Star Wars MMO… Meh

So not only do I have trouble getting motivated to log into SWTOR but it has been difficult to get motivated to write about the experience.

When beta testing I really thought the game had promise, of course with getting to a max level of 24 during that time I just assumed the game would get more enjoyable the higher level I attained. Gear would look sweeter, the story would become more epic, the worlds and quests more interesting… now on line at level 47 the only notable thing I can think of is I am killing Wookies now. The game play is clunky, the world feels… digital, crafting is lame, and the whole experience just has not sucked me in.

The game really is a WOW clone, but an early one. The game is lacking all the nice stuff Blizzard has added over the years like LFG, Achievements, Dual Specs… and the list goes on. I don’t blame Bioware, it isn’t their fault the task to create as polished as a product that Blizzard has created with WoW is just insurmountable… Well, maybe it isn’t but you can’t do it when spending so much time and energy on voice acting… which gets old by the way, especially when you have to hear your character say the same packaged responses over and over.

Folks, no MMO is going to knock WoW off it’s perch. The investment in time and money just won’t happen, not to mention how difficult it is to get the community and addons up to speed. And think, Blizzard is working on Titan while WoW just keeps on trucking.

I have 25 days left to get to level 50. I do plan on getting my character there if I can sludge through these last 3 levels. After the 25 days left I am done with SWTOR. I just feel no motivation to even look at endgame raiding.

I am looking forward to Beta testing MoP and will definitely be writing what I can about it just as I did for Cata.


Yor’sahj Heroic 25 down!

Didn’t take long at all really, not sure why we just didn’t do this sooner and be farming heroic gear… but whatever right :)

We now move to 4/8 in Heroic DS 25. Next up is Zon’ozz. Hopefully he falls Thursday night and we put the first 5 bosses on Heroic farm…. get geared up for part two and the last 3 encounters.

FWIW Yor’sahj was supposedly easy cause at least 1 lock respecced into an AoE stun making sure the healers didn’t get gibbed by the adds from the black ooze.

No video on this, our fearless leader didn’t think we would get it so early in the night… now he will be fraping lots of Zon wipes 😉

Feral tip on this fight… Reforge into Hit/Exp>Haste>Crit>Mastery. This will help maximize damage on the adds and oozes and will boost overall damage for the fight.

Oh yeah… and since someone made the video…

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Heroic Ultraxion 25 Down!

Brutal, just brutal.

The DPS race on this one is so tight we have continually just missed it over and over from either simple mistakes and people dying and disconnects. Basically the only way we could get it down was just to have one death and a fast battle rez…. and don’t get me started about how I can’t use shred… seriously, WTF?

I can shred to my hearts content on Deathwing without a positional requirement but not on this fight. GG Blizzard, gimp ferals on the first DPS check in Heroics in DS, we love you too. Yes, I know rogues got shortchanged as well but they get a legendary so it’s a wash.

Anyway, basically as a feral to maximize DPS for this fight you switch Berserk glyph for mangle glyph to boost mangle damage. I have tried both reforging to haste, hit, expertise (Ultraxion doesn’t parry so just enough expertise to avoid dodges) and also to mastery, crit, hit… and so on and so forth, very little change… about none really.

So basically do your best to minimize time out of the Twilight but without cutting it so close you die. Try to max your bleed uptimes which shouldn’t be too tough either. Basically with very little Heroic gear I consistently put out about 35K DPS.

This week we finally start working on Yor’sahj the Unsleeping Heroic. Should be fun.

Heroic Hagara 25 Down!

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Was a ton of fun getting this down. Overall a pretty enjoyable fight.

We are now 2/8 in 25 man Heroic DS and will definitely get to 3/8 or 4/8 this week.

We are still looking for a couple of DPS, Healers, and a Tank/DPS…. probably looking for 3-5 more players to make sure we can keep progression rolling and avoid a night where 1-2 missing raiders pushes us back… again…

Anyone interested in joining a strong, fun 25 man raiding guild APPLY

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