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No time to post, playing WOW, doing the thing in the mists… fun stuff… will post some tidbits soon.

MoP Beta and Pet Battles

So I have been playing the MoP beta when time allows and after leveling to 87 I have found myself way more enamored by the new pet battle system and collecting.

Basically you go back to starting zones, fly around and find battle pets to fight, go through the trainer quests, and start beating and collecting wild pets.

Note: You don’t know if any given pet you battle will be of poor, common, uncommon, or rare quality until it is captured (you can tell though by looking at the health and level during the fight so you can always give up early and move on.) Any pet can end up rare, you just have to keep fighting til you find it.

You level up your pets similar to leveling a character from level 1, picking zones where you can find pets of similar level. Don’t go thinking you can go straight to capturing pets while leveling to 87… cause you can’t. The battle pets found while leveling in MoP are a much higher level than yours starting out. Hopefully Pet Battles will be added pre-expansion so we can get some pets leveled up prior to venturing out into Pandaria.

DS 25 Heroic cleared… 2.5 Hours… and what I still need.

Congorats to my guildmates in clearing DS Heroic 25 last night in record time. We only had one wipe on Madness, the rest was all one shot.

I was lucky with drops yet again and managed to score Heroic Tier Pants, Gloves, and the Heroic Belt (non-tier of course).

Here is my list of Heroic items I hope to get in the following weeks…

Deep Earth Headpiece
Shadow Wing Armbands
Molten Blood Footpads
Seal of Primordial Shadow
Vial of Shadows
Wrath of Unchaining

If anyone has any specific questions about gearing, speccing, glyphing, or reforging for any of the heroic fights let me know. If anyone has any questions about tanking or off-tanking any fights let me know as I have done that as well.

Excuse The Mess

Going to be slowly working on a redesign of the site to match my new Allegiance.

4.2 Almost here.

So, just wanted people to know. Look foward to an increase in posts after 4.2 hits. I am hoping to progress into Firelands and maybe also have some success going back and finishing up some heroic T11 content.

A word to the wise, buy T11 now if your Justice Points are maxed out at 4000 since all Valor Points will be converted up to the 4000 limit into JP. This is especially true if you could use some gear for your offset. Other wise the overflow as your VP gets zeroed out will be converted to silver/gold.

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