Ghost Crawler has finally addressed our fears.

Per THIS thread…

We think Fury, Arms, Feral cat and Retribution dps is too low and we will be buffing them.

This is great news, especially after some initial test dummy runs of 9K Boom parses in decent gear, without some gems, chants, or Primary Glyphs. In better Kitty gear I was having a tough time holding 7K however I will say that was with all Crit gems and I was generating way too many combo points at the sacrifice of AP.

I recommend for now until anything changes at the very least work on changing all your gems to agility. You can reforge later to mastery, hit, or expertise based on need.

Slowly move away from Crit and Haste to make sure you achieve a good balance of damage and combo point generation. The key is going to be keeping up your bleeds even after the buff I think. I really see the loss of ArP as moving us back to doing everything possible to maximize bleed damage. My guess is haste, expertise, and even hit can fall a little when making sure to keep up crit and mastery. Haste might be the tricky stat to get a good feel in order to have the right energy generation.

Anyway, at least we finally had someone address the issue, I am climbing down from the roof now and putting away the laptop.

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