Oh man, first nerfs to content and now nerfs to tanks?

How about just leave the content and our classes alone and work on something else Blizzard?

Blue post on tanking avoidance changes…

Avoidance changes in 3.2
The main goal of the change was to make parry not so much less attractive than dodge as an avoidance stat. Since tank avoidance is so high already, we wanted to do that by nerfing dodge a little, not by buffing parry.

This hurts druids slightly more than other tanks, but the emphasis is on “slightly.” This is not the big druid nerf that some forum posters have predicted. We will continue to evaluate tank survivability and threat generation based on PTR tests with “Patchwerk” to decide if druids need to be nerfed or DKs buffed or look at Prot warrior dps or anything else.

This is also not the big avoidance “come to Naaru” that some posters predicted. Overall, we think avoidance is too high and the game would work better with lower tank avoidance, but suddenly dropping everyone’s avoidance by 20 or 30% would be a very big change with many ramifications for healing and gear among other things. It would also feel like a big nerf to the many players who didn’t understand why it would be better for the game in the long term. But I still expect it is coming at some point. (Source)

What the hell? I just started ramping up my avoidance set and gearing more for avoidance than stamina and now this? Bears are going to continue to get screwed I can just tell. We had our short lived hayday at the beginning of Wrath and it has been all downhill ever since.

Some reminders Blizzard…

  1. We don’t have block and parry.
  2. We don’t get bonus armor any longer from items.
  3. We get less health for stamina now.
  4. We get less dodge from agility than ever before already.
  5. We get less threat stacking the only decent stat left in stamina.
  6. We have a buggy version of block that doesn’t work right and wasn’t that great to begin with.

I know warriors could use some help. I know DK tanks are OP. I know pally tanks I play with are just fine with good threat.

Where exactlly does that leave us bears that have done nothing but take nerf after nerf… with more nerfs to fix the other classes?

Yes this one change, taken by itself just hurts slightly. But factor in everything else we have lost and it hurts a lot. And behind this little hurt change you mention nerfing us more down the road.

Blizzard, did you know most of your Ulduar encounters do a lot of raid wide damage that tests the healers abilities, now you want to make the tank harder to heal as well? Really?

Do you guys know how challenging tanking already is with rotating all the verious mitigation cool downs we all have now?

I am thinking the blue poster meant Driud buffs and DK nerfs when referring to patchwerk testing… or at least I hope he did.

Rant over. Kitty Pew Pew incoming.

New WOW Machinima

I added a new WOW movie on my WOW Video page. Check it out if you like WOW Machinima vids. Pretty good video but not as good as The Craft of War: Blind video that is also in my playlist IMHO.

Please leave any videos on YouTube that are WOW based that you think I should add to my playlist. Don’t suggest Druid Boy, I just added it as well… I love that video.

Another Feral Druid blog gone?

Yet another feral druid leaving the raiding scene and the blog ranks.

Monedula is calling it quits.

So what is going on with all these feral druids no longer wanting to raid?

I too am starting to lose my motivation as well. As much as I would like to see the end of Ulduar it is looking less and less likely as we have trouble filling more than 1 night with full time raiders. On a good week we might get a good night and a half of raiding which just doesn’t cut it. With my son turning 2 this month I am not overly upset about raiding less but I do miss playing the game and working to the end of an instance. I am starting to strongly consider focusing on a 10 man raid format in leiu of 25 man raiding but I am going to hold off and see if some new recruits can infuse the life we need to progression raid again in 25. If I decide to focus on a 10 man I am not sure if my current guild can support that or want me along as I think they already have a 10 man established group already on off raid nights.

Do the Dew!

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Injured bear…

Just a short FYI at my sudden lack of posting.

Saturday night I was building a PC and took off a small chuck of the top of my pinky. Left hand which is good since I am right handed but it still impacts my ability to type since the walk in clinic decided to put a splint on it. I have no idea why they decided to splint it but they did.

Hopefully the splint comes off tonight. Last night tanking Iron Council was just horrible. With it on it gets in the way and really limits my ability to hold agro while moving. My injured little guy is responsible for the 7 and 6 keybinds which happen to be my swipe and lacerate.

Anywho, I will post an update tonight after another visit to the quack shack.

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