Serious 3.1 Patch nerf

Well along with the good news of 3.1 going live today we also get some bad news to go with it.

WowMatrix will no longer be functional. Curse has made a change so that addons hosted can no longer be used by WowMatrix for delivery. Can’t say I blame them since bandwidth costs money.

You can read all about the Curse V.S. WowMatrix feud HERE.

Hey WowMatrix, host the addons yourself and find an ad scheme that will compensate you for your bandwidth… Please. I am not looking forward to all the manual addon work I will now have to do over the next couple days/weeks after 3.1.

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  • Karthis says:

    This is a site that Curse can’t win…. WowMatrix will find a way around whatever mechanism was used to cut them off.

    Arms races like this never favor the “good guys”.

    (Added thought: the main reason this is a problem is that Curse’s updater is a piece of garbage. I can’t stand it, personally.)

  • darksend says:


    Sorry but I feel very strongly on this subject.

    Wow matrix has gone out of its way to impose on the rights of authors. Not only that they publish beta versions of mods that authors do not want released and this cause authors to get spammed with OMG YOUR ADDON SUCKS AND IS SO BUGGY.

    I hope it gets shut down permanently.

  • Jacemora says:


    Curse Client sucking really is the big issue.


    It’s my understanding Authors have always had the ability to have their addons de-listed from WM.

    Personally I don’t care who or how addons are hosted as long as someone has a good way to get them distributed and WM has been the most successful on the front end, it’s too bad they were using someone else back end instead of their own.

    WowMatrix needs to make their app work through the web and support adds needed by Curse to pay for the bandwidth, that or some other arrangement.

  • Karthis says:


    As an aspiring add-on author (and active software developer) I disagree. I want my work as widely distributed & accessible as possible – Curse/WoWInterface/etc do not go nearly far enough to meet that goal. If I have a “beta” then it’s not going to be hanging out there in public.

    Now, WM “stole” bandwidth from Curse & Wow Interface – that’s where the damage is happening. I don’t blame Curse for trying to force traffic thru their site (and thus view their ads) but the simple fact is that they cannot win this battle – I expect WM to be circumventing they’re latest barriers no later than next week.

    If Curse/etc want our traffic, they need to fix they’re crappy updater software. Otherwise we’ll do whatever it takes to stay up to date.

  • darksend says:

    karth, if you asked for your mod to be taken off a site and the site refused would you still support that site?

    If they published unfinished versions of mods that you know are full of bugs and not ready you only published so people could beta test and that they understand are buggy and then have that site publish it as the finished version with promises of everything working perfectly? They actually took a closed beta version of a mod that I was testing for him and somehow got hold of it and published as the finished version and he was spammed endlessly with reports of how bad his mod was.

    Even more so since you are no longer allowed to ask for donations in game, would you support a site that allowed people to directly download your mod without even hinting at the donate option?

    That what wow matrix has done to some of the authors I know.

    Although it is remiss to not point out that the authors I know publish their mods on their own websites that they fully support and run themselves.

  • bob says:

    WoWMatrix is a pile of crap. Just use WoW UI Updater. It works on wowinterface and they will work out how to getting it working with curse too.

  • Jacemora says:


    As soon as they make any updater as good as wowmatrix I am there.

    IMHO any addon author that wants donations should keep the mod on their own site and advertise it in the normal channels… but wait, we know this won’t work because anyone can just put it up somewhere… and then the next person will… and the next…

    We need these addons as torrents and wowmatrix could pull from there… hmmm

    Bah, I don’t know the answer… maybe Blizzard should keep working on incorporating the better addons into their game like they plan on doing with Outfitter… if they can get it to work… lol

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