Twas the night of 3.1 and all through the house…

Yes folks, we should have seen this coming. Any patch of this magnitude was bound to keep the servers down for an extended period.

So what does one do while checking every so often to see if their virtual world is back online…

  1. Eat Dinner – Get it out of the way, and never buy the Mac and Cheese with 2% milk cheese ever again… it’s just not right.
  2. Do Dishes – Going to need the sink empty for when the servers are back, heck empty the trash while you are at it. Narrow any honeydo list as much as possible.
  3. Give the son a bath – Mac and Cheese with 2% milk is still a sticky mess… especially when followed by unhealthy Cheetos puffs… and when used as a hair product.
  4. Watch last nights House – Again, scratch things off the wardens list for when the servers return.
  5. Play with the son – Wear him out. Don’t watch T.V., run him around the house we need him to fall asleep before the servers return.
  6. Take pictures off the digital camera from Easter – Hopefully the last thing on the Honeydo list.
  7. Check the blog, respond to comments, check the guild forums to watch the truly addicted squirm… fun stuff.
  8. Put the son to sleep – I was typing all this listening to him cry as the Warden tries to make a point of a 2 year old following a bedtime and he is crying my name.

Let’s hope in about 30 the servers are back up.

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