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A long time ago I asked a certain WOW blogger how to have a successful blog and his response was write the blog for yourself, if people come to read it great… if not no loss to you. If you go read his latest blog post it sounds like he is changing his story… or is he…

For the most part that has been the direction of my blog mostly consisting of links to theorycrafting and gear rankings, posts of my raid progression and gear, and then just mindless crazy thoughts that might pop in my head. I started doing more posts on gear lists and what gear a feral wants and needs and why, because I had a lot of in game questions that I found easier to answer in this blog than whispering in Dalaran or Ironforge.

I post my raid progression for 2 reasons.

  1. So my friends both in WOW and RL get an idea of where I am in the game in case they have any questions.
  2. For feral druids to see what is possible in game for our class and any specific tips I might have for any given encounter or boss fight.

I post gear lists for 2 reasons.

  1. To keep it straight in my own head of what I want to spend DKP on so I can have it open to my post when raiding to make quick choices.
  2. So the people that ask me in game all the time about what gear they should be looking for can come to the site and get a full explanation.

The rest of my posting consists of cursing out blizzard or thanking them, talking about upcoming changes, talking about my adds, or rarely even about RL stuff.

Going forward I plan on doing a couple of things.

  1. A page dedicated to the noob. It’s easy to think everyone playing WOW has a level 80 toon and knows what they are doing but the reality is there are probably just as many new people coming to the game as old players leaving.
  2. Video. I will most likely start running fraps on all my raids here on out so I can capture some of the funny stuff. Hopefully my first video up will be a successful 3D followed by the first boss encounter in Uldar!
  3. More RL posting. I actually have always thought about being a comedy writer… I would do stand up but I don’t think I have the stage presence for most of my material.
  4. More of the same old gear and progression posts.
  5. More pointing and linking to nuggets I find about in game mechanics or tips/tricks.
  6. Add a forum for noob questions irregardless of class. No question will be too noobish. expect a lot of “wowhead it” answers… lol… I am not looking up coordinates for people.

What I won’t do.

  1. Mathmatical Theorycrafting… I don’t do math and frankly I only see it as a guide but not a rule. I use the models to get an idea of what gear I should spend DKP on but more often than not I have to come to my own conclusions of what I actually equip for what encounter based on my own playing style, the specific mechanics of the particular fight, and the playstyle and abilites of the players around me. I will point people to good posts about theorycrafting that I might find and agree with.
  2. Spend more time on my blog than on playing the game itself… I have my 80 Druid, and 80 Lock, a 77 DK that I am working on getting to 80, and a level 68 Horde hunter. I still have lots of game to play. In my forthcoming About Me I will explain how my alts factor into my WOW life and why I don’t write about them much.

Ok, now about the purple… I might be changing it. Personally I like it but my wife doesn’t, my daughter said it looks like a girls website, and at first glance I always think I landed on the Jokers website. It’s not terribily difficult to change so I might go with tones of green or blue instead… I don’t know yet… maybe some Warcraft type colors of parchment tans and browns…

Lastly, If you have a broadband connection and about 1 hour download the movie from ColdBear. I recommend getting it from Megauploads. It’s long but a nice nostalgic look back at every… ok, I can’t confirm that but it looks true… every boss in the game being tanked by a bear drood. It even includes footage of world events and the music is pretty damn good as well.

Obligatory Tue Post

So instead of working on leveling my enchanting… 423 and should have already hit 425 this morning and spent the day barking on trade channel for free chants your mats and I name my 3rd child after your toon if I get a point… and no, I am not actually having a 3rd child, 2 is more than enough.

My lock continues to struggle leveling tailoring… this could be a condition of being level 71 and sitting in an inn instead of killing cloth dropping humanoids.

Inscription on my level 65 Death Knight is going well although my first attempt of a card of Nobles didn’t go very well and that dang 7 of death isn’t selling on the AH even though I undercut the other 4.

My herbalism is 450, not hard to accomplish when you are picking herbs for an 450 Alchemist and a Inscriptionist.

