Where have all the kitties gone?


So we have a new patch… 3.3 to be exact… and there is an overwhelming lack of information for feral kitties.

A conspiracy some say… to keep Blizzard unawares of our new found awesomeness… but I am not buying it.

Unfortunately I just have not only not had the time to do any hard theory crafting but when items are not in wowhead I am apprehensive to make a gear post without the little tooltip popups. Here are some tips before I get something up concrete.

  • 10/25 man ICC normal gear > Heroic 10 man ToC gear. One example… Gloves of the Silver Assassin VS Scourge Stranglers
  • Grind Heroic ICC 5 man. If you don’t have a ArP trinket as of yet you want one. Right now the top kitty DPSers have an ArP trinket and gem to the soft ArP cap which is max ArP for 100% ignore – the ArP provided by the trinket proc. If you have an ArP trinket you still should want to grind for the Battered Hilt which will score you a weapon on par or maybe even slightly better the Heroic 25 man ToGC weapons. At the end of the quest chain you will get a 2H mace… Lightborn Spire. A great weapon for both Kitty and Bear… at least until we find out about something better… but most likely will only be topped by Heroic 10 or 25 man ICC gear which is still a months away.
  • Watch your Crit rating. Mine in full raid 25 buffs is creeping up on 70% which is getting a little high. If you are a fan of Toskk’s you know there is a balance you want to achieve between Agility and Strength. I won’t say gem for strength (even though it is affected by Kings and ArP is not) because supposedly ArP is better. I still feel ArP isn’t that great until you get the trinket for ArP proc but it is getting to the point agility might start be a little bit of a wasted stat. If you have lots of gold and no ArP trinket… ditch a little agility for strength using Toskks graph as a guide… the link is on my homepage… and report back your findings.
  • Get Emblems of Frost at all costs. There are some really nice items for sale but they are not cheap in terms of Emblems. Every day do 1 random Heroic using the LFG system… it’s only 2 Emblems but eventually they will add up. Also, the new T10 pieces and associated bonus is going to be favored I think once the sims have been ran and scrutinized. Rake Crits are most likely pure win.
  • Take a look at the crafted bracers Bracers of Swift Death. Crusader Orbs are dropping in price and they will stay pretty high up the gear list for a while.

Well hopefully this will help some of you with how to plan in the coming weeks. Any good info I find or figure out I will continue to post and update the masses of lost kitties out there.

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