A quick review on making gold.

Recently with other parts of the game losing interest for me (this will change come 3.2 since I will be busy farming badges for raiding gear) I had decided to try my hand at making some extra gold… or in my case any gold period.

I would have to say the least fascinating part of the game for me has been farming gold. Mats I don’t mind farming because, well, it saves me from having to spend what little gold I actually have.

Here are a couple tips and thoughts for the person who wants to try their hand at getting more gold.

  1. Do not buy gold with real money! It is not legal, you can lose your account, and it just plain sucks. Why even play WOW if you are just going to bypass the whole point in the game and it’s economy?
  2. There is no easy way to get gold. There is no magical tip or place or way to make gold easy. If there was and it got out (and it has in the past) Blizzard will just hot fix it and take it away.
  3. Download addons like Auctioneer, check blogs about their use (Auctioneer can be quite daunting for example), and plan on spending time dedicated to working the AH.
  4. Don’t expect to make a ton from professions. It seems the faster Blizzard releases new content the worse the economy becomes as yesterdays epics are today’s DE fodder. I will say that with how fast new gear is flowing enchanting and jewelcrafting seem to be best bets from a profession standpoint.
  5. Dailies, 25 a day, every day. Seasonal events with even more gold rewarding daily quests or just new quests in general. Quests with possible rewards to sell.
  6. Instance soloing. I don’t know about this one as far as gold for the time needed to clear an instance. It is easy to clear a lot of instances but the old world gear values and DE mats are questionable for time put in to gold coming out. Even twink blues seem to be going much cheaper than usual.

So there are some tips. I was recently given the opportunity as well to review a guide from the people at Killer Guides and I was pretty impressed by how complete the guide was at all the ways to make gold in WOW. I think it would be particularly useful for the newer player on getting a grasp early of how the WOW economy works and how not to waste gold opportunities early in the game. I also have the guide for the druid class and I hope to find time to really analyze it for content and how accurate it is from both a seasoned and noob standpoint. Their guides are just really big and I don’t want to review something I really did get a chance to read thoroughly. Surprisingly the have guides for all kinds of games, you can click their name above to check out the site or their add in my sidebar to see what they offer.

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