I do need to pick a 2nd profession for my DK… either Blacksmithing or Engineering or maybe even Mining I I want that kind of torture starting from level 0.

WHOA Part 2 – Kitty Swipe!

Blue Post…

There is definitely a lot of AE (area effect damage) going on in World of Warcraft dungeon runs at the moment. We’re not too worried about it for now – on the contrary it’s nice to see so many people doing the level-up dungeons on the way to level 80. If we find that AE tank + AE damage strategy (with no sheeping, sapping or other crowd control) is the only way people are running heroics and raids, then we’ll probably make some changes, but for now we’re content to just see what happens.

Having said all that, we feel like a few groups are being left out of the AE fun, which makes them of less utility in the 5-player dungeons. We aren’t able to provide a lot of details yet, but here are some upcoming changes we’re making.

  • Shaman – we are removing the threat component from Fire Nova Totem and Magma Totem and increasing the damage from Magma Totem. This should provide the Elemental shamans in particular with some formidable AE.
  • Rogue – we are removing the cooldown from Fan of Knives and adjusting the damage calculation slightly to make daggers more useful for this ability.
  • Druid – we are adding Swipe (Cat) as a baseline ability.

My leveling Spec @ 70

Lets start with the first 5 points…

5/5 Ferocity – When grinding and leveling we rip not bite so no Feral Aggression
3/3 Feral Instinct – We want the best chance of going undetected in stealth
2/2 Savage Fury – +20% Mangle DMG
3/3 Thick Hide – For bear O crap moments
2/2 Feral Swiftness – +30% faster in cat form even indoors now and +4% to dodge
1/1 Survival Instincts – Another O crap button but used in Cat or Bear
3/3 Sharpened Claws – +6% to crit
3/3 Preditory Strikes – Bonus attack power
NO SHREDING ATTACKS – not wasting 2 points on shred or lacerate
1/1 Feral Charge – now used in cat form as well.
NO Nurturing Instinct
2/2 Primal Fury – Faster combo points
2/2 Primal Precision – 10 Expertise and 80% refund of energy on missed attacks
5/5 Heart of the Wild – Greater Int, STA, and AP
3/3 Survival of the Fittest – Increase of all stats and less chance to get Crit
1/1 Leader of the Pack – +5% to Crit
3/3 Preditory Instincts – +10% damage to Crits
3/3 Infected Wounds – -20% of attackers attack speed
1/1 Mangle – of course
3/3 King of the Jungle – Tiger Fury gives an instant 60 Energy
2/2 Improved Mark of the Wild – increased stats

3/5 Furor – I don’t shift much between mobs when leveling so I am fine using this as a filler and getting 60 energy on shift
5/5 Naturalist – +10% damage
NO Natural Shapeshifter – see above, when I level I don’t shift out of form much
1/1 Omen of Clarity

Ok, 4 points left…

Going with 2/2 Improved Leader of the Pack – Free heals and mana return while in form
2/2 Brutal Impact – 1 more sec on the initial pounce stun so maybe 1 more shred.

Notice I am not going with our 51 point Berserk talent. Sorry but for leveling I think I will live without it until level 71

71 – 1/1 Berserk
72, 73, 74 – 3/3 Mother bear (might start needing this to tank instances)
75, 76, 77 – 3/3 Natural Reaction (might go back and forth with this and the above between 72-77)
78, 79 – Improved Mangle

80 – All bets are off, depending on what I am needed for raiding will determine my build and by then a lot of these talents might have changed.

Here is my level 70 Spec come Tuesday…


Anetheron bites the dust

Yes, we finally downed him and it looks like we have a good strategy and formation to get him on farm along with Rage.
You might notice I have my Wildfury Greatstaff, well at 17% our MT died and while the Hyjal foot soldiers did a pretty good job holding his attention for a little while Myself and Kelektra shifted to bear and picked up MT duties until he died. I switched both my weapon and idol to hold out as long as possible and when I died Kel took over. No Pillar of Ferocity. It was great fun, especially fighting about a bazillion mobs at the Horde encampment.

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