Recruiting a couple healers?

I believe Aetherial Circle is recruiting healers.

Anyone interested in joining a 3 night a week (Sun, Mon, Wed 8PM-11PM EST) social yet performance/progression minded guild on Drenden please apply. We are currently blasting through Ulduar and are close to getting to the point where we might be able to clear it in 2 nights. I am thinking once that happens if 3.2 has not been released some hard mode attempts here and there will start being attempted as well in 25 man.

Just go to the AC website forums HERE and register so you can start a thread in the recruitment forum. Make sure to give your toons name so we can check you out in the armory. I am thinking we would need someone in mostly Naxx gear or better as we are currently working on Yogg in 25 man. Make sure you are a decent player, although your actions will not get nitpicked you won’t see much raiding if you can’t avoid viod zones, eyebeams, fires, and the ilk while keeping your fellow raid members alive.

Feel free as well to submit your request in the comments section of this post and I could copy/paste it into our recruitment forum as well or e-mail me at webmaster@jacemora.com if you want to keep your application private.

If anyone knows someone interested please pass along the information.

A night of Achievements

Last night I was fortunate to do some 10 man with some of my better geared/played guildies.

I ended the night getting quite a few achievements…

  1. 250 Emblems of Heroism
  2. Twilight Duo
  3. Twilight Assist
  4. The Twilight Zone – Yes, I will now be running around with yet another title… Of the Nightfall
  5. Knock on Wood – Without a mage we decided 3 elders would be a little tough so we left up the easy one.
  6. The Keepers of Ulduar – I just needed to down Mimiron in 10
  7. Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare – This was fun, only took 1 wipe and 2 attempts to get them all.
  8. Stokin’ the Furnace
  9. Hot Pocket

Hopefully 1 week I will get a chance to run with these guys again and get some hard mode achievements, I had a lot of fun doing these I and don’t see how people don’t enjoy working on these things. I guess there are just a lot of people motivated just by getting gear but they are missing out on some of the more fun aspects of the game by not trying these achievements and hard modes.

Another gear post – Best In Slot, 25 man, no Hard Modes

This is a post of what I feel is Best In Slot gear for Kitty DPS given limited time. Sure there is better gear through hard modes, 10 man Ulduar, or even going back to Naxx25 but I am not going to cover that in this post.

We are going to shoot for 4T8 here, I just like it better than rolling with old T7 for a 2T7+2T8 bonus.

I would gem strict DPS items in this set that you would not use for double duty Bear wear with +16 ARP gems, sure we are not going to get ARP trinkets or get even close to the cap but I think a balance is nice and ARP figures into that especially once you are over or at 5oish% crit raid buffed and 200ish armor penetration.

Note my list is more of a gut feeling based on actually battle and not math running through some sort of simulator.

Please note that somewhere in your setup you will have to have at least 1 Shifting Twilight Opal and 1 Deadly Monarch Topaz to meet your meta gem requirement.


First, let me start with the dumb mistakes I made tonight…

  1. I respecced my kitty for more DPS but forgot to hit learn until almost the end of Razorscale. Funny how mangle doesn’t show up in a spellbook until you are specced in it.
  2. I forgot to change out of my ilvl gear after FL so I did Razor (not that it mattered, I couldn’t mangle) and Ignis with a couple of not so great pieces on.
  3. I got Relic Hunter’s Cord and put it on right before Hodir… promptly losing my Meta Gem bonus in my helm… which turned out not to matter much as I pulled agro early and was dead anyway… my first crit buff, what can I say.

So I had an off night… I guess I was due… but


I was really happy to finally see it fall and i was fortunate enough to get to take it home back to Dalaran.

General Vezax Kitty Post

This is not going to be a very long post, General Vezax if fought stationary is Ulduar’s version of Patchwerk for feral druids that are not tanking.

My personal opinion is to go with the shred idol here and ARP food if your ARP is over 200. Since you most likely will be weaving in maims with your rips I think the shred idol will outshine the rip idol for this fight when stationary.

The fight requires interrupts when he casts searing flames so you should (unless others are explicitly assigned) be using maim if it is up and he is casting the ability. Whether or not you hold doing your finishers to save combo points for maim will probably depend on how many interrupts you have in the raid. The fact that you only need 1 CP to maim makes this a little easier and one could always hold TF just in case as well for the energy required to get off the interrupt.

I found myself doing 2 things in this fight.

  • Delaying my finishers if he had not done searing flames in a little while. He does this ability quite often so if I went a while without seeing I played it safe.
  • Trying to get the flow of the fight to do my best job keeping my rotation on track. Try to make sure you get in rip when it is down and if anything give up FB to hold energy and CP’s for a maim. Maim when rip up good, maim when rip down bad.

All that being said I tried to balance my damage and my interrupt ability. We had I think 9+ people who could interrupt in the raid and once we started rotating interrupt responsibility by class we didn’t have an issue bringing him down. I think he got off one searing flames because he cast it 3 times in a row.

I have to say I was quite happy with the results so far of all my gear changes, hopefully I can get a new Ulduar weapon soon but with my luck I won’t be surprised if I don’t see an upgrade until 3.2.


Note I stuck to just the top 3 since we are basically lumped with rogues for the most part anyway and it is comparing apples to apples.


14 maim’s, 5 were effective per some reporting addon someone had in raid. Most times someone would land thiers right before mine. I still managed to land some FB’s more by habit than anything else.

Anyway, if you are not happy with feral DPS performance now you never will be… enjoy it while it lasts.

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