New WOW Machinima

I added a new WOW movie on my WOW Video page. Check it out if you like WOW Machinima vids. Pretty good video but not as good as The Craft of War: Blind video that is also in my playlist IMHO.

Please leave any videos on YouTube that are WOW based that you think I should add to my playlist. Don’t suggest Druid Boy, I just added it as well… I love that video.

Another Feral Druid blog gone?

Yet another feral druid leaving the raiding scene and the blog ranks.

Monedula is calling it quits.

So what is going on with all these feral druids no longer wanting to raid?

I too am starting to lose my motivation as well. As much as I would like to see the end of Ulduar it is looking less and less likely as we have trouble filling more than 1 night with full time raiders. On a good week we might get a good night and a half of raiding which just doesn’t cut it. With my son turning 2 this month I am not overly upset about raiding less but I do miss playing the game and working to the end of an instance. I am starting to strongly consider focusing on a 10 man raid format in leiu of 25 man raiding but I am going to hold off and see if some new recruits can infuse the life we need to progression raid again in 25. If I decide to focus on a 10 man I am not sure if my current guild can support that or want me along as I think they already have a 10 man established group already on off raid nights.

Do the Dew!

Click on the banner to get signed up! Apparently there is a good chance everyone that signs up will get an in game mini pet. If nothing else earn tokens and a chance to win Warcraft goodies!

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Injured bear…

Just a short FYI at my sudden lack of posting.

Saturday night I was building a PC and took off a small chuck of the top of my pinky. Left hand which is good since I am right handed but it still impacts my ability to type since the walk in clinic decided to put a splint on it. I have no idea why they decided to splint it but they did.

Hopefully the splint comes off tonight. Last night tanking Iron Council was just horrible. With it on it gets in the way and really limits my ability to hold agro while moving. My injured little guy is responsible for the 7 and 6 keybinds which happen to be my swipe and lacerate.

Anywho, I will post an update tonight after another visit to the quack shack.

My Blog

A long time ago I asked a certain WOW blogger how to have a successful blog and his response was write the blog for yourself, if people come to read it great… if not no loss to you. If you go read his latest blog post it sounds like he is changing his story… or is he…

For the most part that has been the direction of my blog mostly consisting of links to theorycrafting and gear rankings, posts of my raid progression and gear, and then just mindless crazy thoughts that might pop in my head. I started doing more posts on gear lists and what gear a feral wants and needs and why, because I had a lot of in game questions that I found easier to answer in this blog than whispering in Dalaran or Ironforge.

I post my raid progression for 2 reasons.

  1. So my friends both in WOW and RL get an idea of where I am in the game in case they have any questions.
  2. For feral druids to see what is possible in game for our class and any specific tips I might have for any given encounter or boss fight.

I post gear lists for 2 reasons.

  1. To keep it straight in my own head of what I want to spend DKP on so I can have it open to my post when raiding to make quick choices.
  2. So the people that ask me in game all the time about what gear they should be looking for can come to the site and get a full explanation.

The rest of my posting consists of cursing out blizzard or thanking them, talking about upcoming changes, talking about my adds, or rarely even about RL stuff.

Going forward I plan on doing a couple of things.

  1. A page dedicated to the noob. It’s easy to think everyone playing WOW has a level 80 toon and knows what they are doing but the reality is there are probably just as many new people coming to the game as old players leaving.
  2. Video. I will most likely start running fraps on all my raids here on out so I can capture some of the funny stuff. Hopefully my first video up will be a successful 3D followed by the first boss encounter in Uldar!
  3. More RL posting. I actually have always thought about being a comedy writer… I would do stand up but I don’t think I have the stage presence for most of my material.
  4. More of the same old gear and progression posts.
  5. More pointing and linking to nuggets I find about in game mechanics or tips/tricks.
  6. Add a forum for noob questions irregardless of class. No question will be too noobish. expect a lot of “wowhead it” answers… lol… I am not looking up coordinates for people.

What I won’t do.

  1. Mathmatical Theorycrafting… I don’t do math and frankly I only see it as a guide but not a rule. I use the models to get an idea of what gear I should spend DKP on but more often than not I have to come to my own conclusions of what I actually equip for what encounter based on my own playing style, the specific mechanics of the particular fight, and the playstyle and abilites of the players around me. I will point people to good posts about theorycrafting that I might find and agree with.
  2. Spend more time on my blog than on playing the game itself… I have my 80 Druid, and 80 Lock, a 77 DK that I am working on getting to 80, and a level 68 Horde hunter. I still have lots of game to play. In my forthcoming About Me I will explain how my alts factor into my WOW life and why I don’t write about them much.

Ok, now about the purple… I might be changing it. Personally I like it but my wife doesn’t, my daughter said it looks like a girls website, and at first glance I always think I landed on the Jokers website. It’s not terribily difficult to change so I might go with tones of green or blue instead… I don’t know yet… maybe some Warcraft type colors of parchment tans and browns…

Lastly, If you have a broadband connection and about 1 hour download the movie from ColdBear. I recommend getting it from Megauploads. It’s long but a nice nostalgic look back at every… ok, I can’t confirm that but it looks true… every boss in the game being tanked by a bear drood. It even includes footage of world events and the music is pretty damn good as well.

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