An early look at upcomming badge loot.


  • iLvl 245 – Hood of Lethal Intent – wow, just wow. Considering we can get our T8 helm with badges already I would have preferred a leather item in a different slot like hands.
  • iLvl 245 – Duskstalker Shoulderpads – Better than hard mode Ulduar BiS shoulders… nice.


  • iLvl 245 – Idol of Mutilation – Hey, nice to see a Idol both valuable for bears and cats alike.



So what does this mean to me personally?

Twisted Visage needs to fall for me, and it needs to fall soon. Kill 8 happened last night and it still has not fallen for my guild.

One Response to An early look at upcomming badge loot.

  • ARA says:

    Wow! They’re serious when they say they want us to run heroic again. Thank god I still have my core heroic team for those late night overgeared joyrides to awesomely itemized gear.

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