A couple of interesting things to note from the PTR

1. I love that I can now use items in form. IMHO for leveling skip Furor… no seriously.
2. Lifeblood. A new spell for Herbalist, which I happen to be, 1200 HoT over 5 sec with 3 min CD… and castable in form.
3. Barkskin, cast in form as well.
4. NE get in cobat Shadowmeld… basically a rogue vanish… very sweet when you are leveling and pull a mob you thought was out of agro range.

Currently using flight form to fly high, shift out, and shift back in before dying does not count as falling without dying for the achievements.

I LOVE that I have learned my pets and mounts and actually have bag space.

Imp Leader of the Pack now returns mana and health.

That is all for now.

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