still had trouble breaking the top 5. This is what I did…


  1. Stand right in the middle facing Kolo and in melee range but not too close.
  2. Kitty Swipe Spam, use Berserk for it.
  3. Mangle for CP in order to Savage Roar, get Idol of Mutilation Proc, and Keep 1 Rip up on Kolo… do this right at the beginning and then mainly when his right arm is down and you only have 2 targets.
  4. Swipe spam the rubble once the tank has agro for even more DPS.

Seriously, Kolo is such a fast face roll kill now. No reason not to play around and top the DPS meter on him for a change to illicit some WTF looks from others in the party… lolĀ  I honestly didn’t expect swipe spamming would actually work as opposed to mangle spam and alternating bleeds on all the parts… but it did.

Check out the % of damage coming from Swipe… here is the WoL showing the 7700DPS I pulled out.


Know that if we were not completely destroying this fight I would not screw around like this. This is a good example of how top DPS is not always a good reflection of a players ability to do what they should and help the raid appropriately. Swipe spamming here is a complete fail if your guild isn’t currently making a complete mockery of the fight and DPSing the right arm down is typically the way to go.

But heck, I could not resist trying it… and I need some good blog material… so there you go… Swipe spam on a boss fight FTW!

An interesting Feral change coming…

According to a blue post on MMO-Champion…

Infected Wounds now reduces the movement speed of the target by 16/34/50% (up from 8/17/25%) and its attack speed by 6/14/20% (up from 3/7/10%).

Let me say as a kitty that just started doing arena again, this is a HUGE change. I am guessing this is also going to be a nice tanking buff as well if you are responsible for the debuff on the target. Of course Blizz keeps discussing the whole “boss big hits” theory of RNG as it pertains to current and future raiding so maybe this puts us as more of an OT again glyphed for maul and holding multiple targets… dunno. Bottom line is swing speed does not seem to be as big a deal as single big hits although I do suppose it allows a little more margin of timing error for the healers.

I try not to think about bear tanking… I have enough on my plate trying to stay competitive with DPS.

P.S. Initial dummy tests looks like 2T9=4T8. I will say that using the Idol of Mutilation is a huge boost to Crit and makes swapping out some gems to ArP and losing the Mirror for the Banner feel fine. The changes still have my target dummy DPS hovering around 4400 using 1 Berserk and DPSing for roughly 3 minutes. This is self buffed with FFF on the target to start the fight. I will say that of my tests I was able to hit my highest test dummy DPS of around 4700… This was once in about 5 different attempts… the rest stayed right around the 4400 mark. Bottom line… small changes are small, until I score some of the better ToC 25 gear my DPS is not going to go up much. I plan on holding on to my 2T8 bonus as long as I can… probably until I get a piece of Heroic ToC 25 gear that would break it… which could be a while.

Nothing new to report.

Nothing new really to write about. Hoping to get Yogg 10 Hard down Thursday night. No new progress in UlduarĀ  25 hard, except for 2 towers FL which was to practice for all 4. Still only Ignis and XT hard modes down.

I found this video on Youtube, amazing shot by Federer… enjoy.

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