It fell on deaf ears

I went with the warden (the affectionate nickname of my wife) to lunch today and while I was explaining to her that if she needed me to not raid last night and spend time with her and the kids it would have been fine. Last night we didn’t have enough for a 25 man Ulduar run so we ended up doing 10 man and another tank was online and available… well, at least I think he was available.

So I spin this conversation of not wanting to miss Tuesday nights because the damn staff has not dropped off XT yet to the fact that Blizzard is making it easier to get gear with playing with fewer players through 5 man instances.

At this point I sound like the teacher in Charlie Brown, I know this because she sounds the same way when she starts going on about scrapbooking.

So I thought, this would be a good post to put up.

I thought out loud on the way back from lunch how great it is going to be for people that need to take a break from raiding to still have a chance at keeping their gear level at least close to their raiding peers. I mentioned to the wife how people can leave the game just for a couple weeks or months and have little way to recover that time lost and could easily be left out in the cold from playing with friends because of a real or perceived gear disadvantage. Now if these people can just find a little time each night and just 4 other friends, guildmates, or players they can in essence bridge the gap between when they stop and start raiding again.

Everyone say’s these changes cater to the “casual” but these changes can aid with the unfortunate that have to take a break from the game for many other reasons. This change will even give hard core players a way to keep up during their time away from raiding. Yes, even sometimes hard core players might have to step away from the game for something more important.

I hope Blizzard continues to do what is necessary to give opportunities like this to its players. I have been lucky to stay actively raiding now for going on 3 years but I know of a lot of people that have had to leave and never were able to make it all the way back.

An update on my own adventures as of late.

You might have noticed I just recently got some achievements in 5 man heroics. I am currently chipping away at those in hopes to get a Red Proto Drake. I had an absolute blast working on these with a pickup group of guildmates. If you have not attempted these I suggest you do as they are a ton of fun.

I recently started doing my Dailies again jousting and what not for more tokens to upgrade my squire when 3.2 rolls out. Having a portable bank/e-mail/vendor is just too good to pass up. I also starting doing my Oracle dailies since I already hit exalted with the wolfmen of the Basin. I almost fell guilty bashing their little heads in every day… almost… I blame having to gather chickens for the reason it doesn’t bother me. I don’t miss the chickens.

I am also now trying to solo Sethekk once a day for the mount. It takes about 30 minutes max so not terrible, just terribly disappointing every time I walk away with just a worthless enchanting mat.

Ulduar 25 is still proving to be challenging (not in the nerf more shit way), summer lull and all. We still only get 1 day really of a good turnout with 1 so so and a 3rd impossible to run. It is what it is and I am looking forward to new content and the 2 week raid lockout and a better chance to progress.

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  • ARA says:

    Re sethekk, i’ve been doing the same too – no luck yet. You know you can stealth the whole place to the boss’s room right, including the first boss as long as you hug the walls all the way round. Then you only have 5 trash packs and the boss – I can usually do it in 10-15mins, so I wondered if you were killing more trash than you needed to.

    I’m embracing the casual gearing for the same reasons – gotta be good – and also for alts, making it a really good way to jump the alt gear gap to where my friends’ alts are at.

  • Jacemora says:

    I did not know that about the first boss, I plan on skipping him going forward.

    It takes about 30 minutes including travel time.

  • Aleanathem says:

    About the mount those enchants aren’t worthless. I’m personally a fan of Mongoose for tanking. So I treasure the mats. Plus I don’t get to tank much at all anymore. We recently added(regrettably) another feral to the roster to tank(after I have been working on upgrading my T7 tanking set). so Sethekk is about the only way I see bear form when I pull half a room and have a good time.

    I know you can sneak most of Sethekk. I hadn’t tried sneaking bosses though. Normally kill them for the free mats. Plus TBC epic gems sell for a few gold at vendor.

  • Aleanathem says:

    Wish I could say I was embracing the casual gearing though. I see no need for a self proclaimed casual to need the gear. Most of these casuals I know say they do not have the time to raid. Well if you don’t have the time to raid then what’s the point in getting the gear? “Oh it makes dailies so much easier.” Always a good laugh. I’m glad these changes will make gearing easier on my 60 feral, but I still feel that even if things had remained the same I would’ve had no problem gearing that one for 10 man Ulduar. To each their own though.

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