Ok… 1 more thing… I need to speak out…

People who think Druid tanking is over are nuts.

One big change to note, we can now use items IN FORMS.

Druid tanking just got a WHOLE lot more fun. We can now stagger potions, lock cookies, herbs, seeds, trinkets, Barkskin, Bezerk, Enrage (we take less DMG), and the Herbalism HoT (I am an herbalist) without the worry of getting caught OOF (out of form)

This is a big change to the current Mangle, Maul rotation bore. I like it, it will take more skill and attention from us as tanks.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Yay!!!! I know ppl talk !@#$ about wow all the time… I figured its more about people personal experiences playing the game, than whether or not what they say is “true” for all players. Personally I cant wait to start tanking it up in wrath.

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