Some huge changes in 3.2

For the most part I am staying away from posting daily the changes that come out regarding patch 3.2 but I thought I had to at least mention and address these latest developments.

  1. Raid lockout periods will be able to be adjusted from 1 week to 2 weeks. This way a guild can work on progression without having to clear previous content again. Sure the guild gives up farming gear in this scenario but I like the direction of giving guilds with less weekly time more of a chance to clear content.
  2. Paid faction transfers. I would have to think just about everyone has caught wind of this by now as it looks to be the hottest topic of change coming. I think Blizzard just threw it in there so people will ignore all the other drastic changes going on…lol. I for one am excited of the possibility of getting my BELF hunter over to alliance since she has been gathering dust at level 67 with no horde friends around.

I would get into the 1 token for any slot reward system in T9 but who knows if that will actually be implimented or if it is just a PTR thing so for now I am not going to discuss it. New T9 gear for druids can be seen HERE

You might want to run some Wintergrasp before 3.2 hits to pick up Titan-Forged Legguards of Triumph which look really nice for tanking.

You may have also heard about the ability to trade BoP items that drop in a raid to other members of the same raid within some time frame. Not a big deal really but might speed up boss kill looting and avoid having to contact GM’s after a looting mistake by a RL.

There are various profession changes all of which I won’t go into but if you are a engineer you might want to check them out, they seem to have the most changes coming down the pipe.

The most interesting raiding info I have seen (outside of more Ulduar nerfs) is that in the new raid instance apparantly there might be the possibility of facing a boss that morphs into one of many possible WOW bosses from any of the 3 WOW releases… and you thought your Vashj days were over… 😉

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