Amazingly Accurate!

So I took the “Discover Your Destiny“. The result…

Just no getting away from being a Druid I suppose.

6 Responses to Amazingly Accurate!

  • Russ says:

    It’s funny – my girlfriend, whose main is a mage and other main is a priest, got druid. She was slightly annoyed, because she really wanted to be a mage.

    I, the feral druid, whose main alt is a hunter, got hunter. I initially wanted to be a druid, but after she got druid, I was less interested in the whole thing. But getting hunter was a good second choice for me. My answers felt sort of hunter/kitty/rogue-ish, so it made sense.

    At any rate, fun stuff is good! 🙂

  • dfv says:

    It seems like about half my guild got Druid for this one (including myself – a feral druid).

  • gathros says:

    got druid aswell, horde side tho 😛
    its quite a fun test to do and was sort of hilarious when my guildleader: a priest and bigtime fan of the scarlet crusade got something that was quite the opposite as death knight

  • Jacemora says:

    So what I am hearing is that there are a lot of closeted druids…. I am not surprised XD

  • Kaethir says:

    /me is a druid.

    /me got druid.

    /me is happy.

  • Leafy says:

    /me is a druid
    /me got mage
    /me /ragequit


